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Here are Al's comments
4:05 that was the rally I was shopping for
3:22 done for the day-thanks for coming, see you next week
3:21 aborted for -3
3:11 got past the Venus timeline-trade still viable
2:49 added second contact at 29.5, same stop
2:45 updated my FOG chart in the CCT Room
2:38 bought 1129.5 stop 1125
2:31 getting above the 110
2:30 a lot of computer trading systems try to buy double bottoms-if a rally starts, they will kick in
2:27 test of lows has held ; now in the last trade window
2:20 stops do you a favor-they get you out of bad trades, and let you clear your mine
2:18 Stopped out
2:14 may get stopped out
2:05 long at average price of 1130.5, stop 1125; morning slide stopped, so I expect some short covering after 2:30
1:57 looking good - bought additional contract at 1128
1:48 now have a higher low - needed that wide stop
1:43 posted new Fractal of Pi chart in CCT room
1:36 dip to Moon T+180 as pass Moon timeline
1:26 got 50% retrace of 10.75 point move off the low. Positive
1:15 looking good-need to be patient
1:00 bought 1133; stop to 1125 for now; greater volatility; greater risk
12:58 coming to solar noon- end of the New Moon Swoon ?
12:54 on the MTRainbow chart the EXMA's are starting to converge; white 440 is at 1143
12:50 putting a buy stop at 1133; the Moon timeline is near trade time, and could induce a streak move
12:48 rallied to the price set by the 10:00 low ; needs to break above that to get a good rally
12:41 up to the 110 EXMA -first time to touch it today; Watching for a buy setup going into second trade time
12:38 updated my Fractal of Pi chart in the CCT Room
12:30 low on Venus V+135; So drop has gone 225 degrees of Venus; 5/8th of a circle; 5:8 is a Fibonacci ratio
12:25 I'm still watching for a bottom; we are so extended tht some sort of a bounce is probable.
12:12 Got a resonant hex pattern formed by price, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn
12:08 Larry Pesavento has a saying, "I'd rather be out, wishing I was in, than in, wishing I was out."
12:07 I'm back ; just watching
11:45 taking a break now for breakfast
11:39 I'm still learning the effects of my Black Swan cycle; last week it hit Wednesday afternoon; then got Thursday mini-crash
This week it hit Thursday afternoon- and got good drop today
11:31 low set by Mars R+90
11:28 I'm groggy today-took a muscle relaxant for my leg; really slowed my brain down :)
11:26 out for 0; OK, that was a late entry
11:23 stop to 1131
11:20 So far, OK
11:12 sold 1131 stop 1136 for now
11:03 putting a sell stop at 1131; don't expect it to be hit unless a meltdown develops
10:58 stuck on the Node flux line
10:52 the low was very close to the the exact Tide time; sometimes that happens and the EXMA's give a signal later
in that case I take the signal
10:51 posted a Face of God chart in the CCT Room
10:40 from the low, we have a rally and pullback, which may be the start of a new up Chaos Clamshell
10:27 the MoonTides are choppy today, so we may just get a tepid recovery
10:13 looks like the low may now be in - watching for a buy setup on the 20/110 EXMA's
10:10 I have posted a Fractal of Pi chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's room
that room is open to those who have take my 4 main courses. See -> courses for more
10:05 yesterday's last high was near Venus V+000; now hit V+180
10:02 still probing-I missed a good short-that happens-I will just be patient-another opportunity will come
9:50 the two day range is about 37.5; 36 point is a 180 degree move; the low may be in
9:50 on the MTRainbow chart, the white 440 EXMA is near 1158; 20 points below it is very extended
9:46 this bounce shows why I'm cautious
9:42 guess I was wrong; I've been bit so many times on Friday opening action I just don't like jumping early
9:37 probing for a bottom-move is too extended to sell
9:31 On the SPSunMoonMer chart, low near Sun H+270 and Moon T+270 ; square to the New Moon
9:21 Down overnight - MTRainbow chart shows large divergence, so some sort of rally is likely
Trade times today are 09:59 13:41 14:42
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

5/14/2010 1:58:43 PM MT EOE:: Interesting late streak right up to the 440 exma
5/14/2010 12:00:15 PM MT Al****:: it is a judgement call-I makde my entry, i set my stop, and I stuck to it, and did not second guess my self - EXMA's are just a crutch
5/14/2010 11:54:32 AM MT RM:: It is not in the rules, but if a commitment is made to a long- we ignore the fact that the MAs are all down?
5/14/2010 10:14:06 AM MT Al****:: I will not reveal the Black Swan cycle - that is not it
5/14/2010 10:00:44 AM MT RJD:: Could the Black Swan Cycle be the inner planets passing between the Sun and Earth blocking its energies?
5/14/2010 9:33:43 AM MT FG:: Lol Al...your brain is working very ) need to talk to you soon..Ciao
5/14/2010 9:32:46 AM MT Al****:: CCT-Certified Chaos Trader
5/14/2010 9:15:45 AM MT mm****:: 31.75 is the lowest support level today - perhaps the pit will push it up now
5/14/2010 8:56:00 AM MT RM:: what is CCT room?
5/14/2010 8:30:20 AM MT mm****:: The MoonTides predict a choppy, narrow range
5/14/2010 7:39:30 AM MT mm****:: Mich Sentiment coming up at 9:55
5/14/2010 7:38:37 AM MT mm****:: RM - his computer picks them
5/14/2010 7:34:06 AM MT RM:: Hey Al- I noticed that you only select certain times off the chart ie. you might select 3 out of 5 of them in the email- What is the difference between one time and another?
5/14/2010 7:21:03 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today
5/14/2010 6:40:49 AM MT EOE:: GM everyone. It's another beautiful spring day. Good Luck.
5/14/2010 5:28:53 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day

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