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Here are Al's comments

12:46 lost data fe3ed due to Comcast network failure -may last rest of day

11:34 looks to me like the big boys are done and have left for the Hamptons; I'm done; other trades are an exercise for the student.
Thnaks for coming; see you next week; take some courses.

11:08 rally seems to be losing its juice; lower minor high

11:00 watching to see if make new high; 11:00 Eastern is often a key time, no matter what the MoonTides are

10:38 if yo look at the Secret->esNat72 chart, you see there was a rally of 2 green vibrations up from the employment report.
a harmonic 18 points

10:32 the down going Moon flux -T225 played a role in turning prices down

10:28 Flash Boy's computers hit it hard just below R3; Every trader NEEDS to read the book "Flash Boys"

10:24 vicious spike; not chasing it

10:17 stalled at 5/30 high

10:16 stopped out for +2

10:12 on the Secret->esNat72 chart today's prices have gone 2 magenta vibrations levels-likely to go 3 or 4

10:05 now watching to see if we break the highs of 5/22,25,and 30; R3 is at 2734

10:02 stop to 2724-lock 2; what changed in the normal session was the slope of the up channel

9:54 stop to 2722 - breakeven

9:31 for hotline trade bought 2722 stop 2719

9:29 things change when the normal session starts because get a lot more volume

9:17 now watching to see if we get a continuation buy near the 9:46 Tide time

9:09 rally ran up to the R1 pivot price

9:06 raised my stop to 2719, risking 1.5 points. That stop is just below the highs of the 3 hours before the report.

9:02 I usually don't trade the report, but today the trend was clear and the market was acting well.
I was only looking for a long because the yellow cycle on the Secret-> Daniel chart was up.

8:59 I had a buy stop in at 2720 before the report. It was hit 12 minutes after the report. The fill was at 2720.5. My stop is at 2717.5

8:50 trade times today are 09:46, 13:06, and 14:46 ; trend is up from yesterday

8:48 Employment report trading relatively quiet

8:46 Good Morning. Welcome to the Chaos Clinic. This site has a lot of charts,
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Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

6/1/2018 1:16:29 PM MT Al****:: late hook and go
6/1/2018 1:01:26 PM MT TG****:: Perhaps a moon to moon grind up to one last minor high or retest high. Or maybe I should have taken 3. Pretty wimpy upside 20/110 cross.
6/1/2018 12:56:13 PM MT TG****:: Had to wait for a weak afternoon low for an entry. Bought 31.5, only looking for 4 to 6.
6/1/2018 12:39:15 PM MT Al****:: got my data feed back - finally
6/1/2018 10:36:34 AM MT Al****:: now my data feed went down - TECHNOCRAP
6/1/2018 10:29:55 AM MT Al****:: not a lot of traction today. Funny you mentioned MM-I was thinking about him this morning
6/1/2018 9:14:59 AM MT TG****:: I sold 27 and a little more at 28.75 near 10:00 partly based on my spliced 2 day fractal grid and QPFE action that seemed to be showing topping out. At 10:18 I thought I was golden. 1 bar later I was stopped for even.
6/1/2018 8:48:13 AM MT Al****:: GM TG - always nice to hear from you
6/1/2018 8:37:37 AM MT TG****:: GM Dr AL, BBB, MM (wherever you are), everybody. Good Luck today.

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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