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Here are Al's comments
2:13 I am done for the day-sorry about the dullness-it happens-thanks for coming
See you next week - check out today's specials
2:06 just more chop -time to pass on this trade and go load up the camper
1:55 this may give another 20/110 buy -watching for break above 1113.5
1:53 looking bullish to me, but no good 20/110 action right now
1:44 any break of the downtrend line along the highs will start some buying
1:38 the Moon -T180 flux and Uranus flux are the attractor-they cross near 2:00
1:36 no buy there - still congesting
1:30 5.5 point range so far-very narrow -looks like everyone went camping, fishing, or golfing
1:24 20/110 EXMA buy with 110 curling up at the Tide turn-will buy if get follow through
1:15 some lift passing Moon and Chiron-watching to see if it breaks the doldrums
1:08 I just sent hotline subscribers an email flash to cash in a position trade short
1:03 going into this Tide turn have a continuation sell setup
12:50 Crazy Harry is the conductor of the S&P train-he loves to pull out, then back up into the station
that way he can get the hobo's to jump on, then find them and punch their tickets
12:49 covered on stall rule -.75
12:46 don't like this but will sit still
12:37 there is the follow through - stop 1112.50
12:28 so far so good-prices staying under the 20 EXMA
12:23 stop 1113 - critical point here-needs to sell off soon
12:18 stop 1113.5
12:07 trying to break out again - continuation sell 1111 stop 1114
12:06 so far MoonTide forecast of a rubbish morning has been right
12:02 I am not real anxious to make a trade here-already made two tries-so just back off and wait
11:59 Uranus/Moon sent it back up-just grease popping
11:51 now getting some energy-looking bearish -looking for 20/110 sell
11:50 the Pluto flux is stopping the rallies for now
11:37 looking like another head fake - need to be patient during congestions-they DO end
11:33 that gave a 20/110 EXMA buy crossing-watching for follow through -
11:31 Exchange passsing Pluto timeline turned things up
11:19 next trade time is 11:57 -may get more volatility after that
11:11 support came off the Uranus and Moon -T180 electric field flux
11:06 covering -.75 on stall rule - get out of ones that don't move
10:57 110 EXMA was resistance -so be patient and sit on it
10:47 stop 1114
10:44 continuation sell 1112 stop 1115
10:41 -staying flat at 1113 - 110 has turned down -prices staying under it right now
10:30 still buzzing in a congestion -multiple 20/110 crossings -sitting on my hands
10:20 this tastes like a hairball
10:13 choppy - prices both sides of 110 EXMA as get 20/110 buy crossing-stay out for now
10:07 looks like on green +Tide, coming into 10:20 low -near Uranus timeline-Uranus support at 111.25
10:02 now looks like going flat -MoonTides forecast a dull morning
9:58 aborting-1 -broke 110
9:47 110 EXMA was support, stop is in a good place-be patient
9:45 I entered early because of the speed of the move-looks like I didn't need to
9:37 stop 1112.75
9:35 continuation buy -bought 1114.25 stop 1111.25
9:32 opening up a bit, but right on 110 EXMA and Pluto electric field flux line
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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