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Here are Al's comments
2:55 Take advantage of today's specials-have a great weekend
2:55 I did my planned 3 trades, all worked, so I'm done. Screens will run to close-See you next week
2:53 note the high on the Mercury timeline, then decline until Mercury price line - no accident
2:51 data is restored-charts will be current shortly-now in modest rally
2:46 lost my Esignal datafeed-working on it
2:44 covering on stall rule at 1137, +3.25
2:39 stop 1138
2:36 stop 1138.25 -don't like the slowdown here
2:27 stop 1138.5 -range is now an exact 9 points
2:22 Sun/Moon price is near 1135-may 5 point cover is 1135.25 , so may make it
2:17 stop 1139 -again on fast move pressing stop 2 points behind price as it hits 3 point quantum
2:12 stop 1140-note the 20 EXMA is just below that now-
2:09 OK-got a break-stop 41 be patient
2:07 stop 42 - can press soon right here
2:05 sold 1140.25 stop 43.25
2:01 getting small drop-continuation sell if if starts pushing lower
1:54 Tide turns are sometimes broad, so a trade may come late-but after 60 minutes I quit looking
1:49 gone flat here-stay out of flat markets
1:44 looks like going up, but pretty low energy - no trade unless get good 20/110 EXAM action
1:34 rally right up the Mercury timeline- watching now for a 20/110 buy crossing
1:30 here we either get a continuation sell or a 20/110 buy crossing-wait and watch
1:18 going into Tide turn, still down but 110 EXMA is slowing
1:06 Moon/Sun made it a bit hotter-note the vertical jerks
12:50 coming into the Sun/Moon timelines -Sun squaring Moon today-watch for rally after we pass it
12:38 covering on stall for +1 -slow day
12:29 stop 1141.75 -tested low and it held-be carefull
12:23 time to press-stop 1142
12:16 stop 1143
12:11 stop 1143.25 - so far so good
11:58 stop 1144
11:52 OK, good 20/110 sell-sold 1142 stop 1145
11:46 looking weak going into Trade time-may just be going flat
11:24 now congesting going int next Tide turn
11:06 I was not looking for much on that trade because the MoonTide moves were small-next may be better
10:56 on a normal volatility day, that move would have been 9 points-today about 6, so lower than
normal volatility-that means gains may be lower than normal
10:53 +.75 - now expect a pullback
10:49 stop 44.5; stopped at yellow down grid line-needs to get above it soon
10:44 testing yesterday's high-stop 44.25
10:46 stop 44 - on a fast move, when price hits a 3 point quantum, can press stop to 2 points away
10:34 now I'm watching to see if we get to the upper band edge-that will indicate resistance
10:30 stop 1143 -moving pretty well - a stop half way between the 20 and 110 EXMA works pretty well
10:23 I always start with a 3 point initial stop-no thinking-just put it in-then adjust it
here I can move it to 1141.75
10:21 taking as continuation buy 1143.75 stop 1140.75
10:16 the green +Tide and red -Tide lines are arbitrarily positioned vertically -but here they show
a "chaotic bifurcation" -fancy words meaning "can go either way"
10:12 now I focus on the 20 and 110 EXMA's -110 is up,so trend is up-20 pulling back toward it
possible continuation buy setup unless 20 recrosses the 110
10:07 here the grid crossing at 1143 is attracting prices-after passing the crossing, may be a trade setup
10:01 the yellow diagonal grid is the MoonTide Harmonic Grid-crossings on it act as chaos
strange attractors/repellors (SA/SR)
9:53 so far the light blue 110 EXMA is tracking the green +Tide
9:48 passing Neptune timeline (the vertical lines) popped price up to 1143 Neptune flux line(horizontal line)
9:43 little rally-MoonTides say not much action until after 10:00-chart times are Eastern
9:36 volatility has been low lately, so it may be a quiet day
9:30 quiet opening on Mars electric field flux line
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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