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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
1:37 I'm done with the clinic for the day. Thanks for coming. See you next week. Take a course or two.
Best buy is to take Cash In On Chaos and Fractal of Pi and learn to use the Fractal Of Pi Overlay.
1:33 looks like the rest of the day is up a bit
1:32 I was nervous because my entry was going into the Tide turn, and gap was closed
1:30 covering for +1
1:27 stopped at yesterday's close, so gap up is filled
: 1:25 stop to 1265.5
1:22 stop to 1265.75; at critical break further or bounce point
1:21 stop to 1266
1:17 lowering my cover point to 1259 near Sun/Node flux; stop to 1266.25, breakeven
1:15 yesterday's drop had a sharp bounce. Don't want to get caught by one today
1:13 stop to 1267-needs to break soon
1:05 stop to 1267.25-risk down to one point
12:59 Sun and Node near 1259-solstice price is 1260. No guarantee that we get there
12:56 I will cover 1261 if we get there-about 9 points up from yesterday's low
12:54 stop to 68; that Face Of God chart nailed this one
12:52 stop to 69
12:51 stop to 1269.25-don't want to risk more than 3
12:45 stop to 1270-not sure this thing is going top break; just got hex patter; could be a stable point
12:42 elected short 1266.25 , stop at 1271
12:25 dip did not yet hit stop; if hit, will put buy stop at 1271, above 110 EXMA
12:21 putting a sell stop at 1266.25, one point under low of day, and below the 440 EXMA.
12:20 coming into the second trade window. Looking weak.
11:55 looks like everyone has gone out for a long lunch.
11:37 I have placed a Face of God chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room. That room is open
to graduates of my 4 main courses. See -> Courses for details.
11:21 That trade would have had to been in place by 11:00, and the price entry price would have had to been one tick
higher, at 1268.25 ; but it would have caught a 3 point bounce so far. One has to be very focused and nimble to
execute that setup. That's the sort of thing computers are good at, properly programmed.
11:15 that technique is an attempt to buy away from the 110 EXMA for a return to it and hopefully through it.
The 110 is basically flat, and prices are trading both side of it. This is not a hotline rule, just an advanced technique.
11:11 If I were to do that, I'd place a buy limit at 1268, stop 1266.50, shopping for a good entry price.
11:06 from the early high there are 7 moves, counting this one. So pullback may end soon. I sometimes buy this setup
based on gap up, down to 11:00, and 7 moves.
11:03 still congesting-looks like a low coming near the 11:31 Tide time
10:40 on the MTRainbow or any other two day chart, you notice yesterday mornig was verychoppy, but the afternoon was
much smoother. Hopefully that happens today.
10:34 we are in the Never-Never Land between a falling 110 and a rising 440 EXMA. On two day chart
I'd call this a move 4 of 7 in an up Chaos Clamshell. Maybe next Trade time will give us a good trade.
10:26 on the MTRainbow chart we are now in between the 110 and 440 EXMA's; high near Node +O000 flux, low so far on +O315
Node is part of an eclipse
10:24 I've learned not to chase the S&P. If you don't get anything on a trade, stick to your plan. Next trade is near 13:02
10:20 early trades on Friday are especially difficult. My target was missed by one tick. Factor that in next time.
10;17 stopped for -.5 ; which is fine. Loss was controlled. That's all you can control.
10:15 patience
10:12 stop to 1271.5
10:07 anytime early trading is more than 18 points of yesterday's low, it is vulnerable.
10:04 I don't expect much here, so I will cover at 1275 = last minor high if we get there
10:03 moving stop to 1271, just under the 110 EXMA
10:01 did continuation buy at 1272 stop 1269
9:55 Today I am running a Research in Progress chart in in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room. That room is open
to graduates of my 4 main courses. See -> Courses for details.
9:48 when I see a big early morning move like this I suspect the news has been leaked in advance. Also, I know
hedge fund computers are programmed to trade these reports. They are in and out fast, adding a lot of noise. So I usually wait until they are done before trading.
9:46 we have two economic reports at 9:55 and 10:00 - Consumer sentiment and Leading indicators. Economic News is
linked on the right side of the ListOfCharts page.
9:41 support on the 2650 and 110 minute EXMAs; does not look like much swing portenial either up or down; just waiting
9:37 on a gap up day, there is a tendency for the market to pull back into about 11:00. Our hotline trading rules
are "go with the trend" rules. We do not take counter trend trades because we found them much less profitable and harder
for newbies to execute.
9:33 on the MTRainbow chart, you can see the EXMA's are very diverged. Each longer term EXMA is a potential support point.
Major support should come near the 440 EXMA - about 1264.5
9:26 Opening with a big gap up. Trade times are 09:31 and 13:02 . Too far from 110 EXMa for good setup on first one right now.
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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