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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments

1:37 I'm done -too much work for small gains-thanks for coming-see you next week-take some courses

1:34 aborted for +.5 ; auto trade was stopped out

1:32 on a good move prices will not break the 220 minute EXMA-now at 2467.82

1:21 rally was on green +Tide; can invert at Tide times if get a run

1:16 stop to 2467.75 lock a tick

1:13 now watching to see how much juice the rally gets

1:07 stop to 2467.5 -break even

1:05 stop to 2466.5 - risk 1 pt

1:10 this looks like a decline-rally "V" day-could make it back up to 2475

1:00 looking good

12:55 still OK-pushing the 440 minute EXMA, trying to turn it up

12:41 stop to 2466-risk 1.5

12:39 looking good

12:33 in the second trade window - bought 2467.50 stop 2465.5

12:14 hopefully will get a good trade setup at next Trade time in about and hour

12:04 There was a buy near 2467 coming out of the first trade time-one of my auto traders got it
but I missed it manually

11:52 I think prices hold up the rest of the day

11:47 the EXMA rainbow is now converging

11:42 on the AUX page chart one sees an up green swan ahead, and the down red swan that drove the decline

11:35 stopped for -2.5, net -1 for the day

11:32 hanging fire-may get stopped; but this looks to be move 4 of 7 down on my 24 hour chart

11:04 EXMA Rainbow is down

11:00 needs to make new lows soon

10:55 continuation sell at trade time-sold 2464.5 stop 2467

10:40 24 hour range about 12 points - may be range for the day

10:35 flattened out at S1-may trade there for a while; move was down into first trade time

10:25 taking a break

10:18 covering for +1.5 - momentum slowed-7 little swings in the drop

10:09 Check the MTRainbow chart-shows a solid EXMA divergence

10:02 stop to 2467; break even

9:56 yesterday's range was from today's R1 to S1- could double

9:53 stop to 2468-risk 1

9:52 this could be a serious down day- will try to just ride it

9:49 trading at the magic number of 2466- bear market low + 1800, or 5 circles
got a spike low off it yesterday-probably not today

9:37 stop to 2469-; risk 2

9:35 my stock board is 95% red- so this is a broad move - all stock sectors

9:32 stop to 2470-risk 3

9:30 down to S1;

9:27 crashing; sold 2467 stop 2472

9:13 trend is now down-the trick will be to find a good entry point

9:05 early selling - computers sold the pivot

9:00 Today's trade times are 10:50 and 13:18 ; trading may be light because of no major economic news

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7/21/2017 12:24:36 PM MT Al****:: yes-same to you TG
7/21/2017 11:52:06 AM MT TG****:: Have a great weekend Al. Very difficult lately.

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