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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:15 I'm done -time to load the camper-thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
3:15 Swing up from 1521 on afternoon of the 11th was 1 tick short of a harmonic 45 points - 1/8 of 360
3:12 out +2.5
3:09 we had a resonant move on the 10:00 timeline -watch for one on the 4:00 timeline
3:07 stop OK-got bounce off the -T000 Moon flux
2:52 stop 63
2:47 stop 61.5 -will let run past 5 points; there is no one left who is going to do any serious selling
2:44 stop to 61 -
2:38 now the MoonTide accelerates
2:33 now the cup and handle buffs are yelling "Buy the handle."
2:23 at about 2:30 the shorts will start covering
2:11 here we go -stop to 60; just under the 110 -note the "curl"
2:04 have to be patient here -flat on the MoonTides -tracking green +Tide -need to break above Node flux
1:50 stop 59
1:46 a 50% range expansion is about 67
1:35 stop to 58 - since Moon/Pluto was hot yesterday, should make it to Pluto flux near 66 -see Wheel of Fortune
1:24 now getting so buying-pretty hard to see when the bars are 1 to 3 ticks :)
1:16 still stuck on the Moon flux
1:01 if that fractal grid streak is really there, should see more buying this hour
12:56 bought 60.5 ; stop 57.5
12:50 past the second trade time - holding up through lunch hour is bullish - watching to see if we get some juice
12:38 on the Chaos Clinic chart, the red and green MoonTides are twisted together in a MoonTide Fractal Set
It is centered on the Venus flux, and has crossing (bifurcation points) on the Chiron/Mars, Mercury, and Sun timelines
12:30 passed the Moon timeline; it is mid way between Sun and Mercury, creating a dull time area
12:08 that 3 day fractal grid suggests another rally attempt - if we stay at this price it would start about 1:20
12:04 back inside the original Moon Trap
11:46 Jupiter/Node turned it back down; attracted back to Moon +T135; now on green +Tide
11:36 Crazy Harry got me :)
11:33 out -2
11:25 rebought 61.5 stop 59.5 -pushed my stop too hard
11:15 out -1
10:58 on my 3 day chart I have a good fit with the Fractal Grid tool from Chaos Trading Made Easy
10:55 stop 60.5 -pressing because hit upper band
10:48 stop 60 - my Franklin autotrader just banked a Franklin $100 bill
10:43 bought 61.5 stop 58.5
10:42 trying to rally
10:38 still dull-if prices cannot move higher by about 11:20 , I expect selling to come in
10:25 this is where the big guys turn on their breakout trading systems and go for coffee
10:17 coming to first trade time - I want to see a breakout from the congestion
10:06 Crazy Harry is the conductor of the S&P train, know amongst hobos as The Stop and Pee.
He likes to fake pulling out of a station to get the hobos to jump on, then back up so he can go catch them.
He is also know th have a girl in every station, where he will stop for extended periods of time
These often end suddenly when her husband comes back unexpectedly :)
10:03 got out of top briefly on a 10:00 resonance, but fell back into the Moon Trap
10:00 down to bottom and up to the top of the zone ; needs to break out to create a trend
9:53 can't go higher, confirming top of the Moon flux congestion trap
9:48 now up to the top Moon flux
9:43 bounced off the lower Moon flux , confirming support at bottom of zone
9:33 opening trapped in the dead zone between the -T045 and +T135 Moon electric field flux lines in yellow
This forms a congestion region
9:16 Hex pattern formed as price opposes Mars, trines Moon and Node -see Hex Wheels today
On sides of hex at mid points are Jupiter and Chiron
9:00 Good Morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

7/13/2007 12:48:24 PM Mountain Al:: yes
7/13/2007 12:45:49 PM Mountain TG:: Al, nice call re: 2:30 short covering. A nice little hanging man candlestick right at 2:30. I guess that was the shorts getting hung.
7/13/2007 12:15:41 PM Mountain TG:: Yup. I like to wait for a definitive move 4 to be made and then some juice before I get involved. Then I have probably too much patience but I built that into my system on purpose (you have to let a 2 year old act like a 2 year old). Anyway, let's just say that today, the very minimum for a move 3 up, move 4 down and juice were met. But here we go, that's looking good now.
7/13/2007 12:11:25 PM Mountain Al:: TG: it's like reading the 6 point footnotes in a legal contract :)
7/13/2007 11:38:42 AM Mountain TG:: Also long from 60.5. I think we just started move 5 of daily fractal, maybe move 7 of 3 day fractal. Tough one to read though.
7/13/2007 9:33:53 AM Mountain Ben:: So much for that analysis :( Heading south instead.
7/13/2007 9:07:35 AM Mountain Ben:: We should get another lift when we hit the Pluto time line around 11:30
7/13/2007 8:16:50 AM Mountain jrg:: The Stop and Pee....funny...
7/13/2007 8:15:31 AM Mountain jrg:: Glad you are going camping! I have relatives that live of S. Sheridan > near you I guess. HK = maddening crowd! Missed you last week > feel like I need to join you daily...
7/13/2007 7:47:28 AM Mountain Al:: GM jrg - doing fine - going camping today - 10800 feet in the Indian Peaks Wilderness in the Rockies - far from the maddening crowd
7/13/2007 6:52:15 AM Mountain jrg:: Greetings Al from HK, China. Hope you are doing well!

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