CPI Report Was Over Hyped
      Impromptu Chaos Clinic for 5/12/2023

The top chart was posted early on Friday 5/12/2023. The lower chart is my astro chart
run in the Certified Chaos Trader room.

Since this was an impromptu clinic, my comments are in the chat room, included below.
It needs to be read from the bottom up.

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Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

5/12/2023 12:28:28 PM MT Al****:: I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week
5/12/2023 12:27:41 PM MT Al****:: it is also white to white on secret->esnat72
so I used that info to cover my day trade
5/12/2023 12:21:54 PM MT Al****:: trade is now down to the Mercury -M315 flux, down 45 degrees from the -M270 at 4148 early today
5/12/2023 12:01:19 PM MT Al****:: two months ago when I spent a night in the hospital, I discovered a great way to connect with nature -the CARE CHANNEL on the hospital cable system - videos of natural scenery with soothing music
now I subscribe to it at
5/12/2023 11:47:51 AM MT Al****:: the electric fields that energize markets are natural forces
when I connect deeply with nature, I do well; when I don't connect, i do don't do well
5/12/2023 11:43:47 AM MT Al****:: to me the hardest thing about trading is keeping your ego out of it
It is humbling to me how many times I "thought" the market was going to do X, only to be proven wrong, and then to look at the simple, stupid, 36/220 EXMA and see it was smarter than me
5/12/2023 11:31:40 AM MT pab:: A trader also showing an RST (expanding triangle, megaphone pattern) in the daily SPX that he is watching to see if it concludes as a diamond top which breaks down ---interesting trading time
5/12/2023 11:25:06 AM MT Al****:: I'm not really "calling" that the market WILL go there-I'm simply showing an analysis that says it COULD go there
in chaotic markets, anything can happen, so we'll know how great it was or was not next week
5/12/2023 11:03:20 AM MT pab:: AL---Great call on the ABCD down in ES
5/12/2023 10:45:59 AM MT Al****:: the 440, 220, and 110 EXMAs are hard down
5/12/2023 10:08:41 AM MT Al****:: the 440, 220, and 110 EXMAs are down; last minor rally was stopped by the 110 -bearish
5/12/2023 9:32:20 AM MT Al****:: warning: we are having rainy weather-I've just had two power hits
so far just transients - but sometimes power goes out
so if the site disappears, that happened
5/12/2023 9:29:14 AM MT Al****:: I've updated the chart on the AUX page - to me it looks like a AB=CD pattern
5/12/2023 8:48:10 AM MT Al****:: chart 5 on SPKISS uses a 2400 minute and 440 minute pair of EXMAs
these help decipher longer term moves for swing trades
5/12/2023 8:43:31 AM MT Al****:: several charts color the bars with a 36 and 220 minute pair of EXMAs
this helps one be on the right side of moves
5/12/2023 8:40:47 AM MT Al****:: one should set up their own chart like chart 3
5/12/2023 8:38:19 AM MT Al****:: the charts on the SPKISS page are the main ones to watch
5/12/2023 8:27:45 AM MT Al****:: I'm running a chart showing this as chart 2 in the CCT Room
5/12/2023 8:24:33 AM MT Al****:: astro wise, the Wednesday high came on a Moon flux crossover, and the Thursday high came on a Mercury flux crossover, suggesting downward electrical forces
5/12/2023 7:34:15 AM MT Al****:: this week has been a side ways un-harmonic move, following last weeks very harmonic move
I have posted a chart on the AUX page showing the two weeks

5/12/2023 7:02:30 AM MT Al****:: Good Morning visitors. Welcome to the Chaos Clinic. There is no written Chaos Clinic today. But feel free to peruse the site.

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