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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:38 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course-learn to earn
3:36 low as passed Node time -Moon T+180 flux holding it up
3:28 broke support-this is the effect of the switch to the red -Tide
3:24 nothing big-
3:00 testing the low-should end on red -Tide, so may get a drop-too late to be trading it
2:45 I just posted a chart in the private cerified Chaos Trader's chat room
2:23 I picked today's two trade times from the MoonTide forecast, where is showed the greatest volatility- one worked
and the other is clear in prices, but without enough juice - so besides trade times, MoonTides forecast volatility
2:20 getting some buying going into the 2:30 Tide turn-looks like market will hold up into the close
2:11 very dull and quiet - nothing to do - just keep an eye on it -market was volatile until solar noon, now not
1:54 early we were on the red -Tide,then about 10:30 picked up the green +Tide -expect one more swith to red -Tide
near 2:30 - that says slow rally , then slow drop
1:53 I'm passing on this trade
1:49 no juice-staying out
1:45 looking like ready to rally-waiting, but ready to buy
1:37 my CTME chart is telling me this might be a head fake-if so, it will set up a continuation sell
1:31 now trying to get a rally going-watching for 20/110 buy
1:12 bars are only 2 or 3 ticks - a sign of a dead market - stay out of dead markets-wait for volatility
1:02 pretty quiet again - essentially flat for 40 minutes plus- just watching
1:00 I'm back -Ace and Scout had a nice walk in the park -fresh air mid day revives the senses
12:28 has now gotten quiet-next Tide turn at 1:00-I'm taking break until then
12:13 another dip to the Moon T+180 electric filed flux line-probably support and end of the drop
12:02 this drop was move 3 of 7 on a down Chaos Clamshell-a big 3 means the others are normally smaller
12:00 dipped below that a bit -down 45 degrees 9 points from the earlier Mars/Pluto prices
11:52 that drop took us to a Neptune flux line after passing the Neptune timeline - part of the hot hex
11:48 out +5 -there may be more, but over time, Cash In On Chaos works -take it when you got it
11:44 stop 1201.75 -lock in 1
11:38 my 5 point target is 1197.75 -will cover there
11:34 stop 1202.75 -break even-moving slow but looking good -trend (110) is down
11:25 stop 1203-just above the 110 EXMA
11:15 moving, but slowly-reduce risk-stop 1204.5
11:06 sold 1202.75 stop 1205.75
11:00 right at Tide turn-110 and 20 EXMA pinched-wait to see how come out of the turn
10:53 dip came on Chiron and Moon timelines-now back up to their price lines -not great follow through-waiting
10:51 prices back up to 110 EXMA -now watch to see if 20 EXMA stays under it
10:40 one reason I'm trying to wait is that 11:00 is 2 hours, 1/12th days, from solar Noon-Sun conjoin Mercury
10:31 continuation sell is set up-trying to wait until after 11:00 for entry
10:25 broke the lows-holding my fire-waithing to see how the 20 EXMA acts
10:13 tepid so far-but note that 110 EXMA is slowly easing down-be alert for the dullness to end
9:56 the 110 EXMA is now flat, prices both sides of it-a congestion-stay out of them
9:49 also note that the bounce formed a streak on the vertical grey Saturn timeline-on the midpoint of a hex side
9:47 note that the low came on the vertical white Node timeline, ala my hex pattern comment-this is harmonic action
9:39 low came on Uranus flux and held on retest-indicates starting out flat -first trade time is 11:00 Tide turn
9:30 opening weak-may be a modestly down day
9:03 preopen-hex pattern recongizer has found a Pluto/Node/Neptune/(Venus/Mercury/Sun cluster)pattern
that means those time and price lines will be "hot" - corners of the hex are congestions-moves go corner to corner
like 1204 to 1192 - destablizers are at the midpoint of the hex -Mars and Saturn-see List of charts->Hex Wheels Today->060320051351wheelhex.png
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

6/3/2005 8:26:38 AM Mountain test:: happy swinging
6/3/2005 8:17:40 AM Mountain mjs:: Da Monkey is looking for bananas and cocnuts
6/3/2005 8:07:00 AM Mountain test:: pumping, but doesn't sound like that much -just enought to hold things up?
6/3/2005 6:48:42 AM Mountain Patents:: In the who cares department - the birth death model added 207 thousand in May. Subtract the reported increase of 78 thousand (about), you can figure what it means.

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