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Here are Al's comments
3:20 OK, I'm done for the day-see you next week-have a good weekend-take a course
3:08 1174.5 is not only Mercury/Node/Saturn, but is the balance price beween the two Moon flux
3:05 if there is to be a sell-off, it should come right here
2:55 this section of the Moontide is pretty flat, and that's what we are getting
The MoonTides also tell me Monday will be a better trading day
2:40 this thing may break down before the close, but my guess in that it will not
The double top yesterday and today and the rising wedge say down next week
The stock specialist see the order flow, and they have to hold things up to buy stocks to
sell on the decline -or so an old Gann trader taught me-called it "trading out the paper"
2:29 the two day chart is now showing a "rolling right" pattern along the highs-bearish
2:23 high right on the little high in red -Tide ; Chiron still in control
2:11 One thinbg I watch is how far above the last minor high a new move makes it -if not over one point
chances are good it will pullback a few points
2:09 I'm passing on this trade -so far past the trade time and nearly to the next Tide turn
2:03 trying to rally again-still waiting
1:49 now look carefully at the 110 EXMA-it is curling down, not up, so no buy
1:47 sitting on Moon +T090 flux-first hit near 10:10 -another attractor
1:45 this may set up a "hook and go" sell-fake a buy, then do a sell
1:37 this looks to me like a head fake with a high on the green +Tide -waiting
1:29 20/110 buy crossing-waiting
1:27 now trying to rally-may not get far
1:25 trapped in 3 tick range between Mercury et. al. and Moon -T225 flux lines
1:16 looking weak going into this Tide turn-watching for a continuation sell setup
1:11 back up to that Mercury/Node/Saturn 1174.5 attractor -powerful magnet
12:55 covered on stall for +1.5 -just not going
12:48 the Sun square Neptune set the 1179 high area-watch for their energy as pass their timelines
12:38 the 110 EXMA is now below my stop, so it is in a good place-risk is only .5 points
12:33 back up to Mercury/Node Saturn 1174.5 for a GBK -Good Bye Kiss
12:23 the slope of the 110 EXMA now matches the slope of the red -MoonTide
12:10 stop 75
12:03 stop 76 - 3 points above low
11:58 sold 74.5 on little bounce -stop 77.5
11:56 20 EXMa separting-sell coming up
11:52 so far lows are holding - a break to 73.5 will be my entry point on a short
11:48 making fourth test of lows-if break, Gann's rule of 4 says expect chaos
11:38 vibration center is the Chiron flux line-next Tide turn is at Chiron timeline-passing it may end vibration
11:34 another sharp drop to Mercury/Node Saturn just after passing their timeline -very noisy
11:21 this swing frequency is twice what it was yesterday morning -this is a precursor to chaos
11:12 notice that the MoonTides have little ripples in this section-that forecast what we
are seeing-swing highs and lows about every 15 to 20 minutes -choppy
11:06 have double bottom on 1174.5 - a break below it will be very important -
we are in a rising wedge on the longer term chart, and very near the apex
10:46 Looks like the attractor is Mercury/Node Saturn near 11:20 /1174.5
10:26 out -1.5 ; now Tides suggest congest for a few hours
10:20 stop 78
10:13 stop 79-got support on Moon +T090 electric field flux line
10:09 looking better-20 EXMA did not get above the 110
10:07 jumped too soon-going flat-waiting
9:55 sold 76.5 stop 79.5
9:55 beaking lows, will probably give a 20/110 sell
9:53 so far high set by Venus, low by Chiron -trading range day so far
9:40 the market was out of band before the open-now it has pulled back to the 110 EXMA
It looks like it is going flat, so no trade setup, at least not yet
8:48 Early rally from the good jobs numbers
8:40 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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5/6/2005 6:52:46 AM Mountain Patents:: So early that it appears to have started before the numbers were released.

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