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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:18 OK, I'm calling it a day. looks like hold up, but now out of the trade window. Hopefully see you in two weeks
2:10 updated my FOG chart in the CCT room
2:04 coming to the Chiron C270 timeline soon; watching for a possible rally after that
2:00 getting aother hex pattern set by Moon/Node/and Neptune/Chiron
1:57 got support on the Chiron +C225 flux, which was the midpoint of yesterday's range
1:52 covered for +.5-not moving
1:49 my stop is in the right place; .5 above last minor high
1:44 in this little congestion, note that the 20 EXMa stayed flat-bearish
1:38 trade OK, but I'd like to see it move more
1:33 the 440 EXMA has rolled over-bearish for rest of day
1:22 on the MTrainbow chart, we got a pop up for a GBK of the 440 EXMA
GBK=Good Bye Kiss
1:20 stop to 1341
1:16 sold 1339 stop 1345 on continuation sell
1:12 on the two day charts, we now see a spike low, rally, and a second higher low
1:09 that low almost retraced 50% of the move-looks like it kicked in some retrace buying programs
1:04 that pattern suggests this low holds and we hold up/rally the rest of the day
1:02 posted a Face of God pattern in the CCT Room
12:58 MM points out that the 20/110 crossing was outside the trade window. So by rule I was right in not taking it.
12:53 looks like following red-Tide, suggesting some recovery of this drop
12:48 when I miss a trade, I don't chase it. I wait for another set up that will give me a good entry price
12:45 looks like I plain missed the sell on the 20/110 crossing; it happens
12:42 down to the Sun +H180 flux as come to solar Noon
12:38 in the trade window- looks to me like it will turn up-but below the 110 EXMA-doing nothing
12:23 on the MTRainbow chart we dropped down to the White 440 EXMA-trend of the day-going flat
12:18 nearly an hour until trade time, so this is too far out of the window to trade. Hopefully by trade time we will get a good setup
Next lower support at Moon +T135 flux
12:06 getting the expected pullback; came on M/V timeline- M/V +225 flux near 1345-watching it for support
12:04 on dull days like this I mostly watch and work on some programming task
11:51 today's trading is forming a rising wedge - suggests a pullback - probably modest
11:34 there were a few points on the "buy at 11" , but not a big winner- too far up in the move
11:26 this new high negates the FOP I posted; posted a new one
11:22 minor new high up to Moon -T000 flux
11:18 just got a hex pattern set by Moon, Node and Jupiter/Mars. See Hex Wheels today on right side of ListOfCharts page
Also see tutorial on the Wheel of Fortune, on right side of ListOfCharts
11:11 up to Moon +T180 /Node +O000 flux; they have set the highs
11:07 yesterday made a low on the Mercury/Venus timelines ( see SPSunMoonMer chart), today looks like a high on them
11:04 not much juice-that big move up was wild sex, and now they are just laying there :)
10:51 I have placed a Fractal of Pi chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room. That room is open
to graduates of my 4 main courses. See -> Courses for details.
10:27 the range from yesterday's low to today's high is 24.25 points ; 1/3 of the wheel of 72; may be hard to extend it today
10:22 yesterday's range was from Chiron/Neptune +C180/+N180 electric field flux to +C270/+N270. Thea latter is now support
10:06 regular TG pointed out in the chat room taht today is a gapup day. I have a saying "Gap up, buy a low at 11:00"
There is a Tide time at 11:01 . It was not selected by my trade selection program as a trade time. Gut it bears watching.
9:58 sagging as expected. Yesterday's late low set up the early pop. Now the market needs time to digest it
9:34 The jobs report is traded by high frequency trading firms having direct access to the exchanges and running
very fast computers. They jump on the news, but are done within 15 minutes. Once they quit, things quiet down
9:24 The jobs report was volatile. We only have one trade time today, at 1:16 Eastern
I expect a consolidation until then
8:53 "Job growth surprised on the high side but there are still soft spots" 9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

5/6/2011 1:12:11 PM MT TG****:: Al, best of luck with your surgery.
5/6/2011 12:14:07 PM MT TG****:: Interesting that price initially crossed through the 110 exma about an hour after the 1100 tide time, now attempting to close back above it about an hour after the 2nd tide time.
5/6/2011 11:43:48 AM MT suraj:: @mm (sorry for the delay in replying I am at work today). Just about 20 miles.
5/6/2011 10:55:27 AM MT Al****:: You are right-so I won't feel bad-but it would have been a good trade
5/6/2011 10:51:43 AM MT mm****:: the cross was at 12:06 - outside the window
5/6/2011 8:06:22 AM MT Al****:: good point-gap up, buy low at 11 ?
5/6/2011 7:58:39 AM MT TG****:: Al, wouldn't you consider today a large gap up day given the outcry session price jump from settlement to the open. If price isn't making further highs isn't reasonable to expect a push towards closing some of the gap towards the 1101 tide time.
5/6/2011 7:53:46 AM MT TG****:: GM everyone.
5/6/2011 7:21:27 AM MT mm****:: How far north?
5/6/2011 5:52:17 AM MT suraj:: GM MM, all - nice and sunny North of Boston.
5/6/2011 5:44:06 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day

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