Gold Is Waving The "Going Higher" Flag
    Chaos Clinic for 5/8/2020


Gold, as shown by this GLD 8 hour chart, had a sharp drop in March
followed by a sharp rally. At the time, the pattern was difficult
to interpret.

Now it is clear that GLD was making a classic chartist's Flag Pole
And Pennant
pattern. This is a continuation pattern. suggesting
gold is going much higher as investors seek safety in these trying times
of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

5/8/2020 1:51:20 PM MT bew:: I guess everyone was short and now they are covering because it keeps going up
5/8/2020 1:42:32 PM MT jbs****:: Done for the day. Hope to do better next week. Stay safe.
5/8/2020 1:36:56 PM MT jbs****:: Well, doesn't look like the Flash Boys are going to distribute before close the way I expected. Yes they still have some time left to do so. We shall see. But, I wouldn't think they would want to distribute into lower volume. Price would move down too fast, imo.
5/8/2020 1:15:28 PM MT jbs****:: qq, take care and stay safe this weekend.
5/8/2020 1:13:15 PM MT jbs****:: Okay, ticks are picking up again now. It's now or never time for the downside. Flash Boys are probably starting to talk about where they want to go for drinks.
5/8/2020 1:11:17 PM MT qq:: JBS Good luck with rest of day. Loosing day for me. I'm done. See you later
5/8/2020 1:05:22 PM MT jbs****:: Price is hitting level that has recent resistance. But will it hold? Looking for pin bar of rejection now. Otherwise its game over.
5/8/2020 1:04:30 PM MT qq:: Shoe appears to be defying gravity and rising.
5/8/2020 1:02:49 PM MT jbs****:: Ticks are flowing faster now. Just not taking price in the direction I expected.
5/8/2020 12:52:22 PM MT jbs****:: Waiting for the other shoe to drop.
5/8/2020 12:52:17 PM MT qq:: All I can see from 5 min TICKS is an upward pattern
5/8/2020 12:50:31 PM MT jbs****:: Double top breakout on 100 tick chart failed, but the battle is not over.
5/8/2020 12:48:37 PM MT Al****:: stopped out-done for the day-have a good and safe weekend every one
5/8/2020 12:42:24 PM MT jbs****:: Pulling back to test the breakout on the 100 tick chart now.
5/8/2020 12:37:02 PM MT Al****:: second Trade Time turned out to be a low -next has a good chance of being a high
5/8/2020 12:36:18 PM MT jbs****:: Breakout from double top on 100 tick chart.
5/8/2020 12:32:25 PM MT jbs****:: Seems like the calm before the storm, imo.
5/8/2020 12:32:24 PM MT Al****:: what it is is a crappy day for volatility :)
5/8/2020 12:30:29 PM MT qq:: I was stopped out from my sell. Could this be consolidation bias up?
5/8/2020 12:28:40 PM MT Al****:: this is where you have to accept the risk in the trade. The stop is in, so just wait
5/8/2020 12:25:42 PM MT jbs****:: I'm really expecting Flash Boys to sell off now then go home early.
5/8/2020 11:56:00 AM MT Al****:: a reasonable sell is about 2908.5 stop 2914.5
5/8/2020 11:42:57 AM MT Al****:: we have a big Super Moon - solar noon and Moon timeline near 14:00 are high energy times
5/8/2020 11:40:08 AM MT Al****:: may get 20/110 sell here
5/8/2020 11:10:01 AM MT Al****:: rotating Exchange passing solar noon and a natural time
5/8/2020 9:07:34 AM MT Al****:: the pattern all week has been for the big firms to run it up over night in their dark pools, then hold it up and distribute
to understand dark pools, read the book "Flash Boys"
5/8/2020 8:54:08 AM MT Al****:: good loss control
5/8/2020 8:46:45 AM MT bew:: I went long at 2909 did not take profits and stopped out for a -5
5/8/2020 8:28:57 AM MT Al****:: the pivot levels as I do them are on the SP1Day page-currently treading water at R1
5/8/2020 7:24:52 AM MT jbs****:: Gap up to pivot level usually means price will continue up to the next higher pivot level if not higher. And, gap up means maybe buy low at 11. We had a gap up pre-open today. And, on my Ninjatrader 8 chart price is opening at the R2 pivot level. Note that this is a tendency and not a hard fast rule. Also, when you read my post remember I am a novice trader. I work hard every day to learn to be a persistent and consistent trader.
5/8/2020 7:16:51 AM MT Al****::
This is a trying time for us all. One way to feel you have some control is to use
Guided Imagery. I created one for burning Covid-19 at
You can download the core videos at
Feel free to use spread these videos around.
5/8/2020 7:06:20 AM MT Al****::

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5/8/2020 6:34:41 AM MT Al****:: GM all - good luck today
I did post a brief written Chaos Clinic on the AUX page

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