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Here are Al's comments
3:23 OK, time to pack up the camper-the alpine meadows of the Rockies are calling-thanks for coming
see you next week - take a course
3:10 a one day fireball means to look at the Sun for a key aspect -today conjoin Sat,oppose Chiron
these are square the S&P natal Sun and Pluto, so lots of energy
3:07 longer term todays' pattern is bearish-it has the shape of a fireball - a strange attractor/repellor
3:02 stopped at the upper band - ant topping as pass the Venus timeline-now I expect pullback, and hold up into close
2:51 Passing the timeline cluster released the built up energy-watch for it to peak on the Venus timeline
2:41 awesome .........
2:36 the research XTide2 on Aux page has a low right here-it has been good so far today
Again, this is just research in finding better equations to model a complex, chaotic system
2:33 nice little drop after passing Mercury timeline
2:28 now have 5 rallies stopped by the Moon -T000 electric field flux-flux are real, physical
2:26 minor low on 110 EXMA-presure is now up-I will not be trading this because it is not
a planned trade
2:17 if prices get above the -T000 moon flux, they should move better
2:10 coming to the Moon/Mercury/Neptune timelines-their flux bundle is above at 1243.25 -may rally op to it
1:44 your subconcious beliefs can actually be tested - this is important because you may conciously
think you believe something, but you subconcious may not - testing can be done with kinesiolgy or Ownen's chain
for more on the former, see . The latter can can be found in my free book, Your Electric Life.
1:41 if you believe that you deserve to make money, and are worthy of making money deep in your subconcious, you can
if you have a good method - but without the core belief, no method will work for you
1:40 the most important thing a trader has are her/his beliefs - beliefs drive your subconcious goal seeking actions
1:35 when one trades systematically, you will see trades that could work, but don't fit the approach
you are using-you have to let those trades go - otherwise you sabotage your belief in your approach
1:32 looks like now have picked up the green +Tide
1:16 an interesting thing about a day like today is that many traders get frustrated, overtrade, and take a big
daily loss by jumping in and out on every little blip -they get into a fight or flight situation and chose to fight.
they fall into using their lower brain, get stuck there by the hormones generated by fear, and click away-at the end of the day they ask
"Who the hell was that?" -I call that clickitis. One has to learn to use flight, rather than fight.
1:10 passed the Sun/Chiron/Saturn timeline, on their priceline -high energy attractor
12:51 I probably gave that one too much room, but I was off looking at an email server problem
12:46 stopped -2
12:42 got sucked into the mud
12:28 stop 29.75 -again, can press it due to low volatility
12:19 bought 31.75 stop 28.75 -20/110 EXAM buy crossing, up curl in 110 EXMA
12:14 now got some juice on the Node vertical timeline-looking for a buy setup
12:06 last minor dip found support on the diagonal yellow line-MoonTide harmonic grid
acts as support line here
11:54 We started on green +Tide-now mixed or red -Tide -will probably end on +Tide
that suggests rally to the Mercury/Moon flux near the close
11:49 trapped between the Sun/Sat/Chiron flux and the Moon -T000 flux
11:24 the Aux page shows some research in progress-forward testing of another forecasting equation
needs at least 30 trading days of testing before I know what I've really got-meanwhile we trade the method
that has made us money consistantly over 41 months
11:14 looks like may just vibrate about the Sun/Chiron/Saturn flux today
10:56 +.5 -just not much juice -typical summer Friday -glad I'm going camping-hit 109 in Denver this week
10:53 stop 30.5 -don't like stalling on Mars flux
10:49 stop 31 -above the SUn/Chiron/Saturn flux bundle
10:46 better-stop 32
10:44 stop 32.5 -not exactly a barn burner
10:34 stop 33 -can press fast due to low volatility
10:33 sold 31 stop 34
10:32 20/110 sell, but EXMA's flat-need some juice
10:21 looking flat
10:09 looking for a 20/110 EXMA sell
10:00 now sitting on Neptune/Moon flux - don't see a trade setup yet-not out of band sell, not a buy
9:56 stopped at the Mercury electric field flux line
9:48 getting early rally as per green +Tide
9:47 had a 4 hour power outage last night and not everyting restarted correctly
9:37 having problem with charts
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

This is the Aux page

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

7/22/2005 8:13:27 AM Mountain Al:: I know-I'm working on it
7/22/2005 8:02:26 AM Mountain BH:: Chart isn't updating, but comments are
7/22/2005 7:35:34 AM Mountain wcc:: Chat in Chaos Clinic is not showing.

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