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Here are Al's comments
3:12 net +1. Done for the day. Thanks for coming. See you next week. Take a course.
3:10 covered at 935.75-no go
3:07 stops to 934.25
2:58 My Fractal Grid says hang tough. My stop is close. Be patient.
2:53 coming to the Moon T270 et al timelines
2:35 my one day fractal is still holding-nothing to do but wait
2:26 near 15:00 have the Moon T270, Chiron, Neptune, Jupiter timelines-should add juice.
2:23 holding at the 936 zero degree Chaos Balance point. Time for the fractal grid to kick in.
2:05 my one day fractal peaks near 15:36; stops to 934
1:56 Price made it up to the T+315 Moon electric field flux line. Look for price to stick to it briefly before continuing.
1:44 my second entry was aided by a Face of God pattern, now posted in the CCT room
1:38 no moving up better raising both stops to 933; long 2 average entry 935.25
1:23 streak up Mercury/Node timelines at key point in Fractal Grid
1:20 buying 935 stop 931.5 1:10 coming to the Mercury and Node timelines. Watching for some juice.
1:00 Coming into the second trade window. Watching for some juice signaling the end of the congestion.
I will let trade 1 ride and do trade 2 independently.
12:53 my automatic hex recognizer is way too chatty. Sounds like a sick duck :)
12:49 coming to the Sun/Moon T300 timeines - watch for change in volatility
12:38 So far have congested as expected, just like yesterday morning. Short sellers will feel squeezed pretty soon.
12:28 Regular CCT TG noted a fractal up from the outcry low in the chat room.
I posted my version of that fractal as the third chart in the CCT room
12:09 posted that chart in the CCT Room
12:04 trade looking better. I put a Fractal Grid on the Chaos Clinic 1 day chart, and it says to hold.
The Fractal Grid pattern is from the Chaos Trading Made Easy course
12:00 that early hex pattern stabilized prices; at 1300 hit the Sun 0 and Moon 300 time corner of the hex.
watch for it to end the congestion
11:50 last dip missed my stop by one tick. Support came on diagonal yellow MoonTide Harmonic Grid line on the Chaos Clinic chart
11:41 my trade selection software did not pick the 11:20 TideTime as a trade; I added it manually.
looks like my software was correct in it's judgement :)
11:38 support at 932 is coming from Sun+225 flux. My stop is in a good place.
11:28 update my chart in the CCT Room
11:21 looking OK, stop not hit, support on 440 minute EXMA
11:14 still in-clearly could have waited until exact Tide time
11:08 still holding up with minor move higher high and higher low after 90 minutes of outcry session; bullish
11:02 stuck in the mud; 440 still up, stop in proper place, so waiting. Trade works or it doesn't.
10:57 from today's early low this is a move 4 of 7 in an up Chaos Clamshell
10:54 getting a dip on the Moon T+330 timeline on the MoonGrid chart- stop is where it should be, so wait
10:47 the early pre outcry low was on the Moon T+270 flux near 929. Rally of 9 points=45 degrees is 938.
10:38 moving my stop to 931.5, .5 under the 440 minute EXMA on the MTRainbow chart
10:33 getting into my first trade window, have a 20/110 buy setup, so buying 935.5 stop 930
10:26 getting near the point in my Fractal of Pi where we could get a rally, so watching closely
10:19 pretty quite- got a phone call from the Red Dragon just now - interesting chap
don't normally take calls during the clinic, but his I take. He uses only astro cycles to trade
British stocks a few times a year.
9:41 I have placed a Fractal of Pi chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room. This room is
open to those who have taken my 4 main courses.
9:34 Trade times today are 11:20 and 13:44, so for now just watching
9:30 after an overnight drop prices are rallying in an attempt to make nesw highs. On the MTRainbow chart
prices have traded both sides of the white 440 EXMA. This suggests a congestion day after a big rally
9:24 starting today with a hex pattern -see Hex Patterns Today on ListOFCharts page
Players are Sun, Mercury, Node, Moon, Saturn, Uranus
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

7/17/2009 12:46:35 PM MT Al****:: Thanks for the head pats, guys. It will probably inflate my ego
Don't give me all that much credit for MM's knowledge. He's taught me a few things along the way. And he clearly does his homework, keeping a notebook of every trade, why, etc. Great work ethic!
7/17/2009 12:36:39 PM MT UNI:: hi mm..u r the lucky one who has the opportunity to learn from Al for such a long time. I wish I knew him 6yrs ago when I started trading. Al is a great man !!! Not only his discoveries, inventions and teachings are amazing, his kind and generous personality are also a "rare" one in this universe. He has helped me alot! Thx Al!!! (just can't say enough)
7/17/2009 12:16:54 PM MT mm****:: was this 13:44 MoonTide high a beauty or what ? That's why I have been a fan of Al's work for approx. 20 years ! (sitting "on the beach" in ME, working with a laptop and mooching off some neighbor's wi-fi - LOL)
7/17/2009 12:13:15 PM MT mm****:: gmc - please post the "lost of evidence" web sites - thanks
7/17/2009 12:06:14 PM MT TG****:: Nostradamus' interpretation of the Anti-Christ concept is completely different from that of bible scholars. He said there would be 3 of them over time and most who have studied his work believe Napoleon and Hitler were the first two.
7/17/2009 11:41:23 AM MT Al****:: As I recall from the words of Nostradamus, the Anti-Christ comes out of the East. Best fit to any current person is probably Osama Bin Laden.
7/17/2009 11:33:29 AM MT gcm:: no quack, listed lots of evidence
7/17/2009 11:23:23 AM MT Al****:: gcm: was it written by Nostradamus? or is it some quack interpretation?
7/17/2009 11:15:43 AM MT Al****:: Thanks, TG
7/17/2009 11:15:03 AM MT gcm:: Interesting, I just read an article identifing Prince Charles as the Anti-christ
7/17/2009 11:11:52 AM MT TG****:: Meant to say fractal grid starting from preoutcry session so would have started mine at same point you did Al.
7/17/2009 11:06:42 AM MT Al****:: gcm: I think it could stall this S&P rally. Red Dragon has it as a high in British Petroleum.
7/17/2009 10:59:21 AM MT gcm:: any expections for Tues black moon& eclipse?
7/17/2009 10:32:23 AM MT Al****:: TG: I posted my version of that fractal-if yours is better, feel free to post it
7/17/2009 10:06:25 AM MT TG****:: a little bit of strength at key point in up fractal grid from outcry low
7/17/2009 7:25:19 AM MT UNI:: GM All
7/17/2009 7:21:51 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today

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