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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
1:24 out -2; so -1.5 net for day ; I'm done for the day ; my layoff made me a bit rusty-see you next week unless I go camping early
1:21 resold 30 stop 32 on Good Bye Kiss to T+180 Moon flux line
1:18 aborted +.5
1:11 stop to 30 - the cycle that runs my Franklin Trading System just turned down
1:06 resold 29.5 stop 31.5
1:04 out -3 -paid for my tardiness
12:56 OK- I finally sold 25.6 stop 29.5 -late entry -waited for too much evidence
12:50 the volume declined on the last price decline suggesting selling is waning
12:44 each down thrust is weaker
12:40 there was a contination sell there-but I missed a good entry so waiting
12:29 the spike low tells me there is not much potentialo to the downside - so watching - tide turn is broad
12:24 between the Moon T+180 and T-90 Moon flux is a congeswtion zone- currently trapped inside it
12:21 sitting on the T+180 Moon flux - I'm still watching
12:10 rally stopped at 110 EXMA - watching for a buy setup becasue I think the downside is done
11:50 low squared Sun and Jupiter; they also set the high for an 18 point 90 degree move
11:48 got the volatility from the Mercury/Pluto timelines -watching to see it the bounce is enough to turn prices up
11:37 that was quick-out +1 - time to watch again; got a hex pattern - see hex wheels today
11:33 stop 32
11:32 stop 33
11:30 -early but sold 33 stop 36
11:24 new lows -bears ahead
11:14 drop in volatility - may pick up after the vertical Mercury(M) Pluto(P) timelines
11:01 climbed back above yesterdays lows again - no rout by the bears
10:52 support came in right at the Natural Time point at 10:46
10:48 Settled around the Node/Chiron et al flux
10:34 marginal new low - not chasing these wild swings - that gets one into a reaction mode and you get behind the market
10:30 The elephants are dancing-us mice need to be very careful not to get stepped on
10:24 It looks like that may have been a red -Tide top-is we hold up 2.5 to 3 hours, we should see a second
wave of buying - near the second trade time - so I'll wait until then for another trade
10:18 out +2 - I may reenter, but for now just watch
10:14 We have had a long slide, and many are looking for a bottom-with yesterday, we have a triple low
so that may encourage buying
10:11 stop 43-lock 2 and try for 9
10:06 stop to 42-looks like SOUR turned to SOAR
10:04 stop to 41
10:00 stop to 39.5
9:55 bought 41 stop 37 -not waiting for exact time; looks like a 10:00 streak-harmonic to the Sun at 1:00
9:48 prices to the 110 EXMA
9:46 climbed back above yesterday's lows -looks like we go flat or up
9:41 broke yesterday's lows-if the break cannot gain a following, watch for a rally
9:36 today I feel cautious, so I'll wait until at or after the Tide turn at 10:10 to do anything
9:30 prices sqauring Uranus(U) Trining Node(O) sqauring Mars/Saturn(R,S)-rearrange to spell SOUR :)
9:15 overnight decline has prices approaching Mars(R)/Saturn(S) horizontal price flux as approach
the Mars/Saturn vertical timelines at 10:06 - a chaotic Strang Attractor/Repellor
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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7/11/2008 11:42:15 AM Mountain TG:: Have a good weekend Al.
7/11/2008 11:10:08 AM Mountain Ben:: Al, didn't we just have time & price square on the last low with Jupiter & the Sun?
7/11/2008 7:12:35 AM Mountain Al:: GM all -good luck today

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