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Here are Al's comments
2:38 I'm done for the day-screens will run to close-thanks for coming-see you next week-take a course
2:35 I'm passing on the last trade-too late in a big move, and trend is still up
2:24 getting a move 7 -I expect marginal new highs, so not buying
2:20 this sort of big up day dows not lend itself to any big sell off scenario-we may just trade flat into the close
2:07 my inner voice was right-an entry at 92 was not that good - it takes time and practice to learn to trust that
inner voice, and to separate out the true inner voice from the voice of fear and greed
2:00 this is about what I expected after the big early move - a series of marginal new highs-much harder to
trade than the initial move
1:54 tracking green +Tide-it now goes flat, then pulls back
1:49 Now I see we popped up to the Mars/Uranus flux , then pulled back
1:42 I'm letting that one go- something told me to get out, and I never second guess that inner voice
1:37 aborting for +.5 - something does not feel right
1:34 bought 1292 stop 1289
1:29 broke higher- I did not jump on it - testing Wednesday high
1:23 maybe 1278 - Mercury is obviously hot, setting the range-it trines Pluto today; I was looking for
a trine because of the position we are at in the Fractal Grid from the Chaos Trading Made Easy Course
1:18 if we plull back, I think we hold 1380-Friday afternoons tend not to have big drops as XTide2 forecasts
1:14 Wheel of fortunes shows us on Node/Chiron/Sun flux as pass their timelines
1:12 I'm perfectly happy to pass on this trade unless we get some juice
1:08 the MT rainbow chart tells me we are near max divergence, so a buy is not a good bet-I would expect a convergence
back toward the mean -near the 440 ; XTide2Plus suggests this as well
1:02 don't see a trade setup here-least not yet
12:47 also have Mercury+180 there too - so 135 degrees from Mercury +45 to +180 - 3/8 (Fib ratio) of circle
12:44 stalled at Neptune flux -Neptune timeline is near 1:20
12:32 I'm back - see in a move 3 up ; range now one tick over a harmonic 27=3*9 points - 135 degrees
11:35 it's over an hour before the next trade time, so I'm going to take an hour break
11:27 I have often said "Chaos follows dullness." the opposite is also true-"Dullness follows chaos."
11:04 this big move up was move 1 of 7 in an up Chaos Clamshell-whne 1 is the big move, the rest tend to be much smaller
and the new highs tend to be marginal, falling back quickly, frustrating the breakout buyers
10:58 the MTRainbow chart now shows divergence and the 440 ( sort of the centerline) at 1274 , so I expect the upside is done for several hours
10:34 move stopped at the Moon+90 flux ; good news is we got a good trade out of it-bad news it it may now get dull
10:30 24.5 points in one chaotic move - definitely not a dull Friday !
10:25 resonance still not down-but when it ends, it will end as quick as it began-that is the nature of chaos
10:21 that, ladies and gentlemen, was a 10:00 resonant streak - 10;00 was 45 degrees from Sun and 135 degrees from Moon
10:17 range now 22.5- 1/16th of a circle - move may be done
10:09 out +9, pour the wine; trading is fine
10:08 stop 72
10:05 on rainbow chart, this move has turned the 440 up - so may be a bull day
9:57 stop to 69; 9 point cover is 75.75-trying for 9 because of speed of move and early in day
9:55 that was a quick reversal of trend-may be more exciting day than I anticiapated
9:46-bought 1266.75 on 20/110 crossing-stop at 61-below the low
9:38-support came at Mercury+45 degrees, with bounce back to 1269-so not going lower, but not yet going up
9:36 out -2.5
9:34 stop 1265.5
9:32 sold 1263 stop 1266 - will cover 1260
9:31 trend is down at outcry open-1260 is support
9:20 tested yesterday's low-held with onlt 2 tick penetration- high was on moon flux pinch 1269-low 6 points
lower-not much range yet
9:09 Pre-outcry has market holding near yesterday's close-downside is limited by extent of yesterday's late drop
MTRainbow chart shows the 440 EXMA near 1271, suggesting an attempt to recover to it-1271.25 is Mercury+090
Last few Fridays have been dull, suggesting going for smaller than normal gains; Today's Moontides suggest dull day, too.
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

Besides the comments made by Al, the chat room is has live
comments from other traders who sometimes share their views,
trades and tips. Below are the chat room comments from this clinic

8/8/2008 12:25:47 PM Mountain DBJ:: There's move 7
8/8/2008 12:12:11 PM Mountain cgm:: market profile stuff suggests close around 79?
8/8/2008 11:27:01 AM Mountain cgm:: 7.5 break w/o taking out wed. h sets up the "lindenberg wiggle"
8/8/2008 10:54:22 AM Mountain DBJ:: Thanks Al
8/8/2008 10:52:54 AM Mountain Al:: good trade DBJ
8/8/2008 10:38:33 AM Mountain DBJ:: Out +2
8/8/2008 10:34:15 AM Mountain DBJ:: Pressing to 87
8/8/2008 10:28:50 AM Mountain DBJ:: Stop 86
8/8/2008 10:21:55 AM Mountain DBJ:: Stop 85
8/8/2008 10:18:40 AM Mountain DBJ:: Very early, but bought 85.
8/8/2008 9:26:52 AM Mountain Al:: scaling fixed-thanks for noticing the problem
8/8/2008 9:17:16 AM Mountain Al:: rgh-it is not supposed to be-I'll have to check it out-scaling on Chaos Clinc chart is correct
8/8/2008 9:14:56 AM Mountain gfish:: good morning all
8/8/2008 9:07:49 AM Mountain rgh:: Al,is the planetary degree scaling different on the Rainbow chart?
8/8/2008 8:31:20 AM Mountain Al:: Thanks DBJ
8/8/2008 8:19:47 AM Mountain DBJ:: Great job Al. I'm still installing trading software on my new machine! :-)
8/8/2008 6:48:19 AM Mountain DBJ:: GM All, and good trading.
8/8/2008 4:40:38 AM Mountain mm:: gm all - have great day

9:00 Eastern-System: No comments

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