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Here are Al's comments
3:13 this has been a choppy day, but OK-I'm done-thanks for coming-see you next week
3:09 stopped 91 for +1.25-support on Neptune flux
3:05 stop 91 -now green +Tide says down to close
2:56 stop 92-nice vertical streak on the Moon timeline=Moon grease
2:54 wow-just dodged that -this is now a continuation sell setup=sold 92.25 stop 95.25
2:53 covering on stall rule for +1
2:49 stopped by 110 EXMA -stop 92.75 -can still become a continuation sell
2:45 breaking the last hours highs-looking good-stop 92.25 2:34 sun flux held last dip -now coming to Venus and Moon timelines
2:30 coming to the moment of truth-break higher, or continuation sell
2:20 stop 91.25 -for the day this is a higher low -should get hot as hit Moon timeline
2:14 taking as early oob buy 92.75 stop 90.75-notice the "three drives to a bottom"
2:08 some white water here -last hour should be exciting
1:56 that low bounced off the lower band and the Sun flux - possible oob buy on third Tide turn
1:46 roller coaster today-if I shift red -Tide left 20 minutes get good fit-last move may be a rally
1:38 breaking down-vertical streak down Jupiter timeline -too early to take as third trade-
1:33 have 20/110 sell, so trend is down to flat for a while-slow motion so far
1:30 looking weak - still following shape of red -Tide
1:23 the market often forms horizontal congestion ellipses-I have posted the one I'm looking at on the aux screen
1:00 red Tide pattern fits -nice break but out of trade window so no trade
12:55 that 1098 Moon flux pair has stopped the rally dead - pretty awesome example of Market Astrophysics
12:50 covered on stall rule for 0 - can rebuy it it rallies
12:45 coming to Sun timeline-may streak up it
12:30 stop 96.5 -needs to get above this Moon flux soon
12:25 stop 95.5 -stuck in the mud
12:19 continuation buy 97.5 stop 94.5
12:16 Moon fluix stopped rally - may stick to it like velcro
12:11 +.5 going into Tide turn - now have possible continuation buy setup
12:07 stop 97.5 support on Pluto flux-mindful of possible continuation buy

12:04 stop 1098-had to take a break and get Nora Jones tickets-got them in first minute they were on sale
11:54 high was on Node timeline-stop 1098.5
11:46 sold 1098 stop 1100
11:43 close enough to the Tide turn for out of band (oob) sell -watching 20 EXMA
11:38 again out of band nearing Tide turn-still running pretty strong - Pit R4 is near 1102
11:13 having trouble at the upper band edge -may set up an out of band sell
11:04 1098 is the balance level set by the crossing Moon electric field flux lines
10:55 now have a 20/110 buy-too far from 10:00 time to take as a good trade setup
10:52 back up to the hot Uranus flux-should now be resistance
10:34 out for 0 - looks like one of those choppy days
10:28 the next timeline is Chiron-watch for a vertical streak there-stop 91.75
10:22 stop 93.0
10:16 stop 93.5
10:09 sold 91.75 stop 94.75
10:07 now a sell on EXMA's -down to 1092 -110 EXMa is flat, so wait
10:03 trying to bottom -got 1 bar 20 EXMA sell, then a buy-wait for a show of strength
9:52 1092 Sun electric field flux set yesterday's high as resistance-look for it now to become support
9:46 Whenever a trade fades on me right after I enter, I try to abort quickly, expecially near vertical timelines
9:40 don't like it -aborting -.75
9:39 stop 92
9:34 opening on email Uranus 1093.5 price -continuation buy at 94 stop 91
9:20 opening up a bit with a potential continuation buy setup
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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