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Here are Al's comments
11:57 too slow for me-covering, taking my marbles and going home-screens will run -have a good weekend
11:49 rebought 19.5 - stop 18.5 -looks like green +Tide with left shift
11:44 aborting for 0 on stall rule-just no volume to move prices today
11:40 stop 1119-needs to move higher very soon
11:27 stop 18.5 -did expand 55 minute range and get 20/110 EXMA buy crossing
11:24 pressing to expand the 55 minute range-20.5 breaks it
11:16 I also have a nice Face of God pattern telling me the trend is now up
11:09 that read is: down move stalled, made double bottom, and broke 20 minute range high
11:04 bought 1119.75 stop 1118 -not a hotline trade, but a "read"
11:01 aborting -1.25 -no go
10:53 stop 20.25
10:51 sold 18.25 stop 21.25
10:49 looks like green +Tide still in effect-possible continuation sell-may re-enter
10:46 the other thing I watch for after a stall exit is an inversion to the other Tide
10:43 today, things are so slow I would want to see an increase in volatility to get back in the water
10:41 after an exit on a stall, I watch to see if I should re-enter
10:35 covering on stall rule for +.25 - very slow
10:26 stop 20.5 -steady does it-nice round rollover shape on 110 EXMA
10:22 110 EXMA stopped that little rally-note 20 EXMA and 110 still bearish
10:18 stop 21 -still slow but 110 EXMA is down and prices all below it-steady
10:10 still OK - coming to Chiron timeline -may get streak on it
10:03 got a "resonant spike" at 10:00, but stop survived-hold fast
9:58 stop 21.5 - slow mover -need to be patient
9:50 sold 19 stop 22
9:46 balanced between the up and down yellow diagoanl MoonTide Harmonic Grid lines
9:41 have 20/110 sell - just putting sell stop at 1119
9:38 just noise-110 is flat - keep hands in pockets for now
9:35 looking weak - will probably get 20/110 EXMA sell-may be a bit early
9:15 pre-open suggests on green +Tide
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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