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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
12:43 I'm goin to have to leave to take my camper in to the dealer - sorry about that - screens will run
12:38 up to Mercury/Venus/Moon flux-may be the top-
12:33 my mind is elsewhere today-going camping and having a problem with the camper refrigerator
12:29 covering on stall for +2.25-just not comfortable
12:22 stop 1211.5-I don't like the stall
12:15 stop 1211- want to be sure to break even on this one-I press stops harder if I reverse
12:08 stop 1209.5 - if you are wrong, you have to admit it quick and if appropriate, reverse
12:02 during that Tide flat we inverted to the red -Tide
12:00 out -2 ; bought 11 stop 08
11:56 note also that the range is 9 points - a 45 degree move
11:53 this looks like the end of the up Chaos Clamshell on the 2 day chart
11:47 sold 1209 stop 1211
11:43 I'm going to treat this as an out of band sell setup even though we fell short of the upper band
just a judgement call
11:38 made it to Mars/Node/Sun price -"War on Soul of Native"
11:35 too close to upper band to buy-may get a out of band sell setup
11:25 stalled on the Jupiter flux line -no trade clear yet
11:20 going into the Tide turn here prices flattening as per the Tide line-want to see how it comes out of the turn
11:06 marginal new high-not quite to the upper band, but close-my new toy covered for +5
-goal is to make it an autotrader-some days is looks good, others not so good
10:55 on the 2 day chart, this looks to be move 7 in an up Chaos Clamshell - if so should get a reasonable pullback
10:49 pressing higher - I have a trading system under development that bought the first dip at 1203 -work in progress
10:36 rally as per green +Tide - resistance at 1206 - will it lead to enough selling to change the trend?
10:14 so far the shape of the 110 EXMA agrees with the green +Tide
10:01 an interesting thing to watch is the real time solar wind -available in a separate window from List of Charts page
Some people claim you can see coorelations - I have not made a statistical study of it, but often I see fast win, rally, slow wind decline
9:57 trading both sides of the 110 EXMA-that says this is a congestion, and stay out
9:48 stalling on white Pluto and yellow Moon T+135 electric filed flux lines-pass their vertical timelines after 11:00 Eastern
9:43 first rally attempt -resistance at 1206 level- I expect it to stall there
9:35 looks like flat to down today -news not as dramatic as yesterday-tepid jobs report-plus summer Friday may make it dull
9:33 opening with a decline that started on the T90 Timeline pre-open-that's where Exchange squared Moon
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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