Fireball Top In Gold
     Chaos Clinic for 7/8/2022

This is a chart showing the past four years in the GLD gold exchange traded fund.
I last reported on GLD in my 3/11/2022 Chaos Clinic, GOLD SOARS.

That report showed the buy opportunity at 165 as GLD based on the 720 day EXMA,
and soared above 190. This rally turned all the EXMAs up. But two months later
the EXMAs started turning down. I exited my long when the 100 days was broken.
In chaotic markets, one always has to be flexible and careful. This was a
profitable trade, which was good.

There are always things going on that you do not see. Now, looking at GLD,
it is clear that GLD formed a Fireball top as shown, I was able to track this
down to the Mars-Neptune cycle. It is strong in gold because they are conjunct
in gold's natal chart. Aspects of this cycle are shown at the top the chart.

This cycle has 3 runs, one of 360 degrees, the one of 180 degrees (frequency doubling),
then one of 90 degrees (another frequency doubling). Frequency doubling is a
precursor to chaos.

Another 90 degree move would carry gold lower into the end of the year. December
31st will be gold's 48th birthday.

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Below is one of the SPKISS charts from
and the chat room comments from this Chaos Clinic. Most recent comment is on top.

7/8/2022 12:04:00 PM MT pab:: Have a great week camping Al---OPEX week a good choice.
7/8/2022 11:14:51 AM MT Al****:: got a bit of buying at the pivot - so now has gone flat
going to call it a day-thanks for coming-see you in 2 weeks-going camping next week
7/8/2022 10:55:15 AM MT Al****:: from Tuesday's low to today's high looks like a 7 move CC, which was choppy all week with only yesterday having good flow
7/8/2022 10:34:40 AM MT Al****:: note when prices pushed above yesterday's high they made a small 3 drives to a top pattern on the 3 minute bars
7/8/2022 10:30:23 AM MT Al****:: rolled over
7/8/2022 10:18:25 AM MT Al****:: from today's 24 hr low I see a 1-2-3 now in 4 moves of 7 in a Chaos Clamshell
7/8/2022 9:46:21 AM MT Al****:: on the Secret->esnat72 chart the rally went up one yellow level so far
7/8/2022 9:44:32 AM MT Al****:: the MTRainbow chart shows a good picture ow this morning, with support on the 880 minute EXMA, which was up
7/8/2022 9:29:31 AM MT Al****:: I have placed a Face Of God chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room. That room is open
to graduates of my 4 main courses. See -> Courses for details.

7/8/2022 8:27:42 AM MT Al****:: and chart 3 shows first MoonTide trade a buy
7/8/2022 8:15:32 AM MT Al****:: charts 5 and 7 on SPKISS support holding up
7/8/2022 7:25:58 AM MT Al****:: note on secret->esnat72 employment report low on yellow vibe, then got above pivot - suggest market flat to up today
7/8/2022 6:15:16 AM MT Al****:: Good Morning visitors. Welcome to the Chaos Clinic. The written Chaos Clinic is on the AUX page.

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