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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:40 I'm done. Thanks for coming. See you next week. Take a course.
3:35 out +5 ; could not hold 66
3:34 stop 64.5
3:25 stop to 63-will let it run
3:20 stop 62
3:13 final timelines are the Jupiter/Mars/Saturn/Chiron near 16:00-price near 67.5
3:08 stop 61.5 -at Mercury flux but not upper band so hold
3:01 stop 1261; we did turn up at Mercury -can see that better now
2:57 stop to 60-under last low
2:50 looking a bit better ; stop 59
2:46 this thing needs to go soon - I'm falling asleep
2:29 rebought 60.5 stop 58.5; being persistant because I see the 110 EXMA curling, and prices above it
2:26 out for 0 - may rebuy
2:25 stop 60.5 -looking good
2:18 stop 60
2:18 looking better- now will get buying from short covering
2:16 still OK - some buying pressure -needs to break above 61 to go
2:10 stop 58
2:03 I really must complain-I go on vacation and we have great volatility; come back and it disappears :)
2:01 still juiceless-may get more as pass the Mercury (M) timeline
1:51 bought 60.5 stop 57.5
1:47 can't sell it off-watching for a rally with some juice
1:36 nothing clear yet
1:29 getting a buy setup
1:15 last trade time is about 1:50 -looks to me like a change in trend to a rally-we will see
1:00 out for 0 ; no juice today
12:49 stop 60; the sun is opposing Pluto, so have both timelines near 13:00
12:36 stop 61 - moving a bit better now, but still pretty slow-should accelerate with the Sun timeline at 13:00
12:26 stop 62 - feels like gumbo mud
12:20 on 2 day chart have a nice down channel from yesterday's late high
12:14 hook and go sell -sold 60 stop 63
12:10 not much juice today -at same price we were at 2 hours ago
12:01 aborted -1.5 ; bad entry
11:42 looks like I jumped too soon-will sit and watch-looks like the little peak in the green +Tide
11:30 sold 60 on continuation sell-stop 63
11:13 support came on the Moon's Node (O) flux line as we neared the Moon timeline - that gave the energy for the 3 point pop
11:05 stopped +1
11:05 this is a real exercise in patience
10:59 coming to Moon timeline-stop 62.5
10:48 stop 63-midway between the 20 and 110 after the continuation
10:45 that turned the 20 EXMA down, so it looks like the move down will continue
10:43 little streak down just after the Neptune timeline
10:35 staying below the 110 EXMA, which is good
10:29 pretty slow, but steady selling -may accelerate as come to Venus/Neptune timelines
10:20 stop 64.75 -so far so good
10:12 stop 65.25 -trailing by 3
10:09 sold 63.5 stop 66.5
10:07 looking like may get a "hook and go" type sell
9:55 as come into the Tide turn, not out of band, so no sell, recently both sides of 110 EXMA, so no good buy setup yet
9:53 lots of energy as pass the Jup/Chiron/Mars/Saturn timelines
9:43 up to the -T180 Moon flux -so right now trapped between two Moon flux lines
9:30 starting with support on the Moon +T225 electric field flux line and under the Jup/Chiron/Mars/Saturn flux
bundle -may form congestion zone
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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