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Here are Al's comments
2:58 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
2:51 if you look at the Wheel of Fortune, you see we are stuck in the R,U,O sector, squareing J
2:44 out for 0; just not going
2:38 better-some Moon juice from the Moon timeline
2:36 stuck in the mud-just have to wait
2:28 the 20/110 EXMA gave a sell, then a sell continuation
2:25 still OK after the exact time
2:20 minor high right on Tide turn time-favorable-stop is in right place
2:09 stop 11.25
1:55 sold 9.5 stop 12.5 ; spped of the move and the CCT chart told me not to wait
1:53 looks to me like we will turn down at this Tide turn - 4 moves from the high
1:50 when it is this choppy, I prefer to see how we come out of a Tide turn
1:46 getting some buying - gave another 20/110 crossing -too soon to react too
1:32 gone flat on Mars flux - I associate Mars with gritchy- fits today
1:23 modest rally - trading inside the range
12:58 note that the outcry session range is an exact 9 point (45 degree) range; and went Moon flux to Moon flux in
a "band gap energy jump"
12:53 too late -stop was hit; +1.5
12:52 about to cover on stall
12:45 coming to Sun/Chiron/Mercury/Saturn/Neptune timeline bundle-watch for streaks on timelines
12:37 bounce stopped by 20 EXMA; favorable
12:33 stop to 10 -needs to break below the Moon flux
12:29 support at lower band from Moon/Node; stop 11
12:26 may go for more than +5 -moving fast-stop to 11
12:23 stop 11.5 -break even-moving well
12:20 stop 13.25
12:18 stop 13.5
12:13 stop 14 - if you are a Certified Chaos Trader, check the chart in the CCT room
12:10 stop 14.25 -still slow but 110 is down-now price needs to stay below it
12:03 sold 11.5 stop 14.5
12:02 putting sell stop 11.5
11:59 more selling
11:57 one of the things I'm watching today is the IPO of Interactive Brokers, since I trade throught them-symbol IBKR
11:52 just noise-flat as a pancake
11:48 a bit of selling
11:42 found support at 1512 -not interested in selling unless it is broken; major 72 point quantums are strong
11:37 20/110 sell going into next trade time -marginal movement so far, but ready to sell on juice
11:11 knowing when the most likely times are for good trades helps by freeing you from constantly watching the screen
11:01 Trading is not about being right or wrong. It is about risk management. We start controlling risk by only
putting our money at risk for short periods of time, and then only 1, 2, or 3 periods each day.
Then we control the loss on each trade with our stops. Finally, when we have a decent gain, we take it, to avoid
the risk of the gain turning into a loss. Over time, this approach works.
10:56 here you might say "%*#! I got stopped out of a winner." Forget it. It happens. Know that trades that reverse 3
points are not great trades, even if they end up being winners. You want the ODDS on your side.
10:45 what one must accept in trading is that it is a statistical game-one trade is just one play in the game
10:41 out -1; which is fine
10:30 stop 13
10:27 stop 12.75
10:25 stop 12.25 -I was not sure that was a good setup, but a trader must take the trades indicated
10:22 stop 11.75 - trailing by 3
10:20 bought 14 stop 11
10:18 at trade time have a 20/110 buy -watching for some juice
10:05 going into first trade time trading both sides of 110; so may not get a good trade here
9:55 got support on 1509-yesterday's high - going flat
9:45 1512 is a major quantum price, and also a Pluto flux line; Venus opposing Pluto today
9:40 turned downat first Tide turn ; looks like on red -Tide; this type action will take a while to settle out
9:30 opening down from early spike - may make first trade problematic -note how Moon flux crossover set the high
on the Moon timeline
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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