FOMC Pump And Dump Tanks the S&P
      Chaos Clinic for 5/13/2022

This chart is a daily chart for the S&P MES futures. It is clear that US stocks
have turned down fairly hard. This possibility was suggested in my 4/8/2022
Chaos Clinic , Andrew's Pitchfork In The S&P. At that time,
The S&P was near point 2, 4631.

This chart has a rainbow of EXMAs, and several Donchian channels. The longest
EXMA is 144 days, 2/5 of the circle. It is the thick white line. This is
the Mercury-Venus synodic cycle. It was the basis of W. D. Gann's Square Of 144.
This EXMA helps find the swings in a down Chaos Clamshell,

From the January 3rd high, prices declined for 7 weeks to point 1. During this interval
the 144 EXMA turned down a bit. Then from point 1, the S&P rallied to point 2, turning
the 144 slightly up. The pullback into 4/21 turned the 144 down again, Significantly,
this was the 40th birthday of the S&P. The Mercury-Moon cycle is 40 days, widely
reported by the Bible's astronomer priests. They also used the convention that
"a day is unto a year." Forty years is two 20 year Jupiter-Saturn cycles.

From that point, prices slid sharply to test the levels of point 1. Then prices held up,
awaiting the FOMC meeting. On the 4th, during the FOMC press conference, prices surprisingly soared.
Then the next day they dumped. This FOMC Pump And Dump was due to two Moon transits.
Knowing that these Moon cycles were in play, I commented on the 5th in the
chat room that this chart, which I posted on the AUX page, suggested a longer term strategy of
"Get short and stay short." So far, that strategy has paid off.

This chart suggests a longer term Chaos Clamshell of 10 or 11 months. This decline could reach
a level as low as 3200.

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Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

5/13/2022 12:05:07 PM MT raf:: Thank you Al for the helpful information, have a good weekend as well.
5/13/2022 11:44:00 AM MT Al****:: rest of day looks flat to down
I'm calling it a day
thanks for coming; see you next week ; have a good weekend
5/13/2022 11:09:03 AM MT Al****:: the move from yesterday/s low to today's high is 180.5 points, half a circle on a Wheel of 360
5/13/2022 10:58:18 AM MT Al****:: on that chart, note that on the 5th, the FOMC Dump started when prices broke the higher magenta vibration. These levels are 45 degrees apart. A common 90 degree move goes 2 levels.
5/13/2022 10:53:45 AM MT Al****:: one of the better charts for swing traders is the esNat360 chart on the Secret page
vibration levels are one of my more useful discoveries. The main use of them is in setting stops, targeting , and comparing moves
note that today's rally has stalled ( so far) at the magenta vibration level. In fact, it barely touched it. On Wednesday it got above it twice, once before the bad inflation report, the after it.
5/13/2022 10:28:35 AM MT Al****:: another thing I would like to point out are the new Pro1K and Pro4K pages, which let you watch 12 charts at once
5/13/2022 10:24:17 AM MT Al****:: Fed Chair Powell is being given credit for this rally, but if you not the esnat72 and other charts on the Secret page, you see 3 vertical lines - Moon transits
so I'm wondering if this is another Pump before a Dump?
5/13/2022 10:21:48 AM MT Al****:: first MoonTide trade was a 20/110 buy with the the 110, 220, and 440 EXMAs up. Rally from yesterday is quite extended, so one should keep a close stop or take a quick profit
5/13/2022 8:48:11 AM MT Al****:: a couple of notes: On SPKISS page

chart 4 shows Flash Boys bought dip down to R1, then sold R2

chart 6 shows rally up to the 6 day EXMA
also note how clear the FOMC Pump and Dump is on that chart
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