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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:46 out +2.25 -done for the day-thanks for coming; see you next week;take a course
got streak down the Pluto timeline
3:41 stop 90- nice short squeeze
3:36 stop 89
3:30 stop 88
3:25 here we go, finally; stop 1386
3:17 still holding up, chewing through sell orders
3:05 markets get dull when buyers and sellers are balanced-when the balance ends, we get a chaotic move
3:00 on dull days, the magenta origianl XTide at the bottom of the Clinic screen forecasts the wiggles
2:57 Crazy Harry, conductor of the Stop and Pee train, did not show up for work today :)
2:47 made low just after vertical magenta Mercury timeline -nearest Mercury price is the 45 degree at 1391
2:38 this has been a very narrow range day-a break above the highs will trigger programmed trading
2:26 after 2:30, I expect the shorts to start covering
2:20 looking good - should get a short squeeze soon
2:03 stop 84 - fractal grid from CTME course says hold to close-as does red -Tide
1:59 rebought 87.75
1:56 aborted -1.5 -no go
1:48 neither side gaining any traction
1:32 sold 85 on continuation sell ; stop 88
1:28 No follow through on move after passing the timeline cluster; may hold up
1:16 stopped -3
1:11 got hit by selling -watching to see if it gets absorbed
12:58 bought 88, stop 85
12:51 ready to buy when it moves
12:43 coming to Sun,Chiron, Node,Neptune timeline cluster-watch for them to be hot
12:40 1388 is my buy point
12:37 basing on Pluto electric field flux
12:32 getting some buying
12:29 not much juice here
12:23 at trade time-just watching for now
12:00 support at 86 coming into trade time
11:39 I'm back -see that we have sagged into mid range
11:00 high almost on the Moon timeline-I'm taking a 30 minute break now
10:49 outcry range now 9 points, and nearing 11:00-expect a correction soon
10:43 covering at 91 for +4; hit downward Moon flux; can rebuy if warranted
10:41 broke above moon flus-stop to 89
10:34 broke through the resistance-stop to 86
10:30 Jude 3 uses a fractal trend indicator-which is up; and the SPBias is turning up
10:28 here I just watch the overall trend, not the individual candles because they are not telling me anything
10:22 extremely noisy
10:15 Looks like we are tracking the red -Tide
10:10 the Moon vertical yellow T+90 timeline is near 11:00-should be hot
10:08 stop 85 -under last low
10:04 rebought 87 stop 84; 3 red 3 minute candle sticks; bought break of high of the lowest
10:02 I tried to anticipate the 20 EXMA crossing the 110, but it did not work. That happens. Move on.
9:59 out -2; I put my stop close early because the marekthas been fickle all week
9:54 a gap down market tends to rally until 11:00
9:50 bought 88 stop 86
9:48 ralled to 110 EXMA- watching to see if it can break above it
9:44 Moon flux near 89 looks like attractor
9:40 a bit of buying - need more to set up a hotline trade-so far a scalper's market
9:36 I have placed my Jude3 autotrader on the AUX page - came close to buying but did not
9:31 relatively quiet opening-should encourage a bit of bargain hunting buying
9:15 opening will be well below 110 minute EXMa, so first trade may not set up
8:40 Overnight drop to -T180 as pass Mercury timeline-leaves room to rally if prices stabilize

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

5/9/2008 1:28:39 PM Mountain cgm:: L 86 5.25stop target 1403
5/9/2008 12:14:05 PM Mountain cgm:: if 89 holds still looking new lod possible 77
5/9/2008 11:05:21 AM Mountain TG:: bought 87.5, 4 point stop initially
5/9/2008 10:30:17 AM Mountain Al:: thanks TG
5/9/2008 10:22:24 AM Mountain TG:: Xtide 2 Plus says low at mid-day today. I have a 6 day down fractal that looks to be ending right near 12:30 with a good fit at about the 1386-87 level. Will wait for some upside juice first though.
5/9/2008 8:36:38 AM Mountain cgm:: 1389 hugh on sq of nine chart
5/9/2008 6:43:05 AM Mountain Al:: GM all-good luck today
5/9/2008 6:33:42 AM Mountain bm:: hello
5/9/2008 4:23:14 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have a great day

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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