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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
3:58 covered +2.5 -now I am really done-have a good weekend
3:53 stop 1102-I will cover at 4:00 no matter what
3:51 stop 1102.5
3:46 stop 1104
3:44 if break the Moon/Saturn flux, could tank
3:32 resold 1103 -just cant' give it up-stop 1105
3:30 aborted -.5 -time to quit-thanks for coming see you next week-take advantage of the specials
3:19 notice the nice channels formed by the diagonal white and yellow grid lines
3:11 resold 1103 stop 1105
3:06 now, I can watch for a possible continution sell to re-enter if I like
3:05 out +2
3:01 I entered going into the Tide turn time-it may have come early or invert
so I have pressed my stop fast-now I can wait and see
2:58 hit moon flux-stop 1104
2:54 stop 1005.5 -note 110 EXMA has crossed this Node flux line
2:48 I suspect we may be getting an inversion to the red -Tide
-but I just trade the 20/110 EXMA's near the forecast turns
2:44 Moon conjoins Saturn near the close-price near 1101.75
2:42 stop 1106
2:39 I have posted that FOG chart in the Fogger's Room-get access when you take the course
2:31 I have a great Face of God pattern on my 15 minute 24 hour chart saying this is a down move into next week
2:23 stop 1107-that Mars/Neptune time/price intersection is another Strange Attractor/Repellor
2:17 I think this trade came very early -stop 1108
2:14 sold 1106 stop 1109
2:11 coming to the Neptune/Mars timeline-may end congestion
2:02 the last trade time is at 3:00 -so even though it is dull, I'm watching and waiting
1:50 Chaos is a study of balance and the breaking of balance-the S&P spends 51% of its time in narrow ranges
12:34 when you get a very narrow range like this, you can park entry stops above and below it and
trade the breakout, or you can use an "efficiency" indicator like my Poloarized Fractal Efficiency
to tell you when the market IS moving
12:29 this still looks like a weak market to me-remember-chaos follows balance;thust-congest -thrust
12:20 aborted again -.25 -this is VERY dull-hourly chart shows highs 6 hours apart
12:10 still looking like on green +Tide
12:03 the yellow diagonal MoonTide Harmonic Grid lines form a converging triangle ending at 3:00
12:52 stop 1108.5 -time to be patient
12:47 during this whole congestion the 20 EXMA has not gotten above the 110 EXMA-bearish
12:45 another continuation sell still in the trade window -sold 1006.5 stop 1009.5 - is 3rd time a charm? 12:41 Node at 1105.5 is a hot price today-is low end of the trading range
12:36 aborted -.75 -I don't like to sit in a stalled market-better trades will come
12:32 when you get stuck in the mud, you either have to abort or wait with a stop outside the congestion
12:24 coming to Moon and Saturn timelines
12:22 resold 1106.5 stop 1009.5
12:18 stuck on the 1107 Neptune/Mars flux, which acts as a magnetic attractor
12:14 aborted -.5
12:05 stop 1008.75 -one tick above last high
12:04 gone flat-trade stuck in mud-holding for now-may abort
11:56 1107 is key price-if it becomes resistance, can drop 36 points lower by next week
11:42 continuation sell 1106.5 stop 1109.5
11:20 out for 0 -OK, took a calculated risk on a bigger play and it failed-OK, just go on to next trade
11:18 this is critical place- rally was stopped by 110 EXMA -stop survived-so far OK
10:58 low right on the Pluto timeline-now watching the nature of the correction
10:50 stop 1008.25 , break even-now can sit on all day with no risk
10:42 I also like the "sell the open" position trade - it just might work-
10:39 stop 1109-so far I like this for an all day hold
10:33 stop 1110.25 -so far, so good
10:23 today's tactics are different on the first trade-trying to hold most of day
10:15 1107 Mars/Neptune has been support all week-broke late yesterday,but again support
10:10 sold 1108.25 stop 1111.25 10:09 turning down-looking for signal-110 has curled down
10:04 looks like the Uranus price line is also hot-Uranus price/time Strange Attractor/Repellor
9:56 going flat or down
9:52 down streak right on Uranus vertical timeline-may get a 20/110 sell
9:47 the -T090 Moon electric field flux at 1113 should restrain any rally
9:35 early high right on green +Tide -no clear 20/110 signal yet
9:02 up some on Consumer Price Index report - lower, but core inflation up a bit more than expected-no big deal
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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