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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:57 I'm done for the day - not my best day of manual trading - my autotrader took +8.5 - thanks for coming - see you next week
2:47 out flat
2:37 sold 47 stop 52
2:31 aborted -2
2:18 rebought 49 stop 46
2:10 5 minutes more patience for a +9 - that's the nature of trading - nothing personal :)
2:07 a CTME tool told me that high at 48 had attracted selling
2:02 taking +4.75
1:55 by rule my 9 point cover is 1550 - and I will take it today and be thankful
1:52 looking OK so far - this is an extreme day - had to hang tough
1:41 stop 43 -locking 2 and going for more than +5
1:39 breakout trading systems that went short this morning will cover at about 1546
1:25 stop 40
1:24 red -Tide says this is a 2 hour rally
1:15 bought 41 stop 37 - that last move had the curved shape of a move 7 in a Chaos Clamshell
1:14 turned up at noon
1:11 stopped -2
12:58 sold 39 stop 41
12:56 looks like move 7 down
12:52 out flat -got a sell on the 15/20 right at the Tide time
12:42 3 hours down = 8 harmonic of the day
12:30 stop 40.5 - looser than normal due to the volatility
12:26 making the trade when your don't feel like it is key to long term success
12:24 bought 41.5 stop 38.5- have to make the trade
12:18 coming into the next trade time - the only possible trade is an oob buy - not sure I'm up to it mentally
12:10 high was square Sat/Nep, so 90 degree move to conjoin Sat/Nep -low actually 90 to Mars
12:06 down to the Saturn/Neptune flux -tracking red -Tide
12:01 still free falling - glad I turned on my autotrader -the Google surprize sure turned loose the bears
This down streak is great information for setting up a longer term Fractal Grid from the CTMe course
11:55 testing the low of the week
11:48 prices at 18 point range - 4th harmonic - range set by Jupiter/Node
11:40 coming into the Moon timeline - look for an energy change
11:32 the move down has 5 of 7 moves to form a down chaos clamshell
11:27 my consolation at this point is that my auto trader sold at 54.5
11:23 -2 ; not paying to fight the trend
11:12 stop 48 - oob trades are riskier than trend trades because you are trying to catch a real turn
11:05 bought 50 stop 47 ; trying oob buy here
10:58 back up to the Moon flux
10:56 looks like low is in
10:54 I realized that was an emotional "I'm missing it" entry - so I aborted it quickly -saw range of 12 points
10:51 out flat -aborted
10:48 sold 48.5 stop 51.5
10:42 only minor break of low
10:37 stopped -3
10:30 elected long at 53 stop at 50 ; oob trade is a return to the mean trade - usually good for 4 points or less
10:26 lowering that stop to 53 - so far low is holding 10:21 putting buy stop at 54 to catch any fast pop up
10:16 if the Moon T+00 flux holds for 55 minutes, we should get a rally of some sort
10:12 this is setting up an "out of band" (OOB) buy -watching for now
10:10 that was a 10:00 resonant streak - sun is 45 degrees away at 13:00 -8th harmonic again
10:05 bounced off the Moon T+0 flux - 9 point range is in
10:01 not chasing this - move is going into trade time so I will see what happens coming out of the trade time
9:57 hit the sell trigger -watching for follow through
9:53 8th harmonic suggests a 9 point range - stuck in congestion zone between Moon fluxes-need to get above 1561
or below 1554.5 to trigger breakout trading systems
9:41 sitting on Moon T+045 flux -on Wheel of Fortune have an 8th harmonic pattern of Mercury, Moon, Mars, Saturn
they are at multiples of 45 degrees to each other
9:33 opening down a bit with quiet trading - first trade time 10:29 so just watching for now
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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