XGO Nails The S&P
      Chaos Clinic For 05/10/2024

In 1996, working alone after leaving Bell Laboratories, I developed a mathematical
forecast for any market, based on how that market naturally interacts with the
universal electric energy field. In our solar system, the source of the energy is our
sun, which sends bursts of charged particles past earth. The revolving planets
modulate and shape the flow of energy. As it reaches earth, the Moon moderates
the flow, creating large changes in the electrical flow through all of us.

The XGO forecast does not use any market data. It is NOT a curve fit of the data, extended
into the future. The only inputs are the first trade date of the market or individual and time,
The upshot of this is that the forecast can be computed now for any date in the future.

This chart shows the S&P over the last month, along with the SP3XGO forecast in green,
One data point is computed per day. and is plotted at noon.
For tracking, two EXMAs of 720 and 2000 minutes are shown.

The forecast suggested a low on the S&P's 42nd birthday, on 4/21/2024. Birthdays are
natural lows. This is a property of the XGO formula. It was indeed the end of down slide
in the S&P. Since then prices have rallied steadily.

SP3XGO is a great aid to swing and position trading. It is one of the valuable charts
available to subscribers of

For more on my work and to subscribe to Tomorrow's Market Email Hotline and access to see
Software to plot electric field flux lines in NinjaTrader is available at

Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

5/10/2024 12:33:36 PM MT Al****:: stopped out for 0 - I'm done; thanks for coming; see you next week-take some courses
5/10/2024 12:20:06 PM MT Al****:: stop to 5240 - break even
5/10/2024 12:15:31 PM MT Al****:: stop to 5238 - risk 2
5/10/2024 12:14:18 PM MT Al****:: here's the 14:25 buying
5/10/2024 12:09:15 PM MT Al****:: pressing the 440 EXMA
5/10/2024 11:57:01 AM MT Al****:: moved my stop up to 5235
5/10/2024 11:54:00 AM MT Al****:: bounce off the +Mh270 flux
5/10/2024 11:51:31 AM MT Al****:: starting to get some energy
5/10/2024 11:36:32 AM MT Al****:: the Moon T000 timeline just after 15:00 may provide some energy
5/10/2024 11:33:41 AM MT Al****:: my CTME homework tells me to expect buying to com in ar 14:25 Eastern, so I'll hold until then unless stopped out
5/10/2024 11:22:23 AM MT Al****:: put some sprinklers in a new planter- trade still flat
5/10/2024 11:18:46 AM MT Al****:: you are welcome nad
5/10/2024 10:43:46 AM MT nad:: thank you AL
5/10/2024 10:36:49 AM MT Al****:: this was too much like helping my grand daughter with her geometry-I'm taking a break
5/10/2024 10:32:23 AM MT Al****:: my stop is at 5232.5
5/10/2024 10:22:07 AM MT Al****:: I did that after figuring out that overnight helio Mercury ( stirring the Sun) squared the Moon's Node ( focusing the energy upon arrival at earth) thereby explaining the flux line support
5/10/2024 10:17:11 AM MT Al****:: I re-established my swing trade long at 5239.90
5/10/2024 10:05:40 AM MT Al****:: from the high the 20 minute exma is showing 7 small moves
5/10/2024 9:42:02 AM MT Al****:: dipped to the +Mh270 electric field flux - possible support
5/10/2024 9:18:11 AM MT Al****:: now the exchange is rotating past Mercury. Mercury, being closest to the Sun, contributes about 40% of the planetary stirring force
5/10/2024 9:12:24 AM MT Al****:: this drop was set up by the exchange rotating past the Moon's Node
note on the SPKISS page it is following the red -Tide for now
5/10/2024 8:57:47 AM MT Al****:: early selling from overnight rally-my swing trade long from 5211 was stopped at 5250
5/10/2024 7:41:36 AM MT Al****:: It may add energy to the move, which XGO has
5/10/2024 7:35:39 AM MT MW:: Thanks Dr Al, I just thought that it might be a Super Chaotic day due to the geomagnetic storm....sounds like it is just reporters talking it up!
5/10/2024 6:15:53 AM MT Al****:: Good Morning visitors. Welcome to the Chaos Clinic. The written Chaos Clinic is on the AUX page.

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5/10/2024 6:15:10 AM MT Al****:: MW: nothing in particular, but this is just one example of the space environment we live it. The energy flows all the time and is the basis of my work. Looks like I picked a good day to write about XGO.
5/10/2024 5:37:26 AM MT MW:: Hi Dr Al, any comments or thoughts on the predicted Geomagnetic Storm?
5/10/2024 5:36:47 AM MT MW::
5/10/2024 5:28:54 AM MT oag****:: Good morning everyone! Hope everyone has a prosperous day!

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