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Here are Al's comments
1:31 I'm passing on this trade-no juice-have a good holiday-see you next week-take a course
1:21 now have a lower high and a lower low, so all the tech analysts will be saying the trend is down
1:18 spiked right to the crossing of the diagonal yellow moonTide harmonic grid-still in that converging triangle
1:14 prices way ahead of 20 EXMA, which has not crossed the 110 - prices trading both sides of 110-stay out
1:12 -looks like going flat
1:06 price above 110 but 20 is not; just watching
12:56 Volume per bar is down in the hundreds. This morning it was in the thousands
12:36 I'm watching to see if we get a continuation sell at Trade time
12:31 broke support a bit
12:20 testing the Mars flux support from this morning
12:10 the diagonal yellow MoonTide Harmonic grid shows a converging triangle balanced at 1516.5
12:07 streak on the Saturn timeline-recall that it was part of the resonant hex pattern
11:57 some bumps of energy as we pass the Chiron, Saturn, Neptune timelines
11:33 hex pattern autodetected by wheel-Saturn, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto-midway on side Moon/Uranus
11:10 the next trade time is just after 13:00 -solar noon-may not make many comments until close to that trade window
11:02 we are now in a 7.5 point trading range-bounded by Moon flux-may stay here the rest of the day
10:55 now if you look at the Wheel of Fortune, you see that the Moon A vector squared Venus on that move
10:47 I took the 4 because 1) expect lower volatility today 2) hit the Moon flux
3) Hit the band edge and made a double top and 4) 4 points is a good gain this month
10:45 I don't like the stall at the band edge-taking +4
10:42 stop 18-cover is 21
10:40 now can push to 17
10:38 testing high-can push stop a bit-15.25, just under the 110 EXMA
10:31 stop held past first pullback, so in a good place
10:20 stop 15-trailing by 3
10:17 came off the -T180 Moon flux-should make it up to the +T225 Moon flux near 19.5
10:14 stop 14.5
10:12 bought 16 stop 13 continuation buy
10:08 lots of "Buzz"
10:02 test of low failed to break it-flat as a pancake
9:54 test of 16.5 preoutcry high failed to break it
9:44 Low so far is on Mars-first trade is 10:17 - I will wait until after that time
9:42 Moon opposing Uranus just below near 1510.5 is probably support
9:38 you can watch multiple charts by running multiple copies of your browser-I like to watch the SPKISS, Wheel, and Chaos Clinic charts
9:33 opening up a bit-I expect a fairly quiet day today due to holiday weekend
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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5/25/2007 7:08:57 AM Mountain Al:: Thanks MM
Good Morning All -beautiful day in the Rockies
5/25/2007 4:06:01 AM Mountain mm:: Good Morning Al - I hope the Market cooperates and youi'll have a successful Clinic

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