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Here are Al's comments
3:18 stopped for +.5 ; now I'm done for the day. See you in 2 weeks. Thanks for coming. Take a course
3:13 the Dow and S&P are down just a bit- the big boys would like to paint an up close
3:11 919 is a Sun flux - often drawn to Sun flux lines near the close
3:09 stop to 914-just watching my eSignal SPKISS chart
3:05 stop to 913.5 - break even
3:00 stop to 912
2:58 I have a Fractal of Pi up to 919
2:55 bought 13.5 stop 10.5
2:46 in the chat Room TG is making the good point that the price/time relationship suggests a change soon
2:44 normally, I'd quit now, but I'll hang around to see if the last Tide turn at 15:25 does anything
my trade selection software did not pick it because it is so late.
2:35 covering for -.5
2:32 coming up on the vertical white Node (O) timeline -maybe it can add some juice
2:25 there are a lot of computers trading for a tick, and specialists taking a tick on overy side
these can combine for long flats, expecially on a Moon flux line
2:22 my trade is stuck in the mud-my choices are to abort, or wait. My stop is close, so I'll wait for now
2:17 the Moon T+90 electric field flux has been a price magnet today
2:13 this was clearly a good day to go camping. No Clinic next week on the 3rd of July. Going camping
2:02 looks like we'll get some profit taking into the close; this is the 3rd part of the Hold up, Try to Rally, Falter scenario
1:58 Jude 4 just covered -it is getting whip sawed a bit
1:50 Fridays have been dull, but this one is very dull. Remember, Chaos Follows Dullness.
1:42 on the MTRainbow chart I see a move up, followed by about 10 hours of distibution
1:39 sold 911.5 stop 915
1:37 Jude4 just sold-looking to see if I should
1:33 this bar is breaking the 110- needs to recover soon for any chance of a good rally
now any buy would need a stop at 911
1:30 if entered long, my stop will go in at 911.5, under the 110 EXMA
1:19 watching an eSignal CTME style chart- putting a buy stop at 913.5 , above last 3 minute candle wick
1:13 from the low near 11:45, there are 4 moves. One can sketch a 7 move up Choas clamshel over them.
Move 5 should start in about 15 minutes if my sketch is good
1:07 need to get above 915 to get a good rally going
1:02 in the trade window, 20 EXMA crossed 110, so looking for a buy entry, one with some juice
12:52 while I was gone my Jude4 autotrader bought at 911.5 - showing in on the Aux page - this is a work in progress
12:43 I'm back - still dull-looks like on green +Tide
11:56 pretty dull- now coming to the lunch hour, so it will stay dull-taking a break for about 45 minutes
11:53 aborted -2; don't like it; got more energy after the M/S timeline
11:50 last rally high was stopped by the Jupiter(J)/Chiron(C)/Neptune(N) flux. My stop is just above them
11:44 now getting a bit more selling; stop still OK
11:39 coming to the Mercury/Saturn timelines-they may add some juice
11:34 stuck in the mud
11:24 slowly rolling over
11:17 on the MTRainbow chart, the 440 has turned down, and trading just below it; bearish
11:12 right now I'm watching the SPKISS chart; it shows a modest downtrend in a lethargic market
11:04 still weak-resold 909 stop 912
10:59 at exact Tide time - looks like it is going to hold up
10:52 found support on the Mars (R) flux line on the Chaos Clinic chart; could be on green +Tide
10:49 out flat-not moving
10:46 stop to 913.5; got some down juice from the Moon T90 timeline
10:42 taking as a continuation sell at 910.5 stop 915
10:40 no rally, fading, may get a sell setup
10:36 not much juice, so just watching
10:24 coming into the trade time, looking a bit bullish-can put a protective sell stop at 909 if I buy
10:13 I have put a Fractal of Pi chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's room, open to those who have taken my 4 main courses
9:58 Most moves end with a climax, so I would expect some sort of rally attempt up into the first trade time
9:48 on the MTRAinbow chart, support came on the white 440 minute EXMA, which is slightly up.
Also, on that chart you can see that 915 was reached mid day yesterd, then trading went flat
9:45 normal behavior on a day fallowing a big rally is to try to continue it, meet resistance, then falter
9:33 trade times today are 10:59 and 13:30, so right now just watching
9:29 opening down just a bit after a big rally yesterday
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

6/26/2009 1:54:58 PM MT TG****:: managed to get +4 out of what looked like 4 hr FOP from 11:48. Problem was, it wasn't unreasonable to start a 4 hr FOP from the 11:06 low making 3:06 look like the potential top.
6/26/2009 1:36:18 PM MT Al****:: rnt: checkin my email I do not see any from you
checking further
6/26/2009 1:26:34 PM MT kwc:: Could be a good long trade if it has switched to the red
6/26/2009 12:54:53 PM MT kwc:: I am positioned long. Hoping that the blue is being followed and a move into 15:25 might be significant.
6/26/2009 12:43:31 PM MT TG****:: Yesterday's first top @ 1:20 est was about a 27 pt. up move. Divide by 3 gives nine hours of consolidation which we've now seen so something is about ready to give.
6/26/2009 10:54:44 AM MT Al****:: I'll look into after the close
6/26/2009 10:11:07 AM MT rnt****:: not today
6/26/2009 10:09:54 AM MT rnt****:: I emailed you a few weeks ago and yesterday
6/26/2009 9:27:28 AM MT Al****:: my emial is on a different machine in another room. I can't do this clinic and do email too
6/26/2009 9:21:07 AM MT rnt****:: Al - I have been emailing you but no response.
6/26/2009 9:09:09 AM MT mm****:: The pit turned it on their pivot 908.50
6/26/2009 7:28:25 AM MT UNI:: GM All
6/26/2009 6:14:15 AM MT mm****:: gm all - have a great day

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