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Here are Al's comments

12:01 given the nature of the market, my research chart, and the -Tide forecast, I think I'm calling it a day.
Thanks for coming. See you next week. Take a course or two.

11:59 the "hot" SR lines are at 1925.6 and 1926.5 -they could act as attractors this afternoon

11:52 this drop put us back into the original trading range. So it continues to look like a trading range type day.
The MoonTide swings get smaller this afternoon.

11:49 and it got another +3 - in the trade just 27 minutes

11:47 my autotrader sold again - see the AUX page

11:43 that 1929.5 high held was off just one tick - so trading range is now confirmed

11:18 Many Fridays have an initial surge, then get very dull. If we keep following the -Tide,
this could be one of those days

11:13 another name for that pattern is the "wouff hong" - Google that to learn something interesting

11:08 retesting the highs -rally has the shape of a long handled can opener - see AUX page

10:52 I think the range is set for the day

10:45 if you used the hotline rules you may have gotten +3, but you would have to be nimble

10:42 autotrader got its +3, now testing the 1929.5

10:27 may pop up to 1929.5

10:20 I'm just going to watch this; my autotrader bought 1924.25 -it goes for 3 points

10:13 Our hotline trading rules are based on trending markets-this is not a trending market; One of the rules
is stay out if prices are trading both sides of the 110 minute EXMA; that is what is happening here.

10:09 this sort of chop is impossible to trade manually; on the aux page I'm showing an
autotrader that has already made 24 trades in the last 10 hours

10:07 I'm just watching. This looks like a low coming in.

10:03 if break out of the range, support is near 1917.5

10:01 still moving down, near lower end of trading range

9:39 that chart show prices tracking the -Tide

9:35 one of the charts I'm watching is a support/resistance research chart-I'm showing it on the AUX page

9:30 trade time is an hour away, so just watching

9:27 there is 9 point harmonic resistance at 1929.5

9:26 trade times are 10:29, 13:05 and 14:23

9:20 today may be a narrow range day, with an upward bias; 24 hour trading is between about 1920.5 and 1926.5
natural support and resistance levels; 7:00 AM Eastern low will likely hold

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6/13/2014 5:37:41 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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