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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:43 out +1.5 - covered 81 -done for the day-see you next week-have a nice weekend-take a course
2:29 stop to 80-too close
2:15 broke above the strange attractor/repellor - stop 80
2:10 stop 79.5
1:49 getting some juice - again, if this trade is still working at next trade time I will carry it through the Tide turn
1:45 got minor low on Mercury/Uranus timeline - stop 1278.50
1:42 may be time to cover and call it a day -will wait a few more minutes
1:37 it has gotten very dull-one tick bars
1:28 stop 1278.25
1:25 notice the crossing in the yellow diagonal MoonTide Harmonic grid at 1281 14:20 -Moon flux crosses it
This point is a strange attractor
1:19 now, the green +Tide and the XTide turn up for a while-watch for rally
1:07 on a day like today just have to be patient -volume has gotten low
12:55 at about 13:40 we come to Mercury and Uranus timelines-this time has been key all week
12:50 early, we got red -Tide, here midday getting green +Tide-generally means red -Tide at end of day
12:46 the Fractal Grid from my Chaos Trading Made Easy course suggests up to the close
12:40 stop 78 - guess my subconcious made me jump at the right time
Conciously, I wanted to buy at the same price I covered if 78 looked like it would be untouched
12:38 passing Moon timeline, coming to sun timeline
12:33 misread that; jumpy today
12:28-bought 79.5 stop 76.5
12:13 here I'm watching the 110 and 20 minute EXMA's-looking for a continuation buy
12:05 out +1.5
11:55 if this trade is still looking good at next trade time near 12:30, I will just carry it through
11:45 up to the Moon +T225 flux -may congest a bit here
11:35 looking good-stop 78.5
11:32 stop 78
11:26 stop 77 -now getting some juice - should get more as we approach the vertical yellow Moon timeline
11:17 stop 76 - still not much energy
11:11 I suspected the turn may come late because XTide had a low later than the green +MoonTide
11:00 rebought 78 stop 75
10:53 spiked right back up into the congestion zone between the Moon flux lines
10:48 there was a sell there, but I missed it, so I won't chase it-have 2 more trade times today
10:40 sharp little break down to the Mercury/Uranus/Moon flux- it was preopen support
10:28 out -1.5
10:15 looking better-if you jump early , you just have to accept your risk and wait
10:10 what looked like juice was prune juice-stop 76.5
10:05 bought 79 stop 76
10:01 watching for a buy setup-EXMA's are crossing up, but I want to see some juice
9:55 1278 is a chaos balance level, between the Moon +T225 and -T045 electric field flux lines
9:30 preopen volatile move from Mercury/Uranus flux up to Moon flux -first trade time is after 10:00
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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5/26/2006 7:15:49 AM Mountain CJC:: Morning!

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