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Chaos Clinic Recap

Here are Al's comments
2:55 I'm done for the day-looks like hold up to close-see you next week-take a course
2:53 stopped on both-that is the downside of trading 2
2:48 stop on both to 971.75; will take 2 on one
2:46 bought 2 at 974 stop 971 - fractal grid good
2:36 on the MTRainbow chart we have a 2 day double top; it could induce some selling.
2:31 the stock specialists would like to hold the market up into the close
2:23 in the window for the third trade-watching for potential sell setup - rally stalled
2:20 out for 0 on that one
2:16 +2 on one, stop to 973 on second
2:12 This "trade 2, take one quick" is an old technique used by many traders. Makes less money than "all or nothing"
but produces a smoother equity curve
2:10 stops to 972.25
2:04 posted my Fractal Grid in CCT Room. That tool comes from the Chaos Trading Made Easy course.
2:00 will cover one at +2, let other ride, stop on both at 972
1:52 now I have a Fractal Grid up, saying hold until close, so bought second one at 973
1:44 I'm not expecting a big rally, so will take 2 if I get it
1:40 stop 972, just under the 20 minute EXMA
1:38 stop to 971.5 ; high is J,N,C +225
1:35 my FOG pattern warned me not to be too hung up on the down scenario
1:31 long at 973, placing stop 970
1:28 putting a buy stop at 973, in case prices breakout to the upside
I don't expect it, but want to be long if they do.
1:26 low was on Mercury flux. Could hold up until Mercury timeline in a Price to Time move
1:23 my fractal is down, and 440 EXMA is flat, so have a congestion after a drop from yesterday's high
1:21 popped up to test the high - I'm still watching, reluctant to buy
1:18 the 9 point range is 1/8th of the Wheel of 72. 1/8th of 24 hours is 3 hours. Suggests this rally could run until 14:00
1:13 one of the challenges of trading is learning to be patient. Markets do nothing at least half of the time.
So one has to learn to wait patiently. Daytrading is driven by the rotating earth. So you have to wait for the big ball to turn.
Think about it like waiting for the sun to set.
1:11 range of last hour only 2.25 points - very dull
1:06 the 440 EXMA is at 968.25 - I want to be below it for any sell
1:04 close to exact trade time; market flat; want some volatility
12:55 struggling to go higher; mid day doldrums; should end later in day
12:45 updated my FOG chart in the CCT Room
12:34 coming to the Node and Sun timelines-2 of the 3 components of the eclipse. Price is Sun+45, Node_225
12:32 the first Tide time was almost exact, so waiting until after the exact second time for any trade
12:25 waatching closely, coming into second trade window. Coming to a key point in the Fractal of Pi
974 now unlikely
12:02 rally as per red -Tide; might make 974; just watching
11:54 updated my charts in the CCT Room
11:44 on the MTRainbow chart, the white 440 EXMA is flat; so good time to just watch
11:33 when my wife worked on a pediatric clinic triage line, she complained that some days were "gritchy and bitchy."
Everyone was cranky. Those days were always Moon-Mars days, like today
11:28 low was on the Mercury (M)flux on the Chaos Clinic chart
11:23 that low came on the red -Tide, just after a "slow day" range of 9 points was hit, so I got out
11:18 covering for +.5; not moving
11:10 stop 968, just above 440 EXMA
11:00 replaced bad FOP chart in CCT room
10:58 trend now down. Posted a Face of God chart in the CCT Room. FOG overlays are useful for finding energy points
or Chaos Theory "strange attractors/strange repellors"
10:51 looking weaker
10:40 110 EXMA and Mars flux stopped minor rally; trade looking OK; continuation sell setup very close to exact trade time
10:37 still OK; coming to the point where the Moon flux lines cross-usually a change in the energy
10:32 back up to the Moon flux; stop is as close as possible. May get hit. 10:22 stop 969, just above the 440 EXMA, which is turning down. Could have waited a bit, but after yesterday's
early fast move, I was not comfortable with waiting
10:14 updated my chart in the CCT Room. Today I'm using the second chart so others can upload charts if they wish to the first chart.
10:07 stop 970
10:03 posted a Fractal of Pi chart in the Certifed Chaos Trader's Room. This room is open to those who
have taken my 4 main courses. For information on my courses, see main page, then Courses
10:00 this is a clasic "hook and go" and on a two Moon day justifies jumping early
9:57 sold 966 stop 971
9:56 turning bearish-may take trade early
9:52 quick fade back to the 110 EXMA and Mars flux line; flat so far
9:45 on the Chaos Clinic chart the low was on the Moon Flux lines, the high just under the Pluto flux lines
we have Moon T90 timeline early and T0 timeline late, so this is a "two moon" day.
These are often volatile and one way, or Moon-Noon-Moon.
On occassion they are narrow range days
9:40 initial range set; trying to rally
9:06 pre-outcry is down a bit, with flat 440 EXMA on MTRainbow chart
I expect a rather dull day. First trade is 10:57 so have time to watch.
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

7/24/2009 11:44:52 AM MT cgm:: My projrcted HOD + Uranus $ . Good target & reversal?
7/24/2009 9:28:50 AM MT TG****:: Ok, posted ? in CCT room, thanks.
7/24/2009 9:21:04 AM MT Al****:: DP: should see good chart now. TG: ask me in the CCT Room, so i can answer privately.
7/24/2009 8:53:58 AM MT DP****:: GM Everyone. I notice that the second CCT chart shows only the down fractal overlay. Anyone else see the combined chart w/ fractal? Thanks.
7/24/2009 8:32:22 AM MT TG****:: Al, if you get a chance, A CTME question pertaining to today. What would you use as today's PQ?
7/24/2009 7:16:16 AM MT UNI:: GM All
7/24/2009 7:05:50 AM MT Al****:: GM all - good luck today

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