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Here are Al's comments
2:47 I'm done - thanks for coming-see you next week - take a course - you have to learn, to earn
2:45 I suspect we may see a late drop, but I'm going to pass on the last trade-need to get the camper loaded
the alpine meadows of the Rockies are calling
2:38 low held - 110 EXMA flat-may not be much to trade rest of the day
2:21 looking weak -may set up a final sell
1:55 passing on this trade-net motion is going nowhere
1:28 Mars killed that rally; Clayburg type trading systems would have sold the break of the low at 1230, and would
now put their stop just above this high at 1231.
1:23 that rally was enough for the 20 EXMA to cross the 110 EXMA-now I expect the 110 to go flat -this trade time
is probably a pass
1:14 little burst as pass the sun-glad I covered -may be on red -Tide
12:57 after we pass the vertical yellow Moon line near 1:30, we may get some increase in volatility
12:54 OK, covering on the stall for +1 - can get back in later if we get some jump again
12:47 stop 1230.5 -very dull right now -this is a flat congestion; low energy;day should end tail down
12:32 this is a camping weekend - I'll spend it pondering what it is that God gave me in the XTide2/110
12:20 stop 1231 - this looks like a one way day, but need to be patient due to summer sluggishness
12:10 got support on Node flux -; range MTW was 12 points. A double is to 1224, a triple to 1212
11:55 stop 1231.5 -loosening it up a bit to trail by 4 points
11:36 looks like green +Tide is in force - may just try to hold into the close
11:29 sold 1229.5 stop 1232.5
11:27 the breakaway point is about 1229-watching closely here - "jump" will be a 3 minute bar over 4 ticks
11:21 I picked 4 trade times today-a high number, so I'm looking to pass on 1 or more of them-pass if no "jump"
"jump" is a hocky term descriping the edge a team or player gets when they move faster than the opponents
11:15 pretty quiet-Chiron set the exact low, Mars seems to have captured price for now
10:49 prices have responded to the Saturn-Chiron-Mars T square -see the Wheel of Fortune page
10:41 Now many trading systems have an hour of data, and see a down day-next they want to see a countertrend move
or at least that's how I heard Dr. Clayburg explain a simple one
10:39 support here is on the Saturn flux, down 18 points, 90 degrees, from the 1248 highs, set also by Saturn
10:36 A lot of traders want to MAKE MONEY trading - that implies willfull control of a manufacturing process
This does not work in markets - all you can do is ACCEPT money when offered - go with the flow, accept on the stall
10:35 volatility has been low, so taking smaller profits is OK -need to take what is there when offer
10:32 this is the next Tide turn, and by rule I'm taking my +2 -note we hit the lower band
10:30 the aux page shows my research XTide2/110 EXMA chart -so far so good- still just research
10:23 breaking through the congestion zone - this is good-stop 1233.5
10:20 the slope of the 110 EXMA matches the slope of the green +Tide - it's general trend is down today
10:18 made it into the Sun/Mer/Nep/ Moon flux plus and minus congestion zone
10:07 stop 1235.00 ; 3 points above the low
10:04 if we trade below the opening price for the first hour, many trading systems will then decide it is a down day and sell the rallies
10:00 sold 33 stop 36
9:58 1233 is about the break away price
9:56 OK, if we get some juice, I'll sell - continuation sell setup -
9:52 doesn't look like an opening trade - tracking red -Tide so far
9:42 low held-resitance about 1237, so narrow range -do nothing
9:38 testing preopen low -possible sell setup
9:20 the preopen range of almost 6 points may make the early part of the day flat
9:09 strong Jobs report but Pluto/Moon resistance and energy sent prices down-
support on Moon T+270 electric field flux line
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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