Crypto Continues Its Chaos
     Chaos Clinic for 6/17/2022

Last night's evening news had reports that crypto firms were laying off people,
refusing to allow withdrawals from crypto accounts, and suspending operations.
The reporters said the firms were trying to prevent a "run on the banks."

For those of you who read my 5/6/2022 Chaos Clinic, this should come as no surprise,
Crypto is not only a mythical currency, it requires more and more energy to keep
the myth that crypto has value alive.

This chart updates the one from just six weeks ago. Besides the vibration levels
and Chaos Clamshell move labels, this chart is overlaid with a resonance curve.
A resonance curve is an energy plot for a tuned circuit, like the one used in a
TV or radio to select stations. Since markets are driven by energy, I often find
that prices will fit a resonance curve.

But this one suggests crypto becoming worthless next year. Could it really happen?
Many fiat paper currencies have done so. Should this happen, any person or firm
having exposure to crypto could be hurt badly. Caveat emptor!

To learn more about Chaos Clamshells, I suggest my Cash In On Chaos course,
available at

Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

6/17/2022 11:56:01 AM MT Al****:: I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-take some courses-have a good weekend
6/17/2022 11:54:18 AM MT Al****:: I bought 3681 was stopped 3681
6/17/2022 11:49:13 AM MT Al****:: rally failed -
6/17/2022 11:33:50 AM MT Robert****:: I appears 6/16 was the chaotic day and today we are coming into the LOW. These lows should hold to take a long term position to the upside. Soltice is on the 21st.
6/17/2022 11:07:46 AM MT Robert****:: Al - I posted a chart for your Review in the CCT area.
6/17/2022 11:07:15 AM MT Al****:: and it looks like Moon-Noon-Moon
6/17/2022 11:05:44 AM MT Al****:: looks like bulls won the triangle battle
6/17/2022 10:30:47 AM MT Al****:: trade is sideways in a converging triangle with apex at 13:00 solar noon
6/17/2022 10:20:36 AM MT Al****:: chart 5 on SPKISS page looks bearish
6/17/2022 10:11:45 AM MT Al****:: note the vertical lines on the secret charts - these can add energy
6/17/2022 10:01:27 AM MT Al****:: note that throughout this chaos that the 36/220 EXMA has kept the bar color on Secret->esnat72 magenta
6/17/2022 9:36:34 AM MT Al****:: exchange has now passed Mercury with a lower high
6/17/2022 9:24:50 AM MT Al****:: bounce went to magenta vibe - a 45 degree bounce -1/8th of a circle
6/17/2022 9:15:33 AM MT Al****:: now note on Secret->esnat72 bounce was to green vibration
it was support, now resistance
6/17/2022 9:13:52 AM MT Al****:: that low came on the Venus time line -tested yesterday's low
6/17/2022 9:01:13 AM MT Al****:: I posted my 3 day 24 hr chart in the CCT Room
6/17/2022 8:40:37 AM MT bn:: I covered my short micro emini NQ
6/17/2022 8:39:42 AM MT Al****:: looking at a 3 day 24 hr 30 minute bar chart and looking at it as an ABCD
and AB=CD projection gives D near 3512
6/17/2022 8:35:44 AM MT Robert****:: I was short last night, question now is where is the low
6/17/2022 8:32:57 AM MT Al****:: note high in normal session was on T090 Moon time line
see SPSunMoon page
so today is a "Two Moon Day" with Moon time lines early and late
these days are often volatile and one way, running Moon to Moon
or Moon-Noon-Moon
6/17/2022 8:32:56 AM MT Robert****:: Al is the Low in from yesterday
6/17/2022 8:29:09 AM MT Al****:: GM jvj an pb
6/17/2022 8:06:58 AM MT jvj****:: Good morning everyone.
6/17/2022 7:51:03 AM MT pb****:: GM All
6/17/2022 6:59:45 AM MT Al****:: note om Secret->esnat72 the overnight rally stalled at the white vibration - not good
6/17/2022 6:43:23 AM MT Al****:: Good Morning visitors. Welcome to the Chaos Clinic. The written Chaos Clinic is on the AUX page.

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