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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments

3:08 out for 0 - done for the day- thanks for coming; see you next week - take some courses

3:03 stop to 2383.5 break even

2:57 looking OK

2:48 stop to 2383

2:40 new highs -trade looking good

2:33 looks ready to move - 220 EXMA at 2382.87-above my stop

2:16 no selling - coming to a green swan -hits 2390 near close

2:03 getting a continuation buy here-holding

2:05 after 2:30 may see a short covering rally

1:44 may have inverted to +Tide-should see more energy after 14:00

1:35 trade not moving-stop is in-sitting tight

1:12 things have slowed down but I don't think move is done

12:58 stop to 2382.5 - risk 1

12:44 stop to 2382-risk is now 1.5

12:41 stop to 2381

12:36 stop to 2380.5 - will just let it run

12:23 EXMA's have limit property to how fast they can move;
when they reach this limit they become straight lines:
Extending the 220 as a straight line shows about 2391 by cloes

12:15 now looking like a running day-on AUX page I'm now just watching the EXMA Rainbow-dip did not
touch the 110 minute EXMA; normally prices will not touch the 220 on a running day

12:00 bought 2383.5 stop 2379.5

11:57 needs to make new high to excite buyers

11:41 in second trade window ; not interested in a sell; watching for a continuation but concerned that
energy may have died down

11:23 move looks to have stalled - glad I took my 9

10:30 taking a break now - will come back for second trade time

10:12 that is a demonstration of how to trade the MoonTides; I do not demonstrate this every day. If you subscribe to the hotline you get open access to all the charts on this site, with all the trade times. You need a good online trading program. I use Interactive brokers, NinjaTrader and my own software. The goal of the MoonTide trading method is to just take small bites out of the market daily. On the right side of the List Of charts page is a tutorial on trading the MoonTides. Be sure to read it.

10:11 out for +9

10:01 stop to 2375.5 lock 5

9:54 stop to 2374-lock 3.5 this thing could run past 9 ; but as a ?otline trade I must follow the rules

9:49 stop to 2371-lock .5 - going for 9 so sell limit 2379.5

9:44 stop to 2370

9:43 stop to 2369

9:40 stop to 2368

9:36 just taking continuation by at 2370.5 stop 2367

9:26 putting a buy stop at 2372 - if hit stop will be 2367

9:20 volume always increases when the normal session opens, which usually moves prices
today the question is how much

9:18 trend is slowly up; only interested in a buy, but need some juice

9:15 6 day mean is about 2366.5 -could dip to it

9:12 Teamviewer ID in CCT Room

9:10 seems to be tracking -Tide

9:03 need to get above 2372 to gain upside following

9:01 very quiet - may change on the normal session open - today looks flat to up

8:48 Trade times are 09:59 and 12:26 ; overnight trading pretty slow

8:47 Good Morning. Welcome to the Chaos Clinic. This site has a lot of charts,
so you may find it useful to have several of them available within your
browser. If you have a tabbed browser, you can open separate charts
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resonant hex pattern on the Wheel page. Trading tutorials
are on the right side of the ListOfCharts page. One should
read Trading the MoonTide Tutorial and Keep it Simple as a minimum.

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

5/19/2017 10:00:56 AM MT TG****:: Good morning Al. Nice trading today.

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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