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Here are Al's comments
1:49 I'm passing on the third trade and calling it a day-have a great weekend-see you next week-take a course
1:48 out for 0-just no juice
1:46 needs to move pretty soon or I'm out
1:41 stop to 1339
1:34 this is what my friend Jim Twentryman calls a "grinder" -steady trend with small steps
1:27 not a lot of juice-everyone must have joined regular MM on the beach
1:19 I like the way the EXMA's on MTRainbow are diverging
1:08 lots of 2 day highs around 1342-43.5-if break above, should trigger breakout computer programs
1:00 looking OK, stop to 1338.5
12:50 bought 1340.75 stop 1338
12:43 the 440 is at 1338.48; I can put a stop at 1348 if I buy
12:42 getting a dip in the 20 EXMA-buy setup if it pulls up
12:14 9 point range off the low; 9 points is 45 degreesof the Wheel of 72
12:11 coming into the second trade window ; hoping for a bit of a pullback near the Tide time
12:00 slow steady buying-second trade could have a good setup
11:28 trading around the Sun +H090 flux. Suggests market mood may change after 1:00, solar Noon
about the next trade time
11:16 in my own trading, I might try one contract on a early trade. If it fails, and I think the market reversed,
I'll do 2 or more the other way; trying to weight my trades according to "correctness of direction."
11:10 the 440 EXMA has turn back up a bit, so no big sell off - looks like hold up into the close
11:05 Sell off was halted at the Uranus +U189 /Pluto +P270 flux-part of the big 2012 Mayan Calendar pattern
11:00 aborted for -2.5; not going
10:56 still hanging around that Venus flux line
10:50 I have placed a Face Of God chart in the Certified Chaos Trader's Room. That room is open
to graduates of my 4 main courses. See -> Courses for details.
10:42 stopped out; stop may have been too close; resold 38 stop 39
10:33 now the 110 EXMA is crossing the 440 EXMA - my stop is just above that crossing point
10:24 slow entry, but I wanted to be cautious-the convincer was that the 440 EXMA stopped the rally
10:17 sold 1335 stop 1338 based on continuation setup after the Tide time
10:11 looks like getting just enough buying to hold it up
10:08 low a few ticks above yesterday's second low near 12:00 ; on my 8:15-4:15 chart, we have a harmonic 9 point range
10:04 early Friday head fakes are common, so I think this one will bounce back
10:04 at Tide Time
9;59 now getting a hex pattern recognized at 1336.75-see Hex Wheels Today and Hex Wheels totuorial on right side on ListOfCharts page
9:56 one could have sold at 39 and covered at 36 for 3 points, but I don't think there is more to be had
9:53 drop started on Moon T315 and Venus V045 timelines
9:50 support on the Moon +T180 / Venus +V090 electric field flux as Moon squares Venus
9:45 if I were not stuck in my Camboot due to my leg surgery, I'd be campoing in the Rockies
9:43 the 20/110 EXMAs do show a continuration sell, but downside looks limited because of the 440 EXMA; waiting
9:41 looks like following green +Tide, suggesting low near 10:04 trade time
9:37 on the MTRainbow chart the white 440 minute EXMA is up, slowingly rolling over
9:35 outcry open-no juice at all-on andy 2 day chart can see we are stuck in a congestion
9:18 pre outcry session down from the overnight high of about 1347, trading at yesterday's close
trade times are 10:04, 13:00, and 14:54 . Last one may be too late to trade on a Friday.
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
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7/22/2011 10:19:14 AM MT mm****:: I cannot trade here off my wife's laptop - only bs from the side lines - LOL !
7/22/2011 10:17:53 AM MT mm****:: Al - looking back on the 3 min chart: the 10:04 was a CIT - a little bit off - but with a nice H at 10:24
7/22/2011 9:54:52 AM MT Al****:: MM: it's only 80 here in Denver today- cooler -last few days hit mid 90's- I'm sitting in nice air conditioning :)
7/22/2011 9:38:53 AM MT mm****:: Al - I am mooching off some neighbor's wi-fi and must have missed some of your posts - it is 90 here also and wind still - sitting in front of a fan - LOL !
7/22/2011 9:35:22 AM MT Al****:: MM-I was stopped but resold at my stop when I realized it was too close-then later I threw in the towel
hope you are enjoying vacation
7/22/2011 9:32:43 AM MT mm****:: Al - keeping an eye on you from the ME cost - were you not stopped for -1 (38 to 39) and did not abort for -2 1/2 ?
7/22/2011 7:13:33 AM MT Al****:: GM all-good luck today
7/22/2011 7:01:59 AM MT EOE:: GM everyone. good luck. TGIF

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