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Here are Al's comments
2:41 I'm done for the day -thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
2:33 this is why the ancients coded Mercury cyclkes in the Bible under Satan :)
Mercury's high eccentricity makes it a bringer of chaos
2:32 out +.5
2:21 little Mercury time to Mercury price move
2:18 stop 24.5
2:17 getting some juice from Mercury and Jupiter timelines
2:05 preopen low was on Moon +T315 flux-the +T000 flux ends the day at 29 -possible target if get some juice
2:00 on slow days usually have 2 inversions in the MoonTides as they counteract each other
today green-red-green. Says hold into close
1:54 on that rebuy I used the Fractal Grid from my Chaos Trading Made Easy course
1:42 rebought 25 stop 23.5
1:37 covering +.5 on stall-can rebuy if get juice
1:33 coming to node and Mercury timelines -should add some energy
1:27 holding above 110 EXMA -sitting tight
1:20 this is not a trading day to tell your grandchildren about
1:14 pre-outcry low was on Moon timeline -should be up into next Moon timeline
1:06 holding up after the exact time-stop to 24 -very tiny 3 minute bars
12:54 coming to the exact time-my stop is at a good place; if hit, flat for the day
12:44 stop 23.5 -trailing by 3
12:42 stop 23
12:37 here is where the astro stug on the Clinic chart helps-gotr buy signal at crossing in MoonTide Harmonic Grid
can move stop to that grid point at 22.5 -if this is really a move, it should not be hit
12:35 stop 21.75 -trailing by 3 ; entry was before exact time so want to be cautious of turn at exact time
12:29 bought 24 stop 21
12:23 20/110 buy crossing-now watch the 20 EXMA to judge follow through
12:14 a bit of buying as the Exchange squares Chiron-recall that Chiron flux is at 1521
11:58 prices are trading 90 degrees to Neptune (illusion); the illusion is that there is motion today
11:48 broke down into the congestion zone
11:33 getting some buying, but no follow through-stuck between Sun and Moon flux
11:10 looks like on green +Tide ; range of move was 5 points; equals 1.66 hours time; need 1.66 hours from high to
get to Gann's price square time; about 1:15
11:00 weak support on the -T225 moon flux - if break, then reenter the congestion zone
10:47 this has been a choppy week-under these conditions one needs to focus on the win/loss ratio, and resist the
urge to make more trades than the MoonTides suggest-trades at other times are higher risk
10:45 stopped +.25 ; I gave it all the room I could by the rules that I know work over time
10:43 down to Nep/Moon flux
10:35 have to get by the first pullback-testing Sun flux line-if finds support there, likely up until Sun time 13:00
10:28 stop 22.25 -trailing by 3
10:21 the Tide turns are about 3 hours apart today-8th harmonic in time-8th in price is 9 points
balance of 1521+9=1530 , next balance level
10:16 stop 22 -at the 20 EXMA-note the sharp curl up
10:12 stop 21
10:09 bought 22 stop 19-holding up
10:04 I don't like the fade on the news; waiting
10:01 Consumer Sentiment report bullish -continuation buy setup-looking for entry
9:50 pretty quiet - first trade time is 10:14 ; have a crossing in the diagonal yellow MoonTide Harmonic
Grid near it; often adds energy
9:30 opening with prices trapped between the -T225 and +T315 Moon electric field flux lines;
they balance at 1521, on the Chiron flux line
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

5/18/2007 12:39:51 PM Mountain Al:: Ben: you were right-didn't see your comment.
TG: good description of the climate -just have to adjudt and be careful-it will change
5/18/2007 12:34:16 PM Mountain TG:: Like I said, so far.
5/18/2007 12:23:00 PM Mountain TG:: Beautiful looking FOP fit and CTME fit, so far ;) Long from 25.25. Past few weeks have been rough. Lots of small losses and the few that looked so good would get to a tick or two from my 5 point target profit then reverse me out hard for two points.
5/18/2007 9:21:06 AM Mountain Ben:: Al, wouldn't 1.66 hours from the high = 12:15 & not 1:15?
5/18/2007 8:36:56 AM Mountain mm:: It of course is not a big deal, but I thought you may want to look as professional/knowledgeable/astute/perfect/etc. as possible
5/18/2007 8:13:25 AM Mountain Al:: I stand corrected
5/18/2007 8:12:19 AM Mountain mm:: Al - are you sure it was the CPI and not Consumer Sentiment - Michigan preliminary ?

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