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Here are Al's comments
3:19 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
3:17-out +2 -looks tired
3:10 stop 53.5-lock a bit
3:05 stop to 53 - no worry, now, Mate
3:00 stop 52
2:50 stop to 51
2:43 getting it-bought 53 stop 49
2:39 may see some short covering buying now
2:35 Crazy Harry is having fun, Seeing his girl at thirteen fifty one
2:25 in the outcry session we have gone nowhere in 5 hours
2:21 dodged Crazy Harry there- now in a trading range from 46.5 to 53-stay out unless we break out
2:13 anytime I'm in a trade that early before the exact time, I get out if it stalls; may or may not get an inversion to green +Tide
2:11 out +1 on the stall going into the exact trade time
2:05 stop 52 - trying to be patient
1:55 stop to 53.25
1:44 stop to 53.75 , 3.5 points from entry
1:39 now getting the drop-stop to 54 - could have waited closer to the trade time-oh well
1:33 Wheel of Fortune shows Moon at 1338, with Moon T90 timeline to come-could reach 1338
1:25 that 4 points on trade 1 lets me afford a wider stop here; same idea as trading 2, taking a quick profit, and
letting the other ride; just done across two trades
1:18 compared to yesterday, we made a new high, but could not hold it-a sign of weakness.
Professionals who are long will cover for the weekend
1:14 adjusting my stop to 55; 3 points is too close; putting it above the 110
1:08 I went with this early entry because I knew that passing Solar noon at 1:00 might change things.
Recall that the 10:00 streak was resonant on the 8th harmonic to the Moon
1:03 elected short 50.25 stop 53.25
12:58 from here, we either bounce up, or break down - I'll just park a sell stop at 1350.25
Could be Crazy Harry just jerking the train
12:46 there is a tendency for a second wave of buying or selling to come in about 2 to 3 hours after the initial wave,
so this dip could be stopped by buying, with a resulting rally into the close
12:41 selling setting in - pretty early for the second trade, so watching a while
12:32 now we have traded into a narrow trading range of about 6 points - like the Friday 2 weeks ago
chaotic systems park at a semi-stable state until something triggers a chaotic jump to another semi-stable state
12:13 the SPBias just turned down, meaning the 4 to 6 hour cycle has turned down. This may or may not hold,
but indicates that longs are not high probability trades
12:07 Yesterday the market rallied then conested, then turned down at the T120 timline on the SPMoonGrid chart.
Will watch for a repeat today. The SPMoonGrid chart link is on the left side of the List of Charts page
11:57 Crazy Harry is in heaven, seeing his girl at thirteen fity seven
11:50 pulling back as expected-but I exepct it to hold up for a while longer
11:28 the move to test the extreme after a resonant streak usually fails, so watch for this rally to not take out the highs
11:20 Crazy Harry is the conductor of the Stop and Pee train- he likes to move the train fast, then park
it in a station for a time while he has a hot date. When he comes back he lurches and jerks the train to
get us hobos to jump on, then he stops the train and comes through catching the hobos. The trick is to jump
on the train when he is really going to the next station, and jump off before he parks it again.
11:10 gone flat - so not much to do until the next trade time - we got an early energy burst on the
11:00 45 degrees to the Sun time, so I expect this congestion runs into 1:00 PM or longer
10:55 now we have a break of the last low, and a penetration of the 110 EXMA that is curling over.
may get a 20/110 sell; or just a stall on the 110 support
10:50 and there the out of band trade would be stopped for a +2. It is OK to trade this way, but I like the trend trades better
I do not try to trade constantly-it leads to overtrading and loss of perspective. I like to be selective
10:45 the other exit tactic is to put a stop above the first white candle-here a stop at 57 would be in order
10:41 this "out of band" trade is a "reversion to the mean" trade - expecint prices to come back to some average-but
what average? We know that the 110 EXMA is a good one to use, so covering at it would be a good tactic
So if one is trying for 5 points, one could screen out of band trades and only try those that start 8 or 9 points above the 110
10:33 those "pick the highs" traders often use candlesticks for entry-here they would have sold the break of the
first red 3 minute candle, near 59 , with a stop near 61.75. Even if you don't trade that way, it helps to know how your competitors are trading
10:27 some time ago I removed the "out of band" trades from the hotline, because they are harder to do, and
statistically do not produce profits as well as the "with the trend trades". But this is a setp for one
10:24 normally there are only 0, 1, or 2 inversions in the MoonTides-so the red -Tide should hold until
late in the day, when we may get an inversion to the green +Tide to end the day
10:16 this move popped us up to the Mars/Node/Neptune/Chiron flux
10:14 we were tracking the green +tide, then got an inversion to the red -Tide, creating the "hook and go"
10:10 That was a trade that set up going into the trade time. The 20/110 EXMA's did a "hook and go"
sell then buy ; you can usually make some money if you see the hook and go and take the go side
10:07 these streaks can die fast, so I will just take +4 here
10:05 this is a 10:00 45 degress to the Sun resonant streak stop 55
10:03 bought 53 stop 50
10:00 now we have a bid bar up from 44 to test the highs - if it can't break out, then we will just sit here nad chop
9:56 we have a congestion zone between 44 and 47, formed by the -T270 and +T45 Moon electric field flux lines
So we may have to just wait out the a congestion; Staying out of a congestion saves money and frustration.
9:52 2 weeks ago we had a very dull Friday - the Moon is now 180 degrees from that position, which
could bring the same effect
9:47 range from 41 to 52.5 - I'm reluctant to do anything until we break outside that range
9:38 opening inside yesterday's range, so it may be a narrow range day; first trade 10:29, so watch for now
no follow through on the emotional reaction to inflation report
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
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6/13/2008 9:39:09 AM Mountain Al:: sp1day fixed
6/13/2008 9:00:54 AM Mountain dp58:: GM Al; SP1Day appears to be stalled.
6/13/2008 6:14:03 AM Mountain Al:: GM all-good luck today
6/13/2008 4:56:08 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have a great day

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