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Here are Al's comments

1:30 OK, I'm going to call it quits and leave the last trade as an exercise for the student
Thnaks for coming-see you next week -take a course or two

1:28 stopped for +2

1:00 the range expanded upward; it could double

12:57 stop to 1872

12:51 stop to 1871.5

12:45 stop to 1871

12:39 bought 1870 on the continuation buy - almost missed it becasue my phone rang

12:12 from the high we have 3 completed moves and are now in Move 4 of a down Chaos Clamshell

12:02 the range is 9.25, one tick off the 9 point range I anticipated

11:53 market is flat -trading both sides of 110 - looks like distribution under yesterday's reversal day high

11:50 stopped out

11:45 took a quick breakfast break see almost stopped out

11:19 it could drop to the 1854.5 5/7 low

11:17 testing the lows - if break by 1 point, 80% odds that it goes at least 2 points more

11:07 stop to 69

11:05 working lower -I'm essentially short from 65.75 since I resold where I got stopped out

10:52 lowering stop to 1870.25

10:40 the 440 is steady down

10:29 resold 69 stop 72

10:20 there is a new book out called Flash Boys - every trader should read it - explains this chop

10:15 stopped out -too much chop

10:08 stop to 1869

10:04 if break 1861, may get a panic

9:56 need to be patient here ; 440 minute EXMA is down, 110 is down, lots of chop

9:41 this is an early entry for the first trade - early rally was a head fake so changed for digesting to down

9:39 turned down -sold 1865.75 stop 1872 for now

9:35 little dip, making higher low on 24 hour chart

9:31 outcry session open

9:20 there is no significant economic news so this is a "digestion day"

9:17 trade times are 10:34, 13:05, and 14:24

9:14 the market began a rally about 90 minutes ago; I expect a modest up day with about a 9 point range

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5/9/2014 11:07:15 AM MT Al****:: MTT: read the trading the moontides tutorial-linke on right side of ListOfCharts page
5/9/2014 11:03:50 AM MT Sharpe:: Ugh, I missed that continuation buy. Was overly focused on the down side of things.
5/9/2014 10:35:09 AM MT mtt:: Hi Al & All - visitor here - I'm very interested in the MoonTide trading projections and wondered how/if those projections have been factored into todays trades and how? thank you.
5/9/2014 10:32:47 AM MT Sharpe:: Hmm, I thought there was a pretty clear down Fractal from yesterday's high that finished with our first down move of this morning...
5/9/2014 10:29:29 AM MT Al****:: I'm not sure I see a clear fractal there
5/9/2014 10:27:31 AM MT Sharpe:: Al, I noticed you just mentioned that we were in move 4 of a down CC from today's high. How do you take into account the move we had from the high yesterday? Did we complete a Fractal and simply start another one?
5/9/2014 9:17:01 AM MT Sharpe:: What made you sell again after you got stopped out Al?
5/9/2014 9:10:25 AM MT Al****:: OK, I'll do that later today-its a manual process
5/9/2014 8:10:57 AM MT Sharpe:: I did do that but it said I needed to send you an email to validate it.
5/9/2014 8:06:22 AM MT Al****:: you download the indicator from the lkink in the course
5/9/2014 7:57:53 AM MT Sharpe:: I just started working on the CTME Course last night Al and I sent you an email to get the indicators. So far it seems like an excellent course.
5/9/2014 7:33:32 AM MT srj****:: ok thanks - will go through it again
5/9/2014 7:31:44 AM MT Al****:: the link is in the CTME course
5/9/2014 7:28:03 AM MT srj****:: Hi Al is there a link to how I can use CTME with Ninja Trader and where to get the indicators? TIA
5/9/2014 7:05:17 AM MT srj****:: gm all
5/9/2014 7:03:39 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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