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Here are Al's comments
4:11 "green +Tide and Xtide down at end of day"
3:31 I'm done for day -thanks for coming-see you next week -take a course
3:30 aborting -2.5
3:36 minor rally stopped by 110 EXMA-sitting tight-green +Tide and Xtide down at end of day
3:12 this is a "rolling right" pattern -imagine an arc along the highs
2:57 it did-sold at 96.75 stop 99.75
2:56 placing sell stop 96.75 - will re-enter if this support breaks-don't think it will
2:52 last timelines today are Moon T180 and Neptune -price is on Moon -T180 and Neptune
2:49 that low came on the vertical Mercury (magenta) timeline in the M,V,S cluster-no accident
2:40 this swing moves is move 6 of 7 in a down Chaos Clamshell-should see move 7 down in last hour
2:26 just got notice of another hex pattern-due to Saturn/Mercury/Venus/Chiron/2 moon cycles -stable hex 1200 corner
2:33 aborting -.25 -just don't like the pace
2:25 stop 1201.5 -moving is slowly today-because this is not yet a fast move
2:17 here I'm watching the 20 EXMA -this is right at the Tide turn, so I do not want to see it rising
2:03 looking good- but still not enough motion to lower my stop - maybe soon
1:50 notice how the tone of the market changed after passing solar noon at 1:00-was trying to hold dup, now not
1:46 sold 1199.25 stop 1202.25
1:44 I'm placing a sell stop at 1199.25 in case this thing breaks early - it did yesterday
1:38 now getting some volatility -may set up a sell -I want to see the reaction to this bear push
1:25 that trade was a pass - no motion - I've been programming a trading range trading system that uses
volatility - it has been making 6 to 10 trades a day for two weeks - none today - very dull-longer term bearish
1:09 yesterday's drop was brought about buy the Saturn/Venus/Mercry cluster-reach their timelines
later today
1:00 holding flat, but under 110 EXMA -yesteday was a thrust down-after this flat, expect another
12:46 the general pattern mostly fits the red -Tide; says hold up but no dramatic moves
12:38 still very lethargic-this trade may be a pass
12:23 at this tide turn have prices both sides of 110 EXMA-so no trade setup,at least not yet
12:16 getting a little lift passing the vertical white Pluto timeline
12:00 previous highs and lows are getting taken out by 1 or 2 ticks only -still a trading range market
11:41 testing the lows again-low in XTide says it will hold
11:17 not much to do except wait for the next trade time near 12:30 -waiting is the hardest part for me
every human needs a certain amount of activity-deny themthat, and you can brainwash them and/or break them
11:05 back to tjat 1204 hex price-when prices stick to a hex price, tend to get a 4 hour flat
4 hour is 1/6th of a day
11:00 covering on stall for -1
10:55 here I'm watching the 20 EXMA to see if it stays below the 110-if so, I'll hold
10:44 this looks like the 10:40 high I was looking for-sitting on my stop for now
10:28 from that 1204 hex point, we should move 6, 9, or 12 points; pit support 1 is 1198, down 6
10:19 sold 02 stop 05
10:16 cannot push above the 110 EXMA-looking weak-continuation sell setup so far-need juice
10:08 just a blip on the vertical Neptune timeline-55 minute range just 2.5 points -dull
10:02 rally attempt underway -I'm looking for it to top out near 10:40 as per XTide and red -Tide
9:58 support was on Uranus flux line-hanging around the Pluto/Moon flux line pair
9:53 looks like a morgue-3 minute bars are 3 ticks or less -not good trading volatility
9:39 very quiet so far-as if yesterday's drop has traders stunned-I'm looking for a rally attempt
9:32 opening with a hex pattern recognized at 1204 -Pluto/Neptune/Node
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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