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Here are Al's comments
3:38 FOGGER's - watch for an email about a new chart in the FOGGER's room
3:25 I'm done-thanks for coming-see you next week - take advantage of the one day specials
3:23 I'm going to pass here-getting too late to trade
3:20 still flat -still out- I'm in no hurry to act until Crazy Harry moves the train
3:14 little dip 20 minutes after spike low-still flat-still waiting
3:10 that drop hit the lower band edge, setting up a possible out of band buy
3:07 now stuck on the Mercury/Sun flux - I'm still just watching
3:01 If you look at the yellow MoonTide Harmonic Grid, you see a converging triangle centered on 1134=balance
2:59 here I see that support came on the -T000 Moon flux, so I want to see that fail before I sell
2:58 if a move like this misses your attention, don't react-wait about 20 minutes
2:55 "Exchange passing Mars, opposing Chiron can tip the state of balance" - theory works
2:53 Wow, Chiron sure broke the balance-can we get a trade in? Wait for a rebound
2:50 The other thing you can do is look for some other market that is moving-one that is totally
different is good-it's closed now, but the DAX has good action and great MoonTides-see today's DAX chart
2:46 congestions like this can be very dangerous if you watch them too close-you think you see
a breakout,jump on it, and it fails-best thing to do is have a list of chores to go do and do them
2:38 Note that Saturn is the center of the flat, Moon is support, Chiron/Mars is resistance
Exchange passing Mars, opposing Chiron can tip the state of balance
2:33 to see the hex patterns, go to List of Charts -> Hex Wheels Today ->last link
Also see the writeup on hex wheels linked on List of Charts page
2:28 I'm back - hex recognizer jabbering about this stable hex-all 6 corners occuppied-
The earlier hex this morning was an unstable "state" -market make a "state transition" to this state
1:03 the third trade time is late in the day-I'm going to take a break, but I'll be back for it
1:00 the +T180 Moon electric flusis holding things up-prices could stick to it
Trading is like jumping on a train-if it isn't going anywhere-get off
12:58 aborting for 0 on the stall rule- can always re-enter
12:53 stop 37.25 -needs to break down soon
12:50 stop 37.5 - take every tick -20/110 EXMA gave sell,buy,sell crossings->flat or down
12:48 just picked up second hex pattern-Satturn,Jupiter,Uranus, Node corners
12:46 stop 37.75 - cut the loss
12:43 so far OK- held under 37 grid crossing
12:36 I'm trying to wait past the yellow MoonTide Harmonic Grid crossing-I accept this trade could be a loss
12:27 OK-I jumped early-just hold my stop and wait
12:23 stop 38.5
12:19 sold 36.25 stop 39.25
12:13 that did give a 20/110 sell, so now watching for follow through-got support on Moon T180 flux
12:06 this break should give a 20/110 sell -then watch the first pullback
11:57 coming into second trade time-looking weak, so watching for 20/110 EXMA sell
11:42 still holding up-110 EXMA slope matching the green +Tide
11:18 this move came off the Venus/Jupiter price flux-should hold up until Venus/Jupiter timeline 12:00
11:14 looking weak-may set up a good trade later
10:53 now at a Tide turn, but not one I picked to trade-I try to limit the trades per day to 3
Why? note that there are 3 MoonTide Harmonic grid crossings per day -that limits number of opportunities
10:44 notice how the move seemed to jump from the red -Tide line up to the green +Tide line on the chart
This suggests a move to the green +Tide after being on the red -Tide slope
10:40 that price is about 45 degrees from the first corner of the hex pattern, 3/4 a side, another common move
10:36 the hot 1139 Chiron price in the email stopped the move, at least for now-
10:31 now getting a few more points-do I moan about "money left on the table" -NO!! -the 5 point
rule works over time -don't be a pig expecting to get all of every move-when you get it-bank it
10:24 also notice the yellow diagonal pattern MoonTide Harmonic Grid, with crossing near 10:20
These crossings +/- 20 minutes are frequent locations of streaks
10:20 now notice how right when the move took off, that the 110 EXMA curled up, the 20 EXMA
separated from it, and prices separated from the 20, forming a 3 finger pattern-indicates a good move
10:15 that pop came as the Exchange passed the Node, destabilizing the hex-see the Hex Wheels
10:10 Just after the open we had a hex pattern recognized at 1130.5 -Venus,price,Neptune on the corners
With Node,Saturn, Jupiter, and Uranus midpoints on the sides-got nice 6 point pop along 1/2 a side
10:07 covering 36.75 +5 target
10:05 stop 34 -press very hard when price gets near the band edge
10:03 stop 32.5 now popped up to Moon flux -note streak was near Moon's Node white timeline
10:01 stop 31.75 - got new high on move so can push under last pullback
9:58 stop 31.25 -half way between 20 and 110 EXMAs- good guide on fast move
9:51 popped right up to the Mer/Sun flux-stop 1130.25 -fast move-push stop fast
9:49 bought 1131.75 stop 1128.75
9:46 got 20/110 buy crossing-watching for strength
9:41 cont. sell setup now gone-looks like may get a 20/110 buy -no hurry to trade here-slow
9:38 also, today Mercury is conjoin sun geocentrically-below thier flux at 1133
9:34 today Venus squares Jupiter and Uranus-opening on their electric field flux lines-no accident
9:32 continuation sell setup -needs some energy
9:29 Today's trade times are 9:20 (wait for outcry open), 12:00, and 3:10-first may be marginal
9:09 I have placed a 24 hour 15 minute chart in the AUX page-shows a weakening converging triangle
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

6/18/2004 12:38:11 PM Mountain pl:: Al,any expectations on the hex, is there a typical way for it to end up as monday leaves up and down equally open, or is the outcome quite a big trading range with no preferred direction?
6/18/2004 10:17:53 AM Mountain Al:: looking weak to me
6/18/2004 9:35:46 AM Mountain Greg:: Al, which direction would you anticipate at the 12 tide turn?

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