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Here are Al's comments
3:41 I'm done for the day-see you next week-thanks for coming-take a course
3:26 I'm covering here at 26 for +5.5 because almost at last Tide time
3:23 stop 23
3:16 still in-I had a stop at 20, but it did not get filled-on each dip to 20 only a few contracts go taken, and this time I lucked out
2:59 stop 21.5-just under the 55 minute EXMA
2:56 stop 21-could retest the preoutcry high
2:50 Jude 3 and other autotraders are going long
2:44 here comes the short covering
2:35 a break above 22.5 will trigger breakout stops
2:24 stop to 20, just under the 20 EXMA
2:18 stop 18-raising close estimate to 24
2:12 S&P Bias chart shows the bias is bullish ; after 2:30 should see some short covering
2:10 still holding up - watch to see the effect of the Mercury timeline
1:55 rebought 20, stop 17; note how the dip had small white 3 minute candlesticks at the bottom of it
1:53 Jude3 just sold - 2 wins so far; this one may not work out-I have us closing near 22
1:45 hanging around the Mercury flux-coming to the Mercury timeline soon -so I don't think the rally attempt is over
1:41 got hit by the hex pattern again
1:36 out -1
1:23 rebought 20.5 stop 17.5; 4 down red candles,; buy above last one
1:21 I think we inverted to the red -Tide ; if so, should get a continuation buy set up
1:18 out flat -still looks bullish, so watching for a contination
1:09 stop to 20
1:05 stop to 19.5, just under my 55 minute EXMA
1:03 sun timeline hot-makes sense, since support was on the Sun flux
12:53 stop to 19 - looks like we are getting some acceleration
12:45 a bit early, but I bought 1420, stop 1417 on nice 20/110 crossing and curl
12:17 While we are waiting for the next trade, take a look at the DAX1 day chart (List of Charts page, left side, item #29)
It follows its MoonTides quite well, and is the chart to trade for insomniacs
12:10 there is a Natural Time point near 12:40 that looks like it will be hot
12:08 Jude 3 just bought ; I'm in no hurry; just wait for next MoonTide trade
11:54 1422 is a 50% retrace, so we should make that; but the afternnoon may not be as volatile as the morning
11:51 I think the low is confirmed-aggressive candlestick traders were long near 1417.5
11:35 reposting Jude3-looks to me like the low of the day may be in
11:24 My Jude3 autotrade just covered on a 9 point gain-computers don't tire like humans :)
I'll repost Jude on the Aux page is about 10 minutes, so look at the XGO chart now
11:18 getting some support on Sun flux
11:10 the Moon is conjoin S&P natal Saturn, and 315 degrees to current Saturn; making it hot
11:07 down to the Saturn flux -could be support-from the high I can see 7 moves-a possible down Chaos Clamshell
11:01 it's hard not to react when you see a move that you could have gotten more out of-but it is important to not
chase the market-I have had insomnia the past two nights, so I have to be sure I don't defeat myself-discipline is key
10:53 retesting the low - still weak
10:43 I have taken Jude3 off the aux page and posted the XGO forecast - says hold up/rally into Wednesday, then dip
10:32 you are watching resonance in action-as the Exchange opposed the Moon, price opposed Mercury; semi-sextile to Chiron
10:23 There was the +5, but I got bounced out ; quite OK - still ahead; and I was right about the support at 18
10:18 look on List of Charts page, right side, for Hex Wheels today-then last hex - Mercury trine Moon, et al
10:17 out +1.5 - got support on LLB and Mercury+180 flux ; and now I hear the hex recognizer
10:10 stop 22
10:08 stop to 23
10:05 have support near 18, so I will take 5 point if get there = 18.5
10:02 stop to 25 -I am showing my Jude3 autotrader on the AUX page-it is short
9:58 stop 25.5 - just above the 110
9:55 resold 23.5 stop 27.5 -rally stopped by 110 EXMA
9:52 out -.5 ; I pressed the stop because I entered before the Tide time
9:47 stop 24.5
9:45 stop 25
9:42 sold at 24 stop 27 -decided not to wait since 110 curled over sharply
9:40 looks like tracking red -Tide
9:34 down to the 110 EXMA-first trade is at 9:58, so I want to wait until then-note the Moon T180 timeline at 10:20
it can add volatility
9:22 That Mars flux coincides with a Mercury +225 flux - 5/8 of a Mercury cycle up from the low on the 9th
5/8 is a Fibonacci sequence ratio
9:09 Pre outcry hit resistance on the Mars electric field flux, with the 110 EXMA at 1425-I expect a pullback to it
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

5/16/2008 1:36:56 PM Mountain mm:: Thanks
5/16/2008 1:35:48 PM Mountain Al:: right click on a symbol, gets a menu->analyics->real time charts
I like them in fast markets because they outrun eSignal
5/16/2008 1:26:42 PM Mountain mm:: I use IB as my broker but use eSig for my charts - where do I find the IB chart windows? have never used them
5/16/2008 1:24:20 PM Mountain mm:: Al - your Jude 3 does not update
5/16/2008 1:24:07 PM Mountain Al:: IB shows it to you in time and sales on a chart window
5/16/2008 1:20:36 PM Mountain mm:: You are lucky - it touched durning 4 minutes - obviously one cannot see how many times
5/16/2008 1:15:25 PM Mountain Al:: I did not get filled on my 20 stop - I'll post my XGO after the close
5/16/2008 12:52:13 PM Mountain bb:: Al, I missed the XGO3. Are you going to show it again before close? Thanks, b
5/16/2008 12:47:43 PM Mountain acetd:: the stop was most definetly hit
5/16/2008 12:46:43 PM Mountain mm:: Al, my charts says that your 20 stop was touched at least 4 times - ?
5/16/2008 12:36:03 PM Mountain mm:: Thanks, Al
5/16/2008 12:19:27 PM Mountain TG:: out for -2 on that one. moving to long at 20.5, stop and resell at 18.25.
5/16/2008 11:22:44 AM Mountain TG:: still have a good fit for a 6 hr down FOP so a sharp break below 110 could be the signal for the start of move 5 down. Placing sell stop at 18.5 but want to see some juice to that level.
5/16/2008 11:13:31 AM Mountain TG:: scrapping that idea.
5/16/2008 10:41:22 AM Mountain TG:: Placing a sell stop at 17.25, not convinced we've switched to an up fractal
5/16/2008 10:36:08 AM Mountain TG:: +4 and out. Not a big fan of oob, hardly take them anymore.
5/16/2008 10:21:02 AM Mountain mm:: Am I looking at the wrong chart? AUX still has XGO3
5/16/2008 10:06:58 AM Mountain TG:: Stop at 16.
5/16/2008 9:50:45 AM Mountain mm:: Aux still has not Jude 3
5/16/2008 9:40:08 AM Mountain TG:: Trying oob trade, long from 16. At least 7 moves, maybe 11 from preopen and several bottoming 3 minute candles into one of Al's natural times.
5/16/2008 7:10:44 AM Mountain Al:: GM all-Good luck today
5/16/2008 4:42:01 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have a great day

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