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Here are Al's comments
2:55 I-m done for the day-have a great weekend-see you next week-take a course
2:51 notice how the Mercury electric field flux line is so clear on the chart-pre-opne high, last high, now stuck to it
2:40 I have just posted a new chart in the CTT private room
2:31 one of the strongest human drives is the drive to be active-this is used against POW's where they
are put in a box where they can't move-the inactivity breaks them-the market will do that to you if you let it
2:29 when it is very dull, little fish should not trade-one of the best rule, gfiven to me by MM,
my longest term hotline subscriber (over 12 years) is that when eSignal auto scales to .5 points, quit
2:22 I'm passing on this trade-just too dull
2:18 Hex pattern recognizer shows a stable hex of Price, Mercury,Saturn,Moon,Chiron-so not going anywhere
2:12 continuation buy set up on the 20/110 EXMA-will jump only if makes new highs
1:44 in OEX options things are quiet except for a Jul 620 call 540 put spread of 500 options
Option traders use congestions and dullness to set up spreads-they know chaos follows dullness
1:40 energy stocks are up pretty good, rest of stocks are down a bit
1:31 and there the scalper would have taken his one point and run - they have fun on dull days
1:24 that move also gave a 20/110 EXMA buy -now I want to see if it fails or not-should know near 2:00
1:20 the tools from the CTME course tell me this is a high-scalpers could sell it 1199.5 stop 1200.5
12:45 the last little low is the end of move 3 of the down Chaos Clamshell - it there is going
to be a tradable move it will come after 2:00 -Moon changes sign 2:14
12:18 at least this gives me a chance to work on my newsletter-meanwhile check out the AUX page
12:02 terrible volatility - 3 minute bars just 2 ticks high - don't try to trade garbage-maybe later
11:45 a simple swing sketch of that CC puts move 4 ending near 4:00 Eastern-next trade TIde turn
11:40 that was a lower high -looks like move 2 of 7 in a down Chaos Clamshell
11:35 now looks like congestion-general pattern is green +Tide-clinic attendance 60% of normal
11:23 by rule covering on stall -1
11:12 OK, my stop was not hit, but I obviously jumped early-for now I'll sit
10:45 the MoonTide forecast says more volatility after 11:00 -I just have to be patient
10:31 what I don't do here is worry about which Tide I'm on -just watch the EXMA's and work my stop
10:20 stop 99 -trailing 3 points above low
10:17 breaking support, continuation sel on 20/110-sold 1197, stop 1200
10:11 chaos is a study of dullness (congestions) and the jumps (chaotic moves)to new levels of dullness
so watch dullnes and wait for the jump, then jump
10:04 very slow start, but 110 EXMA is down -have a sell -watching for a break of 1197
9:50 We have two major patterns today-the Node/Sat/Monn/Chiron mentioned int the email and Ven/Plu/MAR
I got an email from a client about the second one-an astological take-I'll post it in the chat room
9:43 looking weak-suspect on red -Tide -I picked 11:00 Tide turn as first trade-figured by then
we would either be "holiday dead" or ready to do something
9:32 Face of God pattern on SP9Day chart says yestrday was a high, today down
9:31 opening just under Mercury/Moon flux pair -Mercury set pre-outcry high
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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5/27/2005 7:58:19 AM Mountain Al:: This I got from JS:

Intense, intense, intense! From May 27 to June 2 we'll all be under the
influence of a T-square between Venus, Mars and Pluto, meaning everyone will
be on their biggest, loopiest emotional roller coaster.

The T-square is a concentrated, dynamic three-planet combination. It's
created when two planets -- in this case, Venus and Pluto -- form an
opposition (think standoff), which is difficult enough. But this aspect is
further complicated by a third planet, combative Mars, who will make a
stressful square to the other two.
When Venus, the planet of love and emotions, and Mars, the planet of action
and aggression, both meet up with powerful Pluto, the entire world can feel
topsy-turvy. But your focus will be on interpersonal relationships. Who
exactly is in control here anyway? Even the smallest issues (like what movie
to see or what to have for dinner) can trigger major power struggles.
Jealousy can raise its ugly green head, and sexual energy (shall we call it
tension?) will run high.
The best way to deal with any challenges that come your way right now is to
take lots of deep breaths, realize that everyone's affected by this
astrological weather and know that it will soon pass.

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