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Here are Al's comments
3:24 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you in TWO weeks -going camping in the Rockies next Friday
3:23 out flat -no go
3:20 resold 18.75 stop 20.75
3:08 out for zero - now watch a while
3:04 we may make it down to the Moon/Jupiter square near 1300
3:01 stop to 18.5 - wheel of fortune shows 1314=Sun/Venus/Pluto
2:57 turning down - stop to 21
2:49 trading systems that pyramid will selll more on a break of 18 -right now we are treading Moon juice
2:36 sold 18.5 stop 21.5
2:35 Now I will look for a continuation sell
2:34 taking +5
2:20 if this trade keeps working I will just carry it through the next trade time
2:15 stop to 21; 9 point cover is 14
2:08 trading systems that pyramid will sell a break of 21
1:45 stop to 24 -looking good
1:45 stop 1325
1:40 the down fractal grid is in effect-says down until close
1:34 we know that the Sun/Pluto pirce is hot-1332-9=1323, and -18=1314
1:30 stop 27 - one has to be nimble in this market
1:22 sold 25 stop 28 - that was a "hook and go"
1:20 failed -out -3
1:10 bought 29.5 stop 26.5
1:07 there's some of that buying; still looks bullish
1:05 not much heat there-but we still have the Moon/Jupiter timelines this afternoon, so activity could pick up
12:57 coming to the Sun/Pluto timelines -hot 6 hours ago-now?
12:48 the low has held up for nearly three hours-that will encourage some buying; stuck on the Moon flux pinch
12:39 last low was 26.5, so if we get a buy, a stop at 26 would be appropriate
12:30 speed of decline less than speed of rally- bullish going into trade time-but need some juice in a rally
12:18 higher low - if it holds it will attract some buying
12:03 holding up - looks like we began an up fractal on the low-if you have taken Chaos Tradingn Made Easy, locate your fractal grid on the low
11:50 any one trade can fail, so you want to limit any damage - here I watched the 3 minute candles, saw a row
of wicks at 29, and put my stop one tick lower; I know I have two more trade times, and I knew 1332 could be resistance
11:48 out -2 ; good, I don't like that spike high;
11:41 29 is minor low, so I am moving my stop to 28.75
11:22 bought 30.75 stop 27.75
11:13 The downtrend is over-now going flat-so keep waiting; patience is the primary asset for good trading; wait
for a quality setup
11:08 prices broke above the 110, so need to wait for the 20 to catch up-Uranus flux at 30.5 is reistance
11:02 curling up, so NOT a continuation sell-so watching to see if we get a buy setup
10:54 right at the Tide time-110 is at 1329-watching it's "curl"
10:42 we only do "with the trend" trades on our hotline-here we may be seeing a counter trend trade setup that some
traders would take - if you trade counter trend, you have to accept a lower win ratio
10:32 coming into this Tide turn, the 110 EXMA is down, near 1330.5 - we have to get close to it for any type of trade; close is within about 2 points
10:20 now the hex pattern recognizer has noticed a Saturn/Pluto/Sun/Venus hex resonace at 1326.25 -and energy attractor
10:17 hit that Mars/Neptune/Chiron price as come to their timeline cluster
10:12 yesterday we tested 1343 area several times-now dropped 18 points from it-set by Mars/Neptune/Chiron
10:06 it takes discipline to watch a moving market, because one feels that they are missing a trade; but
sticking to one's plan is critical- I have 3 trade times today so there will be more opportunities
10:00 so far looks like following red -Tide
9:46 selling in reaction to the break of yesterday's low-down to the Mercury flux
9:37 our first trade time is 10:54 so just watching-this 1332 price level may attract prices all day
9:27 I have posted a chart on the AUX page showing this-note the H90/P270 vertial lines at 7:00 Eastern and the price
flux 1341 H+135/P+315 and 1332 H+90/P+270 ; 1/8 th harmonic move of 45 degrees
9:13 got a drop to the equinox set price of 1332 a few hours ago as the exchange rotated past the sun timeline
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

6/20/2008 1:38:29 PM Mountain Al:: Our camper is a 5 star hotel room on wheels- we just take it where it's quiet and the air is pristine
6/20/2008 1:36:57 PM Mountain TG:: Enjoy your camping trip Al, sounds like a great thing to do. My wife is a ***** star hotel type of gal so I better keep trading well while your on vaca.
6/20/2008 1:31:09 PM Mountain Al:: Nice job, TG. I appreciate you and Ben sharing your insights, and I know the newbies do.
6/20/2008 1:13:33 PM Mountain TG:: Figured there'd be at least a good bounce attempt in the vicinity of 16. Now I'm too chicken to press my luck again on another continuation sell so far away from the 110 exma. Managed 10.5 points today on 3 trades, some were a little lucky, though. Best day I've had in a while so may just call it a day.
6/20/2008 1:07:26 PM Mountain TG:: Managed to sell 18.5 after move 6 up failed, out at 16, my original target. Maybe a lot of gyration coming before we get to Al's expectation of 14.
6/20/2008 12:20:22 PM Mountain TG:: My stop's at 20, so locking in 6.5. Had a brief chance to take +9 and probably should have done so. Sometimes I get into that "I want every last drop" mode ;-)
6/20/2008 12:18:16 PM Mountain Ben:: Great point TG. Thanks.
6/20/2008 12:16:41 PM Mountain TG:: Ben, there is still a move 6 up likely to come before a final move 7 down so most traders including myself would want to lock something of this move in instead of attempting to hold through a potential significant correction.
6/20/2008 12:05:45 PM Mountain Ben:: Al, since this is down into the close, are you going to ride this trade with a stop above the 55 exma?
6/20/2008 11:38:59 AM Mountain TG:: Maybe we will see 1316 area afterall today. Was able to sell 1326.5. Have a limit buy at 1316 as 2/3rds retracement is a hair below 1315.75
6/20/2008 10:34:36 AM Mountain TG:: bounced nicely up from 2/3rds retracement of the move up off of the morning low.
6/20/2008 9:24:38 AM Mountain jh:: is this a buy?
6/20/2008 8:27:57 AM Mountain Al:: 3:2 ratio is the perfect fifth cord from the musical scale
6/20/2008 8:24:09 AM Mountain TG:: 1315 is 66.6% retrace, maybe that's the level. Show's up a lot in the intraday retracements, mentioned in Dr. Al's work a lot but not as well followed as the standard fib levels.
6/20/2008 8:21:25 AM Mountain TG:: not much of a bounce, bought it and exited for 1.5. Didn't like lackluster 3 minute candle lengths and hard time closing back above 20 exma. Now that I exited it may pick up a following :-)
6/20/2008 8:04:14 AM Mountain TG:: 1324.8 is 61.8% retrace of 1253 to 1441 move. Been thinking we'd see that area as a low to bounce from for past few days.
6/20/2008 7:46:29 AM Mountain mm:: es u8
6/20/2008 7:17:46 AM Mountain kc:: Please advise if the system is using ES M8 or ES U8?
6/20/2008 6:42:48 AM Mountain mm:: thanks
6/20/2008 6:18:12 AM Mountain Al:: GM all-good luck today
thanks for the notice, MM
fixed now
6/20/2008 5:41:04 AM Mountain mm:: Al - SP1Day did not yet update
6/20/2008 5:39:42 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have a great day

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