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Here are Al's comments
3:40 the only consulation for the way I traded today is seeing my Franklin system sell at 1527 and still short
It is a lot more patient than me :)
My net was only a -1, but this was not a good day for my head
3:32 no volume for a whoosh-I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week
3:29 stopped -2.25
3:22 a Face of God pattern off the 14:05 low is telling me to hold fast
3:12 stuck in the mud-just sitting on my stop
2:51 stop 18.5 -looking better-down fractal ended on 4th harmonic-makes sense now-Mooon square Sun
2:41 stop 17.75 - whoosh coming, looks to be up
2:36 got in long 20.75
2:34 tried to buy on a limit order and did not get filled-watching
2:30 stopped -1.75
2:16 watch for a whoosh down in the last hour
2:06 fractal grid from Chaos Trading Made Easy course says down to close
2:04 stop 21
2:02 sold 19.25 stop 22.25
2:01 looks like a hook and go sell setup-watching a moment
1:54 we now have a 9 point after solar noon range-need to break out of it to get a good move
1:40 looking bullish going into last trade - will wait, since my head is not working well today
1:38 so far, down into solar noon, then up if hold up expect buying rush in last hour
1:29 we were also sitting at an 18 point 90 degree range and could not expand it
1:27 that hex recognized at 1515 warned me we could rally 6 or 12 points-that's why I gave up my pipe dream and took my 9
1:25 timing wise, that was the Moon timeline just past the Sun solstice timeline
1:19 turned up at the Moon timeline
1:16 don't like the stall and double bottom-out +9
1:12 hex recognized at 1515 -see hex wheels today
1:05 stop 21-locks 5 ; on day like this almost have to triple the size of a trailing stop -not a normal condition
1:00 the 20 exma is down during this correction - bearish-holding
12:53 here I used the Moon flux pinch to set my stop to see if I could hold through this congestion
12:32 my first day of daytrading was October 19, 1987-the day of the Crash of 87-this is almost what it felt like
12:31 normally I would cover at +9 - today I am making the command decision to hold -stop 22
12:29 looks like the Blackstone IPO make this Black Friday :)
12:27 stop 23-this is a very fast move - 1530-18=1512 is possible
12:23 stop 24-all that high frequency chop was fibrilation-like just befor a heart attack -chaos follows
12:19 stop to 26 -I will ride this one
12:15 stop 27 - now the bears have got the momentum working
12:11 stop 28.5
12:09 trend is still down by the 110 EXMA - now have a fit to a down Fractal grid
12:01 terrible chop - note that 1530 sun price was resistance - bearish longer term
11:52 sold 26 stop 29 -hook and go got me
11:46 aborting -2
11:32 bought 28.75 stop 25.75
11:26 looks like get are going to get some buying
11:21 my work is based on a painstaking process of developing a theory, then writing software to create a function
based on the theory, then testing it in real time. Then I trade it. Trading keeps the research honest :)
11:11 for many years I have worked to get the very short time turns in the market-the AUX page shows some
current research - note how the very short term lows often match the bumps in the B,A,Z lines - still a research project
11:09 now can see 7 moves from high, with last being a higher high-bullish, but need follow through
11:07 if the 10:30 low holds more than 50 minutes, it will encourage some buying
11:02 looks like it is trying to turn up, but still below the 110, so I am waiting
10:55 going into the Tide turn have a 15/20 buy -will watch it a bit since is is so choppy
10:53 have a perfect 9 point range, and now trading in the middle of it-several hex patterns detected
10:50 real bull/bear battle
10:44 from the high I see 6 moves - look for a 7th to complete a small down Chaos Clamshell
10:35 over 3 point bounce in minutes -that makes it hard to control risk
10:31 not chasing this-waiting for next tide turn
10:16 when your head gets screwed up, back off, get quiet, and recenter; I was listening to CCN; turned it off; did some deep breathing
10:08 aborted -1 -bad start
9:57 did oob buy at 29 stop 26
9:54 lots of high frequency -watching the Chiron/Venus timelines-have been lows last two days
9:46 out -3 ; too aggressive
9:39 bought 31.5 using 15/20 crossing as per Fine Timing of MoonTides
9:35 Moon flux balance is 1530 - will act as an attractor
9:33 testing preopen low
9:30 first trade time is on the open-very quiet, so I will be cautious
9:05 preoutcry prices are sitting on the 1530 price set by the Sun at the summer solstice
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

6/22/2007 1:00:00 PM Mountain Al:: if you really must know, I didn't hit the submit before I switched over to type the comment - a bit chaotic here :)
6/22/2007 12:55:01 PM Mountain Al:: not filled-I had to re-enter it
6/22/2007 10:47:43 AM Mountain rnt:: AL, can you run the Xtide2 equation over the weekend, its getting near the end of the forecast and its amazingly accurate!
6/22/2007 10:38:44 AM Mountain cgm:: fyi yesterday hindenberg omen confirmed
6/22/2007 10:11:40 AM Mountain cgm:: correction 1530 not 1560
6/22/2007 10:10:44 AM Mountain cgm:: query , sell 156o with 1 sun degree stop?
6/22/2007 9:59:38 AM Mountain Al:: yes
6/22/2007 9:57:45 AM Mountain cgm:: query: if 1530 solstice time, shouldn't market need to stay above for x period of time to take a bullish stsnce?
6/22/2007 9:54:14 AM Mountain cpf:: Not a sell setting or too far from tide time?
6/22/2007 9:51:48 AM Mountain cpf:: Can we say that we are on red tide?
6/22/2007 9:12:58 AM Mountain cpf:: Thank you Al, it was more my wish due to the slope of 15/20 expecting(mistake) 110 to curl.
6/22/2007 9:09:56 AM Mountain Al:: cpf: the 15/20 is a precursor to the 20/110 so they must be watched together
6/22/2007 9:04:13 AM Mountain cpf:: Clearly I was wrong!
6/22/2007 8:50:42 AM Mountain cpf:: is not now a ppresetting 15/ 20 close tu tide turn?
6/22/2007 8:10:04 AM Mountain cgm:: chose 26.5for entry 360 degrees under 30
6/22/2007 7:02:22 AM Mountain Al:: GM MM et al; we certainly could use some more good moves
6/22/2007 4:30:31 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - hope you get good moves for your clinic, Al

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