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Here are Al's comments
2:05 I'm done - I'm tired, and it is dull, and I'm ahead a bit-see you next week-
The XTide2/100 forecast is very interesting- subscribe to see it every day - take a course
2:03 aborted -.5
2:02 hit the Harmonic Grid crossing exactly - needs to move soon or I'm out
1:53 yesterday the 1230 Chiron flux was support-now it is resistance
1:47 coming to another MoonTide Harmonic grid crossing-should end the stall
1:41 this is really just a continuation sell on the second trade time
1:36 did not take out 1230 - reselling 28.75 stop 30.5
1:25 those Clayburg type trading systems will have their stop at 1230.25 - I suspect it will get hit
1:21 my Tide turn was at 1:00. 20 minutes later showing hints of a rally - so covered -can resell later
1:20 OK, covering on stall for +2.25
1:09 this is dull - I'm very tired from working on repairing a crashed mail server, so I'm letting my stop do the work
12:58 I suspect we are getting both Tides, and will come out of this congestion on the red -Tide
12:53 down to Jupiter/Node price -held last Friday-I'm guessing it won't hold today
12:50 stop 1230.5 -just going to hold through this Tide turn and ride it
12:39 getting a bit of congestion as pass through the cluster of vertical timelines
12:29 stop 1231 - for now, will not cover at +5 , just trail a stop
12:26 My Chaos Trading Made Easy Fractal Grid says down to the close as well - I may just carry this one through the
next trade time if it is working well
12:20 the Aux page shows my research XTide2/110 forecast -called for dip, rally, down to close -so far very good
12:16 earlier today, the Neptune/Moon horizontal flux line was support, then resistance-suggests down into vertical Moon/Neptune timelines
12:00 notice that right at the Moon flux/MoonTide harmonic grid crossing is the vertical red C=Chiron timeline; added some juice
11:58 stop 1231.5 -just enough to make commission
11:55 stop 1232
11:51 stop 1232.5 -cover is 1226.75 if get there - since broke 1233 on Moon flux crossing, could see 9 points lower =1224
11:49 look at the light blue 110 minute EXMA -it is following the +MoonTide, and has "curled" over
11:46 stop 33.5 - right above the MoonTide grid crossing
11:43 sold 31.75 stop 34.75
11:42 now if the low falls, I jump
11:40 that dip was a head fake -one must learn not to take them - learning just takes practice
11:37 the crossing sucked price right back - those trading systems sold 1232 stop at high 1236; I have done nothing
11:35 so far we have been modestly down. Watch for that to change as we psss the crossing in the Moon flux
11:39 lows were pressed, gave .5, but have not broken - sitting on my hands
11:29 testing the low right near the MoonTide Harmonic Grid crossing- I want at least a one point break of the lows to suck me in
11:25 on slow days, taking positions on breaks of the highs or lows gets you stuck in the muddy middle -stay out
11:23 Clayburg type trading systems saw that rally as a countertrend move. They will look to sell a break of 1232
11:22 -no go yet-looks like just a dip toward the Moon flux crossover -
11:18 now getting interesing - that 20/110 buy may have been a "hook and go"
11:16 no jump yet - this first trade may be a pass - we pass when the 110 EXMA doesn't move
11:12 have a 20/110 EXMA buy crossing - waiting for some "jump"
11:09 what those systems don't see is the Moon flux support that attracted prices down to it
11:08 trading systems that read the direction by the first hour see a down day, since prices traded below the open for an hour
11:05 made it to 36 -watching for a break of that price within 9 to 12 minutes
11:03 need to break to about 1236.5 to get a good move going
11:02 about to get a 20/110 buy crossing
10:59 the MoonTide forecast helps do that by showing times when the market energy will likely change - like now
10:56 Chaotic systems are fascinating-they sit around for hours, then jump like crazy - they key is to catch the jumps
10:51 the yellow diagonal lines at about 30 degrees are the MoonTide harmonic grid -crossings are often high energy points
10:48 stuck flat on the horizontal Sun (H) electric field flux line
10:40 now coming to the vertical Jupiter/Node timelines -they set the 1227+ low last Friday and the 1245 high Wednesday
10:33 so far we are trading like a hot summer afternoon - yet this week we saw some increase in volatility, so it may change
10:25 support holding so far-watching for a 20/110 buy
10:10 making marginal new lows but not able to break strongly lower - it it does not do so in 9 minutes, it likely will not
9:56 slope of the 110 EXMA matches that of the red -Tide; that suggests a rally ahead
9:51 first move down to 1233 moon /Neptune flux
9:15 today's range could be limited to 1233 to 1242 by the Moon electric field flux lines
9:00 Good morning from Chaos Manor

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8/12/2005 8:48:42 AM Mountain Ben:: Thanks.
8/12/2005 8:36:49 AM Mountain Al:: just an observation - if you watch 3 minute bars, seldom see fast breaks with more than 3 bar hesitations
8/12/2005 8:25:58 AM Mountain Ben:: Al, what is the significance of 9 minutes that you mentioned in the clinic?

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