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Here are Al's comments
2:03 I'm done -just chopped liver today-thanks for coming-see you next week-take advantage of special
2:00 aborting -1.5
1:50 I think we'll see a short covering rally into the close-those who caught yesterday's drop
wiil be taking profits going into the long weekend
1:43 stop 1124.5 -1125 was support
1:37 this is an early entry-reading this as red -Tide shifted left 30 minutes or so
1:32 bought 1126.5 stop 1123.5
1:26 passing Moon/Saturn timelines changed the market behavior
1:22 may get 20/110 buy on last trade
1:15 some lift coming into Moon-other markets closed now -volume here may dry up
1:04 coming to the Moon timeline-should add some energy
1:00 that looks like the broad low in the green +Tide
12:49 covering on stall +.5
12:42 broke that but stopped at 110-watching 20 to see if it goes flat or curls down
12:33 Neptune 1125 was support-now resistance
12:26 stop 1126.5
12:22 stop 1128
12:13 little "hook and go" sell-sold 26 stop 29
12:10 looking weak-spike high going into trade time
11:55 guess I jinxed that
11:52 pretty dull-chaos follows dullness, so watch carefully-note staying under 110 EXMA
11:35 back down to 1125 Neptune flux-has been major support
11:22 good abort-Now looks like going flat
11:13 aborting on stall for 0-just do not like action here
11:11 support came off 110 EXMA and the yellow diagonal MoonTide Harmonic grdid line-positive
11:08 still holding above 110 EXMA with 20 pinched to it-continuation buy setup, so hold
11:00 needs to move up soon
10:43 stop 26.5 -note support was on Mars and Node price flux lines, and early low on their timelines
10:31 stop 25
10:28 now getting a 20/110 buy coming out of Tide turn -bought 27 stop 24
10:20 very choppy, but basically flat
10:10 out -2 -retest of low held-
9:50 stop 1126
9:47 bit early but taking as sell at 1124 stop 1127
9:37 very weak rally-may just stay flat or turn down
9:31 so far, looks like on green +Tide
9:10 tested yesterday's low on less than expected jobs report-rather subdued reaction
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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