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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:34 I'm going to pass on this trade and call it a day -I have some things to do before my company
comes - thanks for coming-see you next week - take a course
2:26 there may be no trade here - no volatility -if none by 3:00 I'm guitting early-have company coming
2:18 XTIDE is a forecast of the very small moves-notice that when it has small swings, like now,
the market gets quiet-When it swings, the market moves-
2:14 finding support on the Moon -T000 flux, down 45 degres, 8th harmonic, from -T315 high
2:07 still flat at this Tide turn/trade ; just watching ; want to see some juice
1:57 I'm back - market did what Tides said-nothing-now flat, with up blip on Mercury timeline
12:42 Taking a lunch break-be back in about an hour-meanwhile, if you have not done so, get your
FREE copy of Your Electric Life at -> Free Stuff
12:31 now the MoonTides go flat for about 90 minutes-look for it to be dull-next trade near 2:00 Eastern
12:15 +5 -there may be more, but statistically, cashing in at +5 works well over time
12:11 stop 1203 - target missed by one tick so far-do think we will hit it
12:00 stop 1204 -cover price is 1200
11:57 trade looking better - on green +Tide so down into solar noon
11:43 looks like it may roll over -110 curling down a bit- stop 1204.5
11:33 trading below 110 EXMA-but stuck on Moon T+315 flux
11:14 today is "two Moon day" with 2 Moon Timelines - high was on first one-also was high in XTIDE
11:05 stop still OK -looks like a red-green-red Tide day-so now likely on green +Tide
10:58 this is setting up a continuation sell at next trade time-if not stopped, I may just hold
10:54 thought about covering on stall but decided to sit tight; stop is at break even
10:31 still moving-stop 1205
10:28 hex pattern recognized shows Sun/Node/Neptune/Pluto hex-may congest here
10:24 some support on Sun/Moon T+315 flux - stop 1205.5
10:19 stop 1206.25 - note separation of 20 EXMA from 110 and prices below 20-good setup
10:10 stop 1207-above the 110 EXMA-note it is very "curled"
10:08 sold 1205 stop 1208
10:07 there is the 20/110 sell-watching for follow through
9:59 watching for 20/110 sell ; 110 EXMA curling over, so no buy possible
9:57 so far, no juice
9:46 this is a gap up opening without a strong follow through, at least so far-suggests weakness
9:38 20/110 EXMA's are pinching, will either get a sell, or a continuation buy-market may go flat
9:33 up opening- stopped at Venus/Jupiter/Moon flux, and now at email Mercury/Mars flux

9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

6/10/2005 9:56:52 AM Mountain Patents:: I did not see in my copies of the overnight email or the copy on the list of charts that today was a Two Moon Day according to Al's comments on the Clinic page. Did I overlook something?
6/10/2005 8:12:58 AM Mountain TG:: Al, you might want to check your morning 110 exma. yesterday's chaos clinic chart ran all day on the June contract, today's is on the Sept contract. My wave 59 8:15-16:15 exma based on Sept contract yesterday and today, opened at 8:15 at a much higher level than yours did and gave a 20/110 cross earlier.
6/10/2005 4:23:45 AM Mountain mm:: Al, your SP1Day with Pivot,etc list is still in the June contract

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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