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Here are Al's comments
3:00 I'm done for the day-screesn will run to close-thanks for coming-see you next week-TAKE A COURSE
2:58 I'm passing on this trade -110 EXMA is flat-good day, good month
2:54 sold off from the high of the year-now flat-stock specialists will try to keep it flat
so they can "trade out their paper" from the rally
2:45 watching for a sell setup - energy is low -bars are 1 and 2 ticks
2:40 right at Tide turn - 110 EXMA has curled down, so not a buy -so wait
2:37 another thing I notice is that this rally was exactly a harmonic 4.5 point move
2:34 when in doubt, I try to wait until after a MoonTide turn to make a trade
2:28 high right on the Moon timeline -expect a fade from here
2:25 looks like runup into the Tide turn as per green +Tide-last 3 minute bar is a shooting star
2:19 I like to watch 3 minute bars as per the SP1Day chart -if a big bar gets
no follow through in 3 more bars, it probably is not a break away move
2:13 energy coming from Moon timeline -want to see how we com out of that
2:10 getting 20/110 buy, going into Tide turn-watching the pullback
2:06 the Aus chart shows my best estimate of the rest of the day - congestion-may pass on last trade
1:24 pretty flat-covering paper trade +1 ; XTide2 low was a better termination than origination
1:06 not much juice in the heat of the day -may not set up a real trade
1:00 dip passing solar noon
12:54 at Tide turn, so watching for a buy setup with some juice
12:40 now there is the streak from the Chiron timeline-paper trade looking OK
12:32 hex pattern recognizer just found harmonic point 1240-Pluto,Mercury,Neptune,Node
12:28 XTide2 paper trade bought 40.5 stop 39
12:28 cute-dipping as per XTide2
12:19 support on Moon -T225 flux - Moon flux are very strong
12:18 just after that is the Chiron timeline, which may provide energy for an up streak
12:10 now I'm watching to see how XTide2 does on timing the low at 12:28
12:03 Looks like on green +Tide so far-may get modest up for a few hours-
may not be a trade at the 1:00 time
11:51 now getting support of the Pluto price flux-time to price Pluto move is done
11:49 out for +5 -may be more, but taking it while we got it works well
11:43 arop 1243.5 -need 3 more ticks to my target - Xtide2 says low 12:28
11:36 stop 1243.75 -above the 110-locks in 2 so I'll wait and try to ride out the congestion
11:30 stalling out here-may cover
11:20 1248 to 1242 is a 30 degree, 12th harmonic move-getting some support due to that
11:06 stop 44.5 -like this trade so far
11:00 so far, so good - XTide2 says more down in about 15 minutes-cover price is 1240.75
10:51 Chiron price set the high-Chiron time near 12:30 -may be CIT
10:48 Pluto timeline set the high-Pluto price 1240.5 -expect support near there
10:42 stop 45 - just above the congestion that was just broken
10:33 stop 1246-just above the 110 EXMA; it is down, so should not be broken if a good trade
10:30 testing that Moon flux line
10:19 stop 1246.5 -above the 110 EXMA
10:16 stop 1247 - the aux screen shows my version of XTide2 - working on how to use it with MoonTides
10:14 sold 1245.75 stop 48.75
10:08 stopped at 1248 by Chiron flux-may get a "hook and go" 20/110 sell
10:02 this streak is on the vertical white Pluto timeline
10:00 now trading both sides of 110 - going flat
9:57 the 110 EXMA is down, 20 has pulled up to it-possible continuation sell setup
9:50 a bit of life - the 1248 flux cluster is an atttractor today -may be a dull day-summer Friday
9:31 opening a bit weak-looks like on red -Tide -look for support on +T045 moon electric field flux line
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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