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Here are Al's comments
3:29 I'm done for the day-thanks for coming-see you next week - check out the specials
3:27 this is a distribution top -look for lower prices next week
3:19 I have posted a new chart in the FOGGER's Room on should check it.
FOGGERS are graduates of the Face of God course.
3:08 cancelling that sell stop-not going anywhere
2:57 even when the market does not move it gives you information-Mars timeline was low all week As Mars approaches opposition to Uranus, the rallies from it are getting weaker-so
opposition will most likely be a significant change
2:51 placing sell stop 1096.25
2:49 that priceline is the neckline of a head and shoulders pattern-I may try one more shot if brreaks
2:48 down streak on hot Mercury/Uranus timeline right to the Venus low price line
2:42 I am not going to trade again, no matter what the market does -not good trading conditons today
     I made reasonable attempts, kept my losses small, and I know there will be better conditions another day
2:34 very choppy today-basically stuck in the opening range-
2:33 aborted -1
2:27 another rally attempt was stopped at a lower high-sit tight
2:20 this is a critical point-sitting on the balance price after a failed rally attempt 2:15 sold 1098 stop 1101 -continuation sell
2:13 this is a good setup-20 and 110 pinched-watch to see if 20 crosses 110 or falls back
2:08 the trend remains down, so this may give a continuation sell setup
2:02 I'm almost at the next Tide turn time-by rule I should cover-so covering for +.25
1:50 testing the lows set by Venus
1:46 now getting some good separation between the 110, 20, and price -a little fan pattern
1:40 stop 1099.50 - general pattern is red -Tide
1:37 stop 1100-above the 110 EXMA
1:32 there it broke it-sold 1098.25 stop 1101.25
1:27 that little move did not break the 12:00 low -prices both side of a flat 110 EXMA
1:18 I want to be careful here not to over trade -market just treading water
1:15 now getting sell coming out of the Tide turn time-watching for follow through
1:06 covering on stall rule -1
12:58 stop 1099.25 -be patient
12:47 so far OK but not impressive-trend is up-sit tight
12:35 bought 1101.25 stop 1098.25
12:29 now got a move that should bend the EXMA's up-looking for a buy entry
12:24 EXMA's flat and twisted - common mid day
12:12 going into the next Tide turn- 110 EXMA dipped, now up slightly-waiting
12:04 low right on it-a 5 or 6 hour fractal of Pi pattern fits so far-says up
12:00 down into Moon/Chiron timeline
11:52 the Moon Chiron energy is only part of the total energy-added togeter they form a
fracal pattern-taught in the Cahsi In On Chaos course and the Fractal of Pi Course
11:42 one needs to get away from the screen periodically-other wise you get mesmerized
MoonTides help with this becasue you know the next trade time
11:23 out +1 - now take a break -back in 20 minutes
11:15 at Moon/Chiron price-stop 1101
11:12 stop 1100.5 -to rally it cannot drop below the 1101 yellow grid crosssing
11:02 stop 1100 -note how it "center punched" the yellow grid crossing
10:58 stop 1099 -make it free or out
10:55 stop 1099.5- right at forecast Tide time, so want it tight
10:51 can press stop fast on a streak-stop 1099
two good guides are to trail by no more than 3 points, or put stop midway between the 20 and the 110 EXMA
10:48 bought 1100 stop 1097-20/110 EXMA buy and mild pullback
10:45 looks like up into the Moon/Chiron time and price point
10:38 my clue to abort there was prices moved above the 110 EXMA in a fast move
that abort saved me 1.5 points of loss on a losing trade
10:37 one key to good statistics is to quickly abort any trade that does not move well
10:35 aborting -1.5 -not working-can retry later if warranted
10:31 trade still OK-any trade may fail-what matters is the statistics over time
note how the 110 EXMa is starting to track along the yellow down MoonTide Harmonic grid line
10:21 sold 1097 stop 1100
10:19 here the 20 EXMA is staying under the 110 EXMA - so watching for a sell
10:14 no rollover-staying flat- first trade near 10:50 but could come early so be alert
10:12 now starting to look like it could roll over-have 20/110 sell crossing, but need some action
10:06 now streak down the blue Venus timeline - can only see this detail on one minute charts
10:02 now perking up on 10:00 resonanct streak-Sun is hot due to squaring Node
this makes 10:00 hot, since 3 hours = 1/8 day away from the Sun
10:01 the 110 and 20 EXMA's are flat - very flat -1098 is a Chaos Balance price
9:58 having a minor server problem-little blip up passing Pluto timeline
9:38 very quite opening -looks to be on green +Tide
9:22 market down a bit on weak GDP report-see Economic News link on List of Charts page
9:05 Yesterday's high was set by Chiron-today the Moon conjoins Chiron-
on the DAX chart you can see prices attracted to the Moon/Chiron electric field flux
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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